MIND & MATTER – Seeing What’s Real – by Kyria Hava Kyrie

Matter is an illusion from the perspective of the higher mind. Looking down from our Soul’s I-AM Presence to this physical plane is like seeing a dense dream world of all the things we created with our human mind. The things we think are real are just like balloons that the soul can pop and erase. Even illnesses can be sent away with a powerful, believing thought.

Now its time to re-think what we are thinking. Do we think beauty or ugliness? We are what we think. So realize this and envision something wonderful in your imagination. All will arrive as you see and think it, as thoughts are magnetic in cosmic space of limitless possibilities.

We must take responsibility for our thoughts now to change our reality to the best we can imagine.

Higher Mind I AM creates matter

Kyria Hava Kyrie


Kyria offers spiritual intuitive life coaching and vibrational sound- light healing sessions

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Blog: http://www.melchizedekia144000.wordpress.com

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