Riding the New Era of Light, Energy Shifts & Learning New Ways of Being – by Lidija


ascended body light tree

What we can do – is do our best in adjusting to the new energies and learn to apply them to our lives in ways we didn’t think we could before

1. Allow your body to catch up and ‘upgrade’ by being kind and gentle to yourself ….

2. Take yourself out into nature to ground and re-balance. Mother nature is the greatest healer and her energy is an absolute essential for our well-being!

3. Gentle exercise, massage, swimming pool, sauna, spa will be greatly appreciated by your body….

4. Do an inventory of your thoughts and habits. Is what you thinking supporting you or holding you back/bringing you down?

5. Think Big! Even if you are not used to thinking big – Think BIG!

6. Give your dreams and visions a chance! With the bottomless potency of the current energies – Everything IS Possible!

7. Use Prayer to assist you in the Shift

* see a prayer channeled by the author “Lidija” and the full blog article here:

“Energy Update: ‘Riding’ the New Era of Light, Understanding Energy Shifts and Learning New Ways of Being”



Shared & illustrated by Melchizedekia


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