THE EAGLE VOW – Archangel Michael’s Legions

AA Michael eagle legions crp

AA Michael and His Eagle Legions

Taking a VOW solidifies your intensions and commitment to serve Divinity, and offers one protection of non-loving forces.

Here is the essence of the vows the Eagles of Archangel Michael make:

“In the Presence of the Elders, Archangel Michael, the Eagles and the Protectors, I make the intention to gain full enlightenment, inviting all beings to be amongst my Protected, to protect them, to free them from pain and suffering and all cyclic existence.

From this moment onwards, until I attain the enlightenment of merging with the Divine, I shall cultivate pure conduct, and with joy in the vow of protection, follow the guidance of the Archangels, the Christ and the Buddha, Lord Krishna, the saints and all the Ascended Masters.

I will not reach full enlightenment in the Divine until the very end, staying behind to protect and enlighten all, even for the sake of a single being.

I shall purify Inconceivable Lands, countless directions, and all those who call My Name.”


Michael the Archangel 


Altair & Guan Yin


Shared by

Kyria Hava Kyrie – Priestess of Melchizedekia


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