Violet FLAME Solar Crystal Invocation

Violet FLAME Solar Crystal Invocation

from Rysa5  – Jan 18, 2016

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Invocation I AM one with all humanity and through and in the name of my I AM Presence, and behalf of all humanity.

 I AM the fifth dimensional, crystalline solar violet consuming flame drawn from the heart of God blasting through this Earth and all upon and within it with the light of a thousand suns – blasting through every condition, person, place and thing, past, present and future, all time/space continuums, known and unknown, annihilating, dissolving and consuming all cause, effect, record and memory of our belief in separation from God and each other and all the subsequent survival mechanisms that have lead to every single discordant mis-creation for which we are responsible.

I AM invoking the entire Company of Heaven to magnify this Violet Consuming Flame to the fullest extent that humanity can withstand, every minute of every day and

I AM this law of transmutation self-sustained until every single aspect of God evolving upon this precious Earth is free and ascended in his or her own Mighty I Am Presence.

I AM instantly replacing all that is dissolved and consumed with the immaculate concept of the Cosmic Light of the Cosmic Christ and the deepest desire within each of us to honor, respect and revere all life, as it is all God.

I accept that this is done now.



“Copy this invocation and send it out to those you feel would take the opportunity to serve. Even if it is read, one must engage the emotional body to set in motion” – Rysa 



Purification is a process of spiritual regeneration Consciousness initiates a cleansing invocation Solar Crystal Violet Flame.

Link – copy this if u see private video and subscribe to Rysa5 channel -





Shared by Kyria Hava Kyrie  – Priestess of Melchizedekia

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