*STELLE DIR VOR ALLE MENSCHEN TEILEN DIE GANZE ERDE – Eine Stressfreie Gesellschaft ( Deutsch unten)

we are a long way off , but some places are doing it.

The aboriginals do not have a word for “Thank You”. Why is this? Because, when one person gives another something, the second immediately reciprocates by giving something back. Then there is no need to say thank you.

Is your out-put equal to your in-put? Are you giving and receiving equally? Is there a equal energy exchange in your life? You also need to feel deserving of receiving and feel good about giving. The universe can only do so much, we need to send out the thoughts of unlimited wealth being out there to receive and stay open to attract it. We do not need masses of things, just to be a open receptor, allowing the flow of the universal abundance to come to us. We can manifest what we need in any given moment by thoughts. This can be done when we trust the divine source and also contribute generously in our service for the divine higher good of all. When we get out of Me, Me, Me and think We.
We need to develop the attitude of asking “How can I be of service?” instead of asking, What’s in it for me?”

Contributionalism, a term created by Michael Tellinger and his UBUNTU Party, is a vision for a new society. It is all about sharing and contributing equality, where people share what they have and make. This creates a community of equals and releases the greed, fear and competition issues. In such a society the stress factor is released and people can relax and feel and stay younger, since they do not need to worry and feel supported and loved by their community members which becomes a brother-sisterhood of Mankind.
Remember – John Lennon’s Imagine song:

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world – No need for greed or hunger- Imagine all the people, living life in peace- Imagine all the people living as one”

Let us begin in our nearby environment – Lets create this new 5.D. world of Love and Fairness. We can Imagine it and then we can do it.

Kyria Alu’ela Lumina
Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist



Stelle dir vor…! DIE GANZE WELT TEILEN –

Stelle dir vor in einer Stressfreien Gesellschaft zu Leben

Werden wir wieder Tauschgeschafte machen? Die Aborigines habe kein Wort für „Danke“. Wenn einer dem anderen etwas gibt, gibt der Empfänger einfach etwas zurück. So entsteht die Dankbarkeit. Ist das geben und nehmen in deinem Leben in Balance?

Ist dein Ertrag genauso groß wie dein Ertrag? Gibst du und nimmst du im gleichen Maße? Ist bei dir der Energieaustausch ausgeglichen? Du solltest dich auch würdig fühlen und offen sein Gaben zu erhalten, sowohl freudig sein zu geben.

Das Universum kann nur so viel machen, wir sollten nur Gedanken unbegrenzter Fülle und Wohlstand aussenden, wissend dass alles vorhanden ist und so in Bereitschaft bleiben das anzuziehen oder zu empfangen was wir uns wünschen. Wir brauchen keine Massen von Sachen, nur ein offener Empfänger zu sein fur die Fulle des Universums sich magnetisch anzuziehen. Mit Gedanken können wir alles sofort manifestieren was wir in jedem Augenblick benötigen. Das kann entstehen durch das Vertrauen in die göttliche Quelle und dem selbstlosen Hingeben im Dienste für das göttliche Allgemeinwohl. Wann kommen wir aus dem “ICH” denken heraus zum “Wir”. Wir sollten die Eigenschaft entwickeln, in der wir fragen: „Wie kann ich dienen?“ anstatt „Was ist für mich vorteilhaft?“

“Contributionalism” in deutsch: “Einbringungsbereitschaft” oder “Beitragleistende Gesellschaft” ist ein von Michael Tellinger und seiner UBUNTU-Partei aufgestellter Begriff für eine neuartige Gesellschaft. Es geht hier vielmehr um teilen und zur Gleichheit beitragen, wo eben Menschen teilen was sie haben und machen. Dies lässt eine Gesellschaft ebenwürdiger Menschen entstehen, was die Gier, die Angst und Wettbewerbskämpfe verringert und endgültig beseitigt. In solch einer Gesellschaft ist der Stressfaktor aufgelösst und Menschen können sich entspannen und sich wohl fühlen. Dadurch können alle jung bleiben, da wir uns nicht mehr Sorgen machen müssen. Wenn wir uns unterstützt und geliebt fühlen von den Mitgliedern dieser Gemeinschaft, fuehrt es zu einer wirklichen Bruder-Schwesterschaft der Menschheit.

Erinnert euch an John Lennon’s „Imagine“ Lied:

„Stelle dir vor alle Menschen teilen die ganze Welt – Kein Bedarf für Gier oder Hunger – Stelle dir vor alle Menschen leben ihr Leben in Frieden – Stelle dir vor alle Menschen sind eins“

Lasst uns in unserem Umfeld beginnen – Lasst uns eine 5.D. Welt aus Liebe und Gerechtigkeit manifestieren. Wir können es uns vorstellen, also können wir es auch schaffen!

von ~ Kyria Alu’ela Lumina/ Kyria Mystica – Die Vokal Alchemistin

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The Melchizedek Brotherhood of Light  

The 144, 000 Masters of Light are based in the Melchizedek University in the Pleiades and I call them the Intergalactic Scientists and Metaphysicians. 

I am initiated into the Order of Melchizedek as Priestess. I was given the name MELCHIZEDEKIA for the new 5th Dimensional Earth. 

Lord Machiventa Melchizedek was one of the Brothers who beamed himself down to earth – yes- he was not born through a mother in a earthly way. So it is written in the old testament. He chose Abraham to begin the School of Salem for initiating Priests in the Order of Melchizedek.

– Kyria Aluela – Priestess of Melchizedekia 


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In The Keys of Enoch, by J. J. Hurtak, the Brotherhood was defined as the earth’s spiritual guardians, and the hierarchy guided thus: Lord Sananda (known in life as Jeshua Ben Joseph, and later as Jesus the Christ) heads the healing legions of Brothers, and Archangel Michael heads the warrior legions. Together, they are called the Paradise Sons. The warriors cut the ties, and the healers bind the wounds. So does Spirit support us in our healing, and on our individual path to ascending gracefully into the higher realms.

The Brothers are also the scribes for Spirit, keepers of the Akashic Records. They perform diverse functions in the Divine Plan and include many levels of spiritual awareness. The Ascended Masters form the higher energetic layers of the Brotherhood, and yet they speak as We. Indeed, if All Is One, then they are all interrelated vibrational essences; any need for individual identification is a result of our dualistic views and pre-conditioned thinking. To them, we are all One, including Us! 


Melchizedek History from Various Sources

(from the book: Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak)
“Melchizedek: Eternal Lord of Light. Sovereign of Light in charge of organizing the levels of the heavenly worlds of YHWH for transit into new creation. Co-Equal with Metatron and Michael in the “rescue, regenesis and reeducation of worlds going through the purification of living light…” 

“Melchizedek is a manifestation of a Son of God. In the history of a planet, Melchizedek was commissioned to prepare the true priesthood of sonship upon a planet for eschatological participation with the Sons of Light…” 

“Enoch said, ‘The elect of the Order of Melchizedek are Sons of light who have chosen to come into the world of form and manifest the sovereignty of YHWH is transmuting the Earth.’

“They work in impoementing the truths of God, and occasionally even show themselves as a ‘visible Order’ administering to man through the Merkaba, so that the architectonic models in the heavens can be built on the Earth as signposts to the many levels of universal creation…” 

“It holds the keys to the opening of the heavens with respect to the contact areas on the Earth, and has the ability to commune with the celestial communities of the Brotherhoods of Light throughout the father universes, coordinating the work of the Christ in the heavens and on the Earth. The Order is Eternal, and has forordained its ‘Priests and Programs’ before the world was. In the history of the planet, the Order of Melchizedek has existed in a small family communities of priests, scientists and poet-scholars who have faithfully attended to the word of God…” 

“They admister the ‘gifts of shekinah’, affecting the mental, physical, and spiritual states of existance. This priesthood is ‘visible’ within every generation as a scattered Brotherhood of Light, so as to permeate the tree of the human race with the annoiting power and the light needed to reawaken and resurrect the rightous seed into the Light of the higher worlds.” 

“They are the ‘Sons of Truth’ behind historical wisdom, holding the keys to the true history of the planet and the true genealogy of the Adamic people…” 

“According to Enoch, the ‘sacred library’ of their priestly documents were moved from the Temple in Jerusalem into desert areas such as Qumran to preserve their records until the ‘end of time’, when the Sons of Light, as the Order of Melchizedek, will return to Earth to unite the scattered brotherhoods of Melchizedek and establish the Kingdom of God with Jesus who is Eternal Son and High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek.” 

“Moses had the keys to the Priesthood of Light, revealed to him by God before the Creation of the world. When he came to Earth, he was anointed by the priesthood on Earth as a righteous recipient of that light which had been passed on from Noah and his generations to Abraham, and from Abraham…to Jethro, and then to Moses…” – (compiled by

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If you would like to read further about the MELCHIZEDEKS – some books and sites:

Melchizedek’s Covenant with Abraham


The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak, 1973, published by The Academy for Future science, PO Box FE, Los Gatos, CA 95031, ISBN# 09603450-4-3
Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood by Frater Achad (Rev. George Graham Price), 1971, Revised Fourth Edition 1991, by Great Seal Press Publisher, PO Box 10771, Phoenix, AZ 85064,
ISBN# 0-926872-02-8


Melchizedek Truth Principles by Frater Achad, 1988, 10th printing 1999, Great Seal Press Publisher, ISBN# 0-92672-01-X











December 14, 2014 at 10:21am


~ Thoth

through the late Alton Kamadon 1997-98 of the Melchizedek Method seminars
Our thoughts are free and are how we design our world. Thought power was what created all there is.Thought intention is energy put into motion with a quality blended into it. When we combine thoughts with love we create beauty as the Creator did. Visualization is thought and this how things manifest. Everything we think we create – so we need to remember this constantly.

All souls received free will to chose what we combine or put onto our thoughts. When anger,hatred, greed, fear, greed for control power is placed upon thoughts it sends distructive forces out into the universe and manifests.

As His Holiness Tensin Gyatso – 14th Dalai Lama has said, ” Take responsibility for your thoughts”. It is not enough to just be responsible for our actions. Thoughts become word and words become actions and or things. We can create our own demons that come back to haunt us. So next time we have a thought thats not divine, we can catch it and take it back and call in the violet fire to transmute it into love. Then re-think it all.

We can heal ourselves by thinking the illness away by seeing it as a illusion. We can visualize light and can send love into all our cells and organs and see waterfalls washing us clean. We can make up our visualizations.

Once we are totally in alignment with our own divinity all thoughts will be loving and kind and we will manifest ‘HEAVEN ON EARTH”.
Loving thoughts to all


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Adam Kadmon Lightbody, Flower of Life & Tree of Life ( en espanol tambien)



The Tree of Life is the Blue-Print of our HUman species – the ADAM KADMON. Other star races have a different Blueprint – a different Tree of Life and therefore look different than the Adamic Race of Humans.

The Tree of Life shows the qualities and powers of perfection – of YHWH, which are represented by each of the Arch Angels. As we chose to descend from Perfection – Garden of Eden – we left paradise and joined the Tree of Knowledge which meant learning through the polarities – dark and light – trial and error.


Tree of Life
10 Sefirots , 22 PathsTree of Life 10 Sefirots , 22 Paths
There are 10 Sefirot (powers) and 22 Pathways of completion- being whole with all of God’s attributes.


We have 32 layers in our light body 4 sets of 8 chakras. We have 31 cranial nerves in our body and 1 pranic tube( layooesh Pillar of Light). We are made up of 32 Astro-chemical building blocks.

32 x 2=64 codes in DNA.

The 33rd layer is the Adam Kadmon light shield of our whole Lightbody structure.

Now we are ready to return to perfection – which we have always been – and leave the polarity Ego games behind us. The return to the “Tree of Life” from the “Tree of Knowlege”, which was the descent into polarity or the leaving of the Paradise Garden of Eden is what we call ASCENSION.

The time is NOW.

Kyria Alu’ela Havah Lumina ( Kyria Alu’ela Lumina )
Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist


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Espanol :

Adam Kadmon de Luz está en el árbol de la vida dentro de Flor de la Vida
El Árbol de la Vida es el Blue-Print de nuestra especie humana – el Adam Kadmon . Otras razas estrella tienen un Blueprint diferente – un árbol diferente de la vida y por lo tanto tienen un aspecto diferente de la Raza Adámica de seres humanos .

El árbol de la vida muestra las cualidades y poderes de la perfección – de YHWH , que están representados por cada uno de los Arcángeles . Como se optó por descender de Perfection – Jardín del Edén – partimos paraíso y nos unimos al árbol del conocimiento que significaba aprender a través de la polaridad – oscuras y claras – ensayo y error.
Árbol de la Vida
10 Sefirots , 22 Caminos
Árbol de la vida 10 Sefirots , 22 Caminos
Hay 10 Sefirot ( poderes ) y 22 Vías de toda terminación de bienestar con todos los atributos de Dios .

10 +22 =32

Contamos con 32 capas en nuestros cuerpo de luz 4 series de 8 chakras. Tenemos 31 nervios craneales en nuestro cuerpo y 1 tubo pránico (Pilar layooesh de la Luz) . Estamos hechos de 32 bloques de construcción Astro- química.

32 x 2 = 64 códigos en el ADN.
Capa 33a es el protector de luz Adam Kadmon de nuestra estructura de Luz entera .

Ahora estamos listos para volver a la perfección – que siempre hemos sido – y dejamos los juegos Ego polaridad detrás de nosotros . La vuelta a la ” árbol de la vida ” del “Árbol de la Knowlege ” , que fue el descenso a la polaridad o su salida del Jardín del Edén Paradise es lo que llamamos Ascensión .

El tiempo es AHORA .



Kyria Alu’ela Havah Lumina ( Kyria Alu’ela Lumina )
Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist

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