Video by Rysa

Adam Kadmon HUman Da Vinci cosmic

Today awakens humanity to the results of enlightenment. The alignment of the world is at hand when the vision is realized. It is time to witness the awakening of spiritual impulse of the planet and its peoples.

Joy of the 4 Worlds of Being

  • physical
  • emotion & Feeling
  • Mind connection to all there is
  • Fire of soul

Together they become the 5th World


KEY: A Password is given for Joy and Power

( Listen to the video below and speak it at the end with him)

PW: I am fulfilled and given all that I wish…. in gratitude….( full is in video)


…there will be a time soon we expect where the challenges of a sickness will be left in the dust of the past, Without this illness of spirit I call the obscuration there will be clarity, peace and prosperity. Technology will help yet it is up to each person to care for themselves enough to demand fairness and freedom to be creative and harmonious. A practical path of higher intelligence, The money system will be the first to change or perhaps it cannot so easily. Perhaps the change will be desire for enlightenment and devotion to better ideas.




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