Your Cosmic Wisdom – incl. a Meditation by Kyria

“Everything in the universe is within you… Ask all from yourself!” – Rumi 

meditate earth god heart shaft

– Kyria: 

We are a part of a bigger Matrix( cosmic web) and when we connect to all levels of our soul, we can tap into the knowledge base of the universe and bring it into our human mind. This is what great minds such as Einstein, Da Vinci, Ghandi….etc…did.


Try this short meditation: 

  • Breathe deep into your naval area to release tension. Call your spirit guides, mother earth and God/dess. 
  • Then connect your heart to your pineal Gland which is the doorway to the cosmos then to the inner core of mother earth.
  • From your pineal gland or third eye, call on your higher-self then your I am Presence and then go up to the source of creation.
  • Breathe in from below and above and chant OM for a few minutes.
  • Then you can ask for any information from the earth and cosmos and listen within. Sounds, thoughts in words, colors and lights can come to you from source and or your guides. 
  • Once you received your answers and downloads, thank your Higher-Self, I Am Presence and the cosmic knowledge bank and all your guides. 

Sometimes the info downloads instantaneously and other times it may take a bit and come to the human mind later depending on your meditation training and awareness. Write down what you remember. 

Keep practicing and trust your hearts connection to all there is. We are amazing beings of creation. Love and honor yourself. 

Kyria Aluéla Lumina

aka  Kyria Mystica The Vocal Alchemist 

Metaphysical Teacher, Intuitive life-coach, Sound-light healer, Channel, Vocalist, Shaman, Priestess of Melchizedek 

I am here to serve those who need my assistance.

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