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Dearest All

I will address one “note”, one movement in particular amongst the beautiful symphony of consciousness we are writing together and that is “How do we access our soul memories and travel inter-dimensionally?”

This comes back to the Higher Self.

How do we confirm with our Higher Self?

How do we access the soul memories of the Higher Self? The memories of our past lives, Star Families, Light Families, whatever we need to walk with wisdom in our everyday lives?

How do we travel inter-dimensionally? This also includes teleportation and bilocation.

I will give you a personal road map for how I did it with Mother.

She is my breath, my hands, my heart.

She is the Grace by which I AM one with the Will of Father.

I don’t suggest this is the path for everyone.

We all have personal idiosyncrasies that make one way better than another.

So please choose what you will from this and discard the rest.

Breathe Love heart wings

First the breath

I spent a long time learning about the breath and the subtle winds.

I thoroughly recommend you spending focused time with breathing.

Simply this means “Breathe in the Light of Mother’s breath as you go about your day. Breathe Breathe”

Then when you sit to meditate, which is a focused time to connect to your Higher Self, draw the energy from the base of the spine using the Babaji Breath (see more below on this breath) up through the chakras so that you are enlightening the subtle energy centers of the body and gradually filling yourself with Christ Light.

Initiations and vows help the atunement of the Higher Heart to the Higher Self.

heart lightbody medit radiate crp


I cannot overstate how important initiation and vows are.

I was initiated by Yogananda’s own closest disciple Sri Daya Mata, one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, into the Path of Devotion as a teenager, and I took a vow to be loyal throughout eternity to Lord Krishna, Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar and Yogananda.

I did the same as a young boy to Jesus/Yeshua/Lord Sananda when I was initiated into the Path of Love through the Sacred Mystery School of Master R. (Rakoczy) St. Germain by a direct student of St. Germain and hermetic alchemy.

I did the same again as a young man in my twenties to Mother Guan Yin, Avalokiteshvara and the Buddha when I was initiated into the Path of Compassion by the Dalai Lama, which is also the origin of the manifestation of Her Sacred Pearl from her statue twenty years ago.

Learning to breathe in the energies of Divine Father and Mother and direct them where you ‘will’ is a critical part of mastery and a crucial part of knowing the Higher Self.

Conscious-Mind Aware sun

Second the mind

I spent a long time learning about the mind and the thoughts and how they affect our emotional energies.

I thoroughly recommend you spending focused time with your thoughts.

Simply this means “Watch your thoughts as you go about your day. Watch Watch. Become the Watcher.” Soon you will become aware there is a ‘Watcher’ that is not your thoughts. The Watcher is timeless presence. The thoughts are bound in time and usually not present, being attached to your past or future.

Learning to BE in the NOW, to be PRESENT, and knowing when you are not, is developing awareness of the energies of Divine Father and Mother which is PRESENCE, and is a critical part of mastery and a crucial part of knowing the Higher Self.

Then when you sit to meditate, which is a focused time to connect to your Higher Self, you can ‘will’ energy, the subtle winds, the Christ Light, into the chakra you wish to enlighten, the third eye for example, and access its gifts. It is truly magical, being able to enter the PRESENCE of the Divine, in this space, within you, the Kingdom of Heaven you have been given, free of thoughts and the mind, exploring what lies beyond.

Heart energy field holomatrix

Third the heart

I spent a long time learning about the heart and its feelings, the divine feelings such as bliss, joy and devotion.

I thoroughly recommend you spending focused time with these divine emotions.

Simply this means “Give of yourself totally. Surrender. Die to your self daily. Be still and know God.” Silence. Stillness. BE THE CHRIST, BUDDHA, KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS. As you sit in stillness miracles happen. Things manifest that are beyond your imagining. When your eye is single your body is filled with Light. You become the CHRIST LIGHT.

Learning to devote yourself wholly to God or Being, is to invite the divine within to act on your behalf, and is a critical part of mastery and a crucial part of knowing the Higher Self. Truly you do nothing of your self. You are a channel for the Divine and your Light is that same ONE Light.

Put very simply you are all falling in love.
You’ve fallen in love at some time in your life.
With another, with yourself.
So now you need to fall in love with the God Within.

Then when you sit to meditate, and travel with your Soul Guardian, as I do with Mother, in a focused way connecting to your Higher Self, you go with Her through Divine Grace. It is magnificent, and tremendously humbling, being in the Light of God and the Holy Spirit and seeing what the great Masters, Saints and Light Beings all see.

So what is your mission?

To realize the Power of your Divine Presence.
To liberate your consciousness from all binding thought.
To free others into that Light.
The Light of…





Love and soul blessings


I recommend making a deep vow that you keep within your soul.



Here is the essence of the vows the Eagles of Archangel Michael make:

“In the Presence of the Elders, Archangel Michael, the Eagles and the Protectors, I make the intention to gain full enlightenment, inviting all beings to be amongst my Protected, to protect them, to free them from pain and suffering and all cyclic existence.

From this moment onwards, until I attain the enlightenment of merging with the Divine, I shall cultivate pure conduct, and with joy in the vow of protection, follow the guidance of the Archangels, the Christ and the Buddha, Lord Krishna, the saints and all the Ascended Masters.

I will not reach full enlightenment in the Divine until the very end, staying behind to protect and enlighten all, even for the sake of a single being.

I shall purify Inconceivable Lands, countless directions, and all those who call My Name.”


Altair & Guan Yin 




Simply breathe, with deep devotion, inside the astral spine, the hollow tube of light just inside the physical spine called the sushumna सुषुम्ना.

Breathe all the way up to the third eye with open mouth. As you breathe in make the sound “awwww” like “awe” or “or” and as you breathe out breathe down the astral spine making the sound “eeeee” like ‘e’ in ‘eternal.’ These are soft sounds.

When we get to the base of the spine keep breathing out, all the way down to the core of the earth to anchor yourself in Gaia’s Light. Then repeat. Practice this first so that it becomes natural and there’s no need to think about it. Devotion, intention, love, Light.

When you look more deeply at what we are doing together we are Blessing the Heart with the breath and the subtle winds.

To work with this wind in practical terms requires deep PRESENCE.

Practically we are transforming our ‘coarse’ body into the Light Body.

To do this requires us to develop our subtle body and mind, our very subtle winds and inner energies, so that we can transform into whatever form we choose.

To use the subtle wind and subtle mind well, we need to STOP the coarse wind (the breath) and the coarse mind (the unconscious ego-self mind). To stop the continuing cycle and ceaseless chatter of the unconscious mind it is essential to bring deep consciousness and presence into your everyday life when things are going smoothly.

The power of PRESENCE means the PRESENCE OF LIGHT grows around you a real energy field of a very high vibration that no darkness can penetrate.

You need to be able to be the WITNESS during these calm times, so that in stressful times you can ‘step out’ and recharge and not ‘burn out’ from the endless cycling and whirring the unconscious mind does in times of stress.

Then, even in times of emergency or the transitions of death, you will be mindful of the LIGHT that is your REAL PRESENCE.

The subtle winds that we are experiencing as ascending or descending breaths in the Babaji Breath cause the body to change from one moment to the next so are even present in the transitions of death.

To STOP the coarse wind to allow the subtle winds to be used you need to practice SLOWLY under guidance the deep power of yoga where the clear light of conscious awareness manifests. The Babaji Breath is a simple ancient technique that has the blessing of the Masters to do this. Devotion and love are the primary factors that lead to the trust necessary to let the physical breath cease and the subtle wind take over.

*The breathless state is one of Babaji’s gifts to the world, “to die daily” being one of the initiations that he passed on to Yeshua in the Himalayas.

BE STILL AND KNOW THYSELF is thus understood now on many levels.

STILL the breath.
STILL the mind.
STILL the heart.



Om Mahavatara Vidmahe
Sat Gurudevaya Deemahi
Tanno Babaji Prachodayat

Babaji is the Guru of all the Gurus on Earth, The Teacher of Teachers.


Artwork at the Top of the page  by Daniel B. Holeman

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