YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY FORTUNE – message from the Great Central Sun


channeled by Jahn J Kassl

in deutsch –
translated by Franz

You look for fortune and you are surrounded by it.
You search for enlightenment and you are it.
You search for abundance and you live in it.

You try to escape misfortune, to end ignorance and
to leave lack behind, and thereby you create again
misfortune, ignorance and lack.

While the flowers in the fields gift themselves,
and the creeks flow by themselves from the source
into a river, and from the river flow into the ocean,
you preoccupy yourself hostile to life with rules and
methods, in order to be like flowers, in order to be
a creek or a river. Today I give you this message:
Everything exists around you and in you!
Everything is available. What is missing
in a human Being is consciousness.

Lack in Consciousness

Who understands the great circle of all Life, who
understands the gift of Life, and who understands
to perform one’s divine duty? Who understands to
resonate freely and steadily with the flow of Life,
and who is capable to serve the great whole
based on his vitality?

You seek freedom and you choose imprisonment.

Those, to whom the cosmic laws are unknown,
need rules; and those, who do not see that they
themselves are spiritual through and through,
need spiritual practice.

Life is basically spiritual in nature, is of spiritual origin,
is God given and God willed – and foremost is given to
us as a gift. Recognizing what is means to find sleep for
the sleepless, seeing what is means to find peace for the
unsatisfied; being conscious means to meet the gift of
Life with humility, with awe and far from any search.

There is no goal, which you do not know, and there is
no place in Heaven, which needs to be attained!
Everything exists within you, everything is available
within you – seeing and recognizing – and thereby
freeing oneself from the compulsive act in order to
achieve enlightenment. This is the way.

The saints of old days did not know it any better,
and therefore they fell for the fallacy being able to
storm the Kingdom of Heaven due to the rape of their
essence. At all times there were very few Buddha and
until today very few have reached the consciousness
of Jesus.

The Wind has turned

Yet human Beings awaken; times have changed, and the
wind has turned. Today more and more human Beings
realize that the search for fortune is in vain, because they
are surrounded by fortune. Human Beings recognize that
any effort to attain enlightenment is useless, because
something that already is must not be attained.

Today more and more human Beings recognize that there
is only one place in the infinity of Creation where everything
exists – in the inner castle of one’s inexhaustible and eternal
consciousness. Whoever waits without waiting, has understood,
whoever is patient without exercising patience, has understood,
whoever is in peace without effort, has understood, whoever is
furious and angry without being ashamed of it, has understood,
whoever flows like a river and whoever equals the lilies in the
field, with their beauty giving joy to every eye, has understood.

Life is perfect as soon it is realized that all opposites of this
matrix exist for the reason so that you dissolve it and far
from it you recognize yourself as eternal and immortal
consciousness of God.

You look for fortune and you are surrounded by it.
You search for enlightenment and you are it.
You search for abundance and you live in it.
You search for God, while you meet Him everywhere!

Open yourself to this truth, then everything is understood.

From the

Master-Dialogues, Volume I – JAHN J KASSL:

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