Diary of  Brother Altair – Feb. 18, 2015



I was with my Brother Yeshua in India. Back then, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God entered into me, allowing me to travel in my Light Body. This is what I saw. We are sharing here from the soul memories of Mary, Mother of James the Lesser and Joses. What I share is known to you as an active member Lord Sananda and Lady Nada’s Circle. It is your awakening, your knowing. Your True Self.



Yeshua was in India from the age of seventeen to twenty four with his brother James and other relatives and disciples, some physically traveling, some like you and me traveling in our Light Bodies. ( Teleportation). Yeshua and our group were able to access sacred texts from the wisdoms of Atlantis and Lemuria. Many of you sharing Thoth’s Tablets for example are tapping into memories from those times and before. Great minds from even more ancient times were gathered.


All of us could read Sanskrit. So our ability to recognize sacred vibrations like OM ॐ with its original intent also comes from that time and before.

OM sound cosmos


We visited caves and great temples along the banks of the rivers Sindhu, Ganga, and Brahmaputra, much in the same way as we did for the Egyptian Initiations. The three rivers we traveled along represented the ida, pingala and sushumna of the astral spine. There we met many Hindu and Buddhist Masters and Ascended Masters. The teachings were pure, simple and direct. Love and compassion. Seeing the Divine in All Forms.




As I have done in this physical incarnation, we went to Varanasi, Kanauj and Patna, bathing in the Ganges and immersing ourselves in the chants of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, visiting the temples of Divine Mother in Her many forms and comprehending the many paths leading to God. We studied mastery of the sound current and high alchemy.
We played music with sadhus, as I have also done in this life, learning ragas that altered our consciousness. We experienced raising consciousness with high love, the practice of connecting to our Creator Source through a partner with deep devotion. It is a direct path to the True Self when it is an expression of divine love.



In order to be a Master one must understand all great creative forces and all the soul memories connected to that. We practiced asana (body posture) pranayama (conscious breathing) mantra (sacred sound vibration) mudra (hand gestures and touching the body to activate energy) to reach samadhi (awareness of the Absolute). We constantly attuned ourselves to the Creator Source, I AM, realizing that the body itself, as consciousness, is a map of the entire universe, which, being within us, we can use to communicate, navigate and rebuild as:

adam god cell ph Mac

“God created human beings in His/Her own image” – Genesis 1:27

It was then, after such deep realizations, that we were taken to meet with the great Master Mahavatar Babaji.  Babaji is known as the Immortal Yogi-Christ because he maintains a youthful appearance while being more than three hundred years old. I have met him just once in this physical incarnation. His energies are so powerful it is an effort just to remain conscious. His golden light ignites immediate tears. His Presence inspires the deepest stillness.
Yeshua’s inner vision was opened to receive all angels, masters and saints through the luminous Light of Babaji. In His Presence we were taken to the very centre of the Solar Sun. Our sun is an inter dimensional portal. We were greeted by Helios and Vesta.
It was Babaji who gave Yeshua the mantra:

“ I AM the LIGHT”

OMNI I AM Expand consciousness soul


When Babaji touches us it is as if being struck by a lightning bolt. There is a deafening silence, and no more needs to be said. Such is the power of His Shaktipat.
I remained silent for three days, Yeshua for three weeks. Yeshua and His followers were with Babaji for a year. Over this time his disciples and relatives, even those of us in the Light Bodies, were sent to other sacred sites to continue what would unfold there as part of our missions. We did not need to meet physically often. Communion was on the inner planes. Sleep was almost non-existent.

wesak valley
Under the full moon Babaji summoned Yeshua and those disciples that still remained to a gathering in the sacred Budhil valley and from there moved to a hidden valley under the imposing reign of Mt. Kailash in the Himalayas. Again, a journey I have done in this incarnation. We stood at an altar with a simple chalice and a bowl. Beside Babaji stood Lord Buddha and Lord Maitreya, who like Yeshua, Lord Krishna and Mahavatar Babaji are ONE in the Cosmic Christ.

Cosmic pulse beam earth heart humanThe door of our hearts were opened wide and the immeasurable Ocean of Eternal Being revealed itself. The subtle winds of our Light Bodies blew transformative energies throughout the gathering. Any snow that gathered around our feet was melted from the divine heat of our shared hearts. In its place grew the tiniest most exquisite pure-white flowers. This was a sign. That it was here in this valley that Yeshua would spend the last part of his journey to India. In the etheric retreat of the Ascended Masters.


Love and soul blessings



maybe shared for free online, but not without permission of the Author in Periodicals that are sold.

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