Twin Flames & The Union of Soul Twins

Your Twin Flame is not a person, it is the other half of your soul in higher dimension. You can re-unite with this aspect to help complete and heal yourself. The lower dimensional physical body will be affected and change. The people who embody the Twins, can meet at some point too, if they are mature and if they are in the same dimension. It is not necessarily what so many think it is…it is alchemy and it is service to divine love.  Read below.

Twin Soul Cells – Artwork  by Daniel Holeman 


The Twin Flames is the YIN YANG FIRE – the love of the spark of creation that created Souls. Then  ONE SOUL split sometime after creation, into a masculine and feminine soul part, as when the sperm fertilizes an egg and this first cell splits into two cells.


This is related to the Adam and Eve story and falling out of paradise down to the lower dimension. The twin souls are still connected in higher dimension energetically since their separation with a cord.


After many incarnations of learning apart from each other and sometimes with each other in many forms such as: siblings, parents, friends or lovers, they disconnected again and also lived some lives without each other, often feeling a loss or yearning for something missing in their life.

Twin Flame telepathy

The two soul parts with a human body can meet in physical life now for a final reunion before the ascension of the earth. When they meet, It can actually happen when they first see each other, that they are not ready to have any kind of contact and run away for a while. Fear can come up for each to work through on their own in the physical world ( if they are physicals).  Some Twin Flames stay in other dimensions too and do not meet in the physical world at all.

When conditions are right, where the two human beings who embody the twin of their joint soul, feel ready inside, they can meet in earthly life, but it doesn’t always have to be a partnership as we know it traditionally. Some become best friends and can just have platonic relationship not a romantic one, but the love that is between them merges their essences and each can feel more complete and at peace within. The reason now that many twins connect, is that the soul needs to re-unite with all its parts to feel the love that created each soul and to radiate this love throughout the earth and cosmos. It really is about the energy union that occurs, or as one calls it alchemists wedding, where the soul blueprints fuse as one and then each human is transformed into the best it can be.

Many things can happen other than an intimate affair or relationship as all souls have free will. One also needs to know, that some twins may not be embodied (incarnated) as opposite sexes, and it can also be that some twins just merge in higher dimensions and work from there.  Many Twins do become some kind of team, and some do choose to live with each other as a couple.

twin flame tunnel spiral

Twin Flame love transcends all boundaries and expectations. The human that completed with the twin of their soul’s energies and knowledge, is whole and can choose be with whom he/she wishes, do anything alone, with each other or with others. They do love to serve divinity and the earth in some form as they both sense the divineness of their connection and that they have a special purpose of being on earth and as a cosmic being as well.

If you need help or guidance on how to connect with your twin soul flame aspect you can call or text me or leave your email in a comment below. 


in Light, Sound and Love,

Kyria Alu’ela Lumina 


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7 thoughts on “Twin Flames & The Union of Soul Twins

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  2. My replies to some comments on FB.

    If the Humans that embody the Twin soul can live with a joint mission together. It depends…its very individual. Some of the twins meet and complete themselves and then move on to a more exciiting partnership, as twins can be static as they are too much alike and some get bored. I know many who met and then moved on as new changed persons.

    Some persons who embody the twin aspect of a soul, may be same sex or they can be siblings, parents. Are you sure your partner is the embodiment of your flame? or a soul mate. Some twin flame manifestations can become couples…but dont need to to unite as a soul. What is important is that you are whole within yourself.

    Kyria Aluéla – Priestess of Melchizedekia


  3. If you are not sure how to connect with your Twin Flame or need help understanding or have difficulty with a person you think is the person embodying your twin soul, you can receive assistance by booking a session with Kyria Alu’ela Priestess of Melchizedek, who understands the process well through her own experience.

    For Twin Flame counseling sessions contact Kyria Alu’ela by email on:


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