Babaji: 3 Signs of the End Times



“Day of Truth

It will be the day of truth and many will see the truth and
will follow the Light; and many will see the truth and will
stay away from it, even then, when they are immediately
confronted with it….”


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

The three Signs of End Time are:

1.) Arrogance of the Rulers.
2.) Confusion among the dominated ones.
3.) Violence determines the events.

Beloved Ones,
I am amongst you!

Earth will live and human Beings will awaken!
Out of the rubble of the old world the new mankind
will arise. It will be free and a reflection of God.
The time of godlessness is then over and the
prophecies will be fulfilled.


The closeness to the “event” can be seen in the arrogance
of the rulers. Based on this fact it is to be emphasized that
the final events have already begun.

The rulers are strangers to themselves and experience life,
which surrounds them as unfamiliar. And foreigners meet
each other differently, and treat each other differently than
confidants or friends.

There is war among rulers, a war, which they want to
transfer to the world. The paths, which so far seemed paved
for the dark leaders become more demanding due to human
Beings becoming aware. Those, who determined the game in
this matrix and “quick success” was destined to them so far,
are not prepared for this. Whoever has never experienced
resistance, does not know how to behave properly as it starts.
And today it applies for this time. Again the events accelerate
and the deep fall of the overwhelming number of rulers looms
ahead. The truth prevails and Light triumphs.

Yet the confusion among the dominated ones is almost complete,
because the contradictions of this time appear openly and many
human Beings are incapable to interpret them correctly.
While this matrix seems insurmountable, it breaks down and
while the enslavement of mankind takes on more and more
subtle methods, the slaves attain freedom.

Awareness increases

There are those, human Beings, who look through this and
have internally overcome the matrix a long time ago.
There are those, who are capable to make the right allocations
and the dark discharges can neither impress them or can drive
them to fear. These are the Sacred Ones of this time, monuments
being erected in their honor after this time.

The world will ascend and all life will be healed on this earth and
be led back to the Light due to those human Beings, who appear
and can be found on all levels of society. Even though the
consciousness among human Beings increases, ignorance is still
very large and the consciousness quotient, measured on the total
number of mankind, is small!

87% of mankind is confused, has been confused and
has lost orientation in self.

The 13%

Those human Beings (the 87%) are no longer capable to think
clear thoughts on their own or bring forth their own pure feelings.
Pay attention to the number 13, because the remaining 13%
guarantee that the wind turns and they set free enough strength,
so that the game turns to the advantage of the Light.
And many human children, which represent these 13%, today
go through the valley of tears, whereby they are asked to put
their own life into God’s Light on all levels.

Today whoever is exposed to existential transformation
processes, is not only prepared for one’s own awakening,
instead they also act as accelerators of events on the
planetary and cosmic level.

There is still confusion among many light warriors – and
what is hubris to the rulers, is confusion to the dominated ones.
This results in a lack of self-confidence and self-awareness.
Yet this condition is in the process of changing radically,
meaning at its root. Consciousness increases and the results
of the redemption processes become visible. At the moment
when the divine Light entirely reaches the heart of a human
Being and has filled it, this human Being can no longer deny
the obvious, the facts and the truth. And this consciousness
creates a new energy in the environment of these human Beings,
the vibration turns, human Beings in this environment are touched
by the divine Light and are fed into the “suction of awakening”.
What in the beginning is an infinitely long process accelerates
with each human Being, who awakens. If we generally talk
about the human potentials, in this context one needs to
talk about the energy, which is potentiated.
This process continues as long until the critical moment is
reached, when the next facts in the global transformation
must manifest.

Day of Truth

It will be the day of truth and many will see the truth and
will follow the Light; and many will see the truth and will
stay away from it, even then, when they are immediately
confronted with it.

It will be the day when the last walls fall and when the
great Light unveils the new world. It will be visible to all
human Beings to the farthest corners of this earth.
And to the extent how violence increases on all levels of
human society, the final discharges come closer and the
regency of the Light appears more patently.

Please never despair and do put yourselves into God’s hands!
Put yourselves under His protection, then you have everything.

God’s power is unfamiliar to a mostly godless world and to bind
with God, the practice is unknown to it. Wherever godlessness
rules, where God is forgotten, there is also no more access to
God’s power. There the human self-determination under God’s
protection ends and the world of slavery and the kingdom
of darkness spread.

Liberate yourselves from that whereby you face the violence,
which shall be exercised over you, with God’s almightiness.

Be aware that self-contemplation of your divine nature
and reversion to God are the keys to inner and outer
peace and to inner as well as outer freedom.

The One, who is ALL-THAT-IS, surrounds you everywhere.
And where Light and Love rule, the new life begins.
And you approach this “new life” with greater and greater
steps until the last step in this long journey through time
back to the Source of All-That-Is is done and until your
arrival in this world has been fulfilled due to your return
to Heaven.

Be joyous and greet the Light,
It shines for you until you have ascended to God.


And until then I serve you.
In eternity.





Original in German –


Die drei Zeichen der Endzeit sind:

Deutsche Fassung:


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