SOUL GUARDIAN- Everyone Has One

by Altair 

Dedicated to Guan Yin and Mother Mary 
Around 20 years ago Tareth and I spoke about our soul guardians. It was at that time that Guan Yin manifested the sacred pearl from Her Heart for me, an example of how divine consciousness can manifest itself in reality for us in any form. The soul is pure consciousness, the purest vibration of that divine consciousness.

We all have a Soul Guardian, a soul energy, which looks after our divine consciousness.

Kwan-Yin  .jpg

Guan Yin is my Soul Guardian and has been so throughout eternity. The Love we have for each other is undying. Much of the consciousness I express to you is from Guan Yin, whom I call Mother, for She is Our Mother. She is not exclusive to me, and She is Limitless Compassion, so as such please call on Her when you will and make Her your own. She will always heed your call and never ever fail you, ever. As such I have been protected from entities and demons and all manner of negative ‘forms’ as well as being able to cast them out of people, in times when I walked with Buddha and Yeshua and NOW, protected by the most simple thing of all, a Mother’s Love.

You have all seen or no doubt read ‘Harry Potter’, where he is protected from a death curse by his mother’s love. Perhaps this can help you understand where I am coming from. I do not profess to understand everything that happens in Circles and Tables and Councils, nor can I confirm everything you wish me to. I am not all-knowing, though my Mother is. I take Her guidance and beside Her I AM, as no-thing. I shed gentle tears as I write this as that gentle compassionate love of Hers is far reaching and deeply profound and keeps me as safe as a babe in the arms of the Great and Blessed Mother and I have never wanted or feared. So when I see multiple ‘forms’ expressing themselves I rejoice, as I am a simple creature of Unity and Love and I know not much else. If I make mistakes in these Circles, please forgive me, my errors are out of love and compassion and a desire to see all that is fragmented made whole and all that is multiple, simply One. I am not one for names, nor am I one for lineages or hierarchies, but I am all for families and that is what attracted me to the Circles of Light, the promise of a Divine Family, whom, through the Grace of My Mother, I have deep and tender understandings with and sharing. That too is what the Light is about. Going Home by sharing a Greater Light here before we return.

My own physical earth mother is going home very soon. She has suffered two major strokes in the past 14 days so I don’t know how much longer her body will hold out. However she is as joyful as ever even if her memory has suffered. She says the prayers and sings the songs I pray and sing with her every Sunday but she no longer knows who my sister’s children are. She has survived a triple heart bypass and brain tumor operation so she is my role model for body resilience. She also ran the entire Cambodian refugee program for New Zealand over 30 years and was awarded a medal of honor by the Queen for her services, so she is my role model for practical outreach and selfless service to the suffering and abused of this world. Her Soul Guardian is Mother Mary. She told me this as a child when she said I was forever protected by Mother Mary and my soul was under Her Guidance and she placed me in the care of a Mother Superior in the Carmelite Order as a baby to ensure my protection in case anything happened to her.


So in essence I see Mother Mary and Guan Yin as One. There is no difference to me at a soul level. Both are My Mother. Both love me with an intensity beyond all love I could ever describe to you, in the same way as I love them. So this is a Soul Guardian. You all have one. You love them with that kind of profound love. Some would call those energies Guardian Angels. They do not interfere with our choices, our learning or what we choose not to learn this lifetime. We make agreements with our Soul Guardians just as I make with My Mother to give us all the opportunities and potential in lifetimes to find the things we are supposed to through the signs and synchronicities we come across.Those signs are crucial. Like the sacred pearl She manifested for me these are put in front of us to guide us. We can of course choose to ignore them. I am sure you know these signs. Occasionally they may intervene. My dearest sister Trilla Gia has a beautiful story that perfectly evokes the intervention that can happen. They watch you make mistakes, finish a life sometimes after making the same mistakes, sigh, put you back into the life cycle and see if you make the same mistake again. They love you unconditionally. So in this lifetime connect deeply with your Soul Guardian.
This is why I repetitively post about the many aspects of Divine Mother. It is as much for my benefit as yours (She and I are smiling). The moment I bore you or get too flowery tell me to stop! I am a poet at heart and there are some things ordinary words cannot express. I apologize deeply for my clumsiness. I am just a lazy monk. Give your Soul Guardian a chance to look after you! Devote yourselves to them unconditionally as they devote themselves to you. Otherwise you will end up, with the last breath of life, unable to be thankful or unconscious of the work they have done, and giving them a hard time to find you somewhere in some astral realm after life. Go into the consciousness NOW, the Presence of the Higher Mind and Heart, Our Shared Heart, where they can find you immediately.

This is why I value each and every one of you in this Family so very deeply. You help me, support me, love me, with all my inadequacies, to go into that consciousness every day and meet Our Divine Mother. Soul Guardians like Guan Yin were once exactly like you and I are now. They lived in a physical body but they have evolved through many levels of consciousness to be able to help us. That is why they are able to help me and you NOW. They are not an ethereal being that has lived in Paradise forever. They know what it is like to face challenges and so they know how to guide us from real experience. It is perhaps the deepest service of all that My Mother will stand with me through lifetime after lifetime, simply to help me evolve. That is what your Soul Guardian does for you. They stand beside you, throughout it all. They help guide you Home and then, when you stand outside the Gates of Your True Home, they hold your hand until you are all the way there. So NOW I don’t need anything else. I live in the Presence of Divine Mother. My every moment in the day, my dreams at night, my deepest meditations are filled with Her. I feel complete. My purpose is to help people who don’t have that feeling, or want to re-remember it, or want to learn it deeper, who don’t feel complete in some big or small way. I help bring the pieces together. I love every piece of you. I am very simple. I offer you the love and kindness of Divine Mother.


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