AA Michael in Music “Heart of Courage” for Strength & Protection



AA Michael courage

Archangel Michael is here to introduce you to the

Feeling of Courage He has in His Heart.

This music below on youtube is a meditation on Him, as He is leading His Angels of the Blue Flame, to defend any part of Life when He receives a call for help.

There is no one on Earth over the age of twelve, who hasn’t been saved at least once by this Archangel or His Legions of Light. But the Law is that we must call to Him each day, for Him to be able to be active with us, and help us. If we do, Lord Michael will stand with us to do everything that the Law will allow.

Individuals must remain calm and peaceful for the Light to do its Perfect work; any feelings of a negative nature will restrict the Light in some way or another. Remember always that the Light never fails. There is only delay!

The music is “Heart of Courage”, by Two Steps from Hell. It is in a 4/4 time which is the same as a traditional march, though the music is on a more powerful level than a typical march from Sousa or others of that nature.

Thank you to all those in the outer world, who are devoted to this Beloved Captain of the Lord, those who call to Him. He has offered each of you 30,000 Angels, at your command.

They are required to be called once each day, and you are the general, to command Them to go where you direct them to go.

They can control the darkness in a school, in a neighborhood, in a city and everywhere.

From FB Page Music of the Spheres – Cory Kent


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