Twin Soul Flames Uniting in Nov-Dec 2015

twin Flame merge heaven earth tree of life

Many Twin Souls will unite now the last 2 months of 2015.

Your Twin Flame is really YOU – YOUR other HALF of your soul.

Each one is a mirror of you and feels and often thinks similar, even if you are not together physically.

We are beginning to understand why they were not together before and why they need to combine their energies as a 3rd energy, which will magnify and the sweet love that is sparked, will awaken and  benefit the world.

One twin may need to give more and nurture the other now, as one may be at a different level of understanding than the other. One will know this and the other that. Sharing is important.

Egos need to be let go of.

twin flames kiss stars beach

Each twin needs to heal themselves as this will heal the other and each other.

Each needs to love the other unconditionally and lift and encourage each other.


Hold the hand of the other like a child showing them the way.

There is a Golden Gate of Love to find and enter together.

Twin Flame lovers divine-one

This means more, that the soul energies will merge  in higher dimensions first, not always the 2 persons in 3 rd Dimension, but it can happen as well.

Not all twins are ready now, and will need to wait for another portal opening later.

All happens in divine time.

Writen & Compiled by

Kyria Hava Kyrie

some more info in the videos below




Listen to these videos by Earth Angel Rosa




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