TWIN FLAMES: Your Soul’s Other Half – A Clarification



The twin flame is a part of the self, as it was your soul that split into two at first, as we left an androgynous state and moved into polarity. These two soul parts also could split further and created more parts, that could take on embodiments in different places in the all universes. Some parts came to earth, others did not.

Now many are finding their Twins souls and aspects of them. Many are yearning to find the other half. It can be so strong this magnetic pull, that the souls meet first in dreamtime in the non-physical realms. Our hearts can often feel them near and often they communicate telepathically. Should the Human aspect of the Twin Souls see each other in physicality, it can often even scare them when they look into each others eyes. It is like looking in a mirror and seeing yourself. Many even are so frightened, that they run away for a long time, but still feel drawn to the other person. Something happens on another level to each after this first encounter, as if they develop a talent or a way of thinking that is like the other and sometimes they look like each other more and more. Some even feel they are looking out of the others eyes.

The time now on earth is bringing the other half of our souls near us, in order for all the experiences and wisdom gathered while in separation can merge within ourselves. That means, the masculine and feminine, all the talents and wisdom that the other half gained since the separation, fuse and enrich each of them.  When the two soul hearts find each other, much love is released and it can heal and transform the physical individuals immensely, allowing them to be boundless and more generous as they radiate so much unconditional love from their hearts, which they most likely want to share with others in the world. The LOVE they found in each other remains always in the heart and there is UNIVERSAL LOVE for ALL, if they are together as physical beings or not.

There are many misconceptions floating around now about Twin Flames. The part of our Soul can merge in higher dimension  without the physical union as well. The Twin Souls which reside in higher dimensions, do not need the sexual act to blend their vibrations, most 3rd dimensional Human still do. If you vibrate at 5 D or higher there is a difference in requirements.  So don’t block yourself by thinking, that you have to be with your twin flame as a life partnership. Some of the humans that embody the Twin, may come to us and we can meet and become friends, work partners or sometimes lovers and partners , but it is not written in stone that the two humans MUST be life partners, as it can be more than one person and some aspects are non-physical in other dimensions. So it is it not as so many are telling us, that we need to be with this “twin” forever. The merging and melting of the soul essences is what shall unite in these times to ignite a flame of love that illuminates the world through these beings. We can meet the twin and exchange energies and informations, which may be all you needed to do to complete yourself and be free to be the real you as you become ONE with your OWN SOUL. Once the alchemical process of the merging has taken place within, the twins are ONE energetically on a soul level – this is called the “Alchemists Wedding”. This union is not always an earthly partnership as many believe, but it can be.  It is a choice who we choose to live and journey through this incarnation with. It depends if being so similar is desirable and if the 2 persons share the same goal on earth to work with each other on it. Some humans who also are twin flames, choose to serve Humanity with their love and talents in some form to help uplift others through their radiant unconditional love.

written by

– Kyria Alu’ela – Priestess of Melchizedek

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If you are not sure how to connect with your Twin Flame  or need help understanding or have difficulty with a person you think is the person embodying your twin soul, you can receive assistance by booking a session with Kyria Alu’ela Priestess of Melchizedek, who understands the process well through her own experience. 


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