Higher Perspective on Twin Souls and The Shift – “Father” via Rananda

Twin Souls are two aspects of the same Soul; normally male and female. They are not necessarily like mirror images of each other; they can also be opposites; each providing what the other lacks; like two sides of the same coin. Normally, one Twin remains discarnate while the other is incarnate, and acts as the “Guardian Angel” of the incarnate Twin.

twin flames throne world

In some lives, a greater amount of Soul Energy is needed to fulfill the life-purpose of that particular life, and, as a physical vehicle can only hold a limited amount of Soul Energy, the discarnate Twin has to take incarnation too, in order to provide the extra energy that is needed. Before birth, Twin Souls arrange a signal, so that when they meet, they will recognise each other as their other half, and fall in love. Intuitively they will know each other and come together.


In these “End Times”, leading up to “The Dimensional Shift”, many Twin Souls have taken incarnation together, as their combined Soul Energy is needed to complete the work that they have undertaken in the 3D material world. Because Twin Souls are seldom together during their incarnations, they can grow apart from each other in spiritual awareness, and one Twin may spiritually awaken before the other. The less aware Twin may leave the other, thinking his / her ideas crazy; but if the Twins can remain together until the less aware Twin awakens, there will be mutual understanding, and they will renew their bond. After they have cleansed their negativities; opened their lower chakras and their Higher Heart chakra, their Higher Selves will begin to remind them of their life purpose, and they will begin to work together at it, using the gifts that they brought with them when they took birth.

In these “End TImes” most Twin Soul couples have incarnated with a life purpose associated with the ascension of Mother Earth and the spiritual aspirants, to fifth dimensional awareness. At their time of ascension, it is the total amount of Eternal Virtue accumulated by both Twins in all of their lives during this evolutionary period, that is the factor that decides if the Twin Souls are ready to ascend. This is assessed by their “Higher Selves” or “Group Souls” that comprises there “Council Of Elders”.

If one of the Twins has not awakened in the current life, or is discarnate, it makes little difference, as he / she will have lived hundreds of lives since the beginning of this evolution; many thousands of years ago, and will have accumulated a vast amount of Eternal Virtue. It is only the more evolved Souls who have taken incarnation with their Twin Soul, as they need to carry a large amount of Soul Energy shared between them, in order to carry out their life purpose.

Channelled from “Father” through Rananda

copyrighted by XDavid Spears

on 25th July 2011

From FB Notes – http://www.facebook.com/notes/237142182986801/


Shared & Illustrated by

Kyria Alu’ela Lumina -Priestess of Melchizedekia

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