Let us think of ourselves as waves on the surface of the ocean.
As waves we don’t have to look for water. We are water. We are One with the Ocean of BE-ing. Once we touch the ground of our BE-ing we touch the God-Self, we receive the gift of no-fear which is living deeply every moment of NOW which is PRESENCE. We cross over, into INTER-BE-ing, one with the PRESENCE in each and every BE-ing we meet. By this understanding, this wisdom, the Mother in Us blesses us, Her wings, the Great Bird of Bliss carry us anywhere.

The Six Blessings of the Mother in Us are:

Giving – giving of our peace, space and breathing to others

Listening – listening mindfully to each and every BE-ing with respect

Compassion – making your heart as large as the ocean, unity, I AM you and you are me.

Seeding – helping others towards multidimensional awareness, past lives, embedded DNA Codes, future selves, traveling between worlds in selfless service.

Meditating – stop! breathe…look deeply, silence, stillness, I AM Presence.

Wisdom – understanding with insight, the Mother of all Christs and Buddhas, She is IN Us, to help us cross to the other side.

We are One with Mother through our conscious choice and creation.

It is through Our Presence, by moment to moment awareness of our co-creation with our fellow beings, this planet and the many worlds, that we learn best how to serve. I AM traveling between worlds. I am simply breathing walking enlightening listening listening.

Love and soul blessings,
Altair and Mother


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