Dream Life: Don’t Forget Your Dreams – by Kyria Hava Kyrie


Our mind dreams create our reality and the sleep dreams reveal much more – Maya Elder Hunbatz Men said to me once, ” if you dreamt it, you experienced it.” This came after, I told him that I dream of a spacecraft waiting for me to travel somewhere. I knew he was right, as I remembered that I was always imagining while laying in bed in my childhood, that I was flying through the stars.

Dream mind stars

Dreams are the language of the soul

Each person has their own dream symbolism. It Is amazing when one writes down a dream and then reads it carefully, how one can recognize the messages that the soul is giving the lower mind. For example: I dreamt about myself and another person both having to go to the bathroom to do number 1. As I was writing it down and thinking:”what the heck does this mean?”, I suddenly realized, that we (in our physical life) both needed to let go of old emotions (water), to free ourselves in order to continue life on another level.

Well, I suggest to everyone to write your dreams down – have a pad and pen near the bed – even if you only write a few key words, the dream will come back if you ask your higher self when you read the key words. Then reread it a little later, sentence by sentence. See what comes to your mind and what emotions you feel. You will soon understand your soul’s message.

Dream creations

Our mind’s dreams, daydreams or as we say imagination, are how we begin to create our world around us. Thoughts as brainwaves, magnetically attract to us what we have thought. Then we can manifest things, by going into action with our feelings, passion and commitment to the dream, as feelings and emotions are magnetic as well. Faith and patience is also needed when the dream is a big one, that may take a longer time to create. Some dreams can magically manifest quickly right after we have imagined and asked or prayed for something. All happens in divine time – just the right time.

Blessings and sweet dreams,
Kyria Hava Kyrie 

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