Thoth -Guardian of the Akasha & Threshold

Thoth scribe cosmos

Thoth the Atlantean & Egyptian

Channeled through Pat Grabham


Bathed in green, purple and gold, all the colours of the spectrum, glorious to behold. Keeper of the flame of eternal truth.

Travelled have we through time and space to planets not of our own. The ether welcomed us with open arms; as one by one or in groups we levitated through time and space to different spheres and planets other than our own.

The universe opened up its mysteries; the key to the Akasha was read by all – those Records of Creation gave us their blessing and always through the aeons of time since, to be tuned into and remembered with great shouts of acclaim.

Some will hear the universe speak – vibrations of sound and colour upon the ether of Light.

Long forgotten promises made through time, re-surfaces once more – it begins again. There is no stopping now – remembrance is in full flow; those vistas are shown, we feel so blessed.

Countries we have loved, places remembered, are no longer a dream; all can be seen to reflect upon and experience the delight of the spheres; our homeland has opened its doors.

Priest of Atlantis, he walked with us, talked and laughed as we all grew; safe in his presence, beloved to us, pure was the vibration of his name.

The universe bestowed its blessings upon us all as we ventured forward with no fear at all.

At the fall of Atlantis, he led us far, a long way from home and that Great Star.

We arrived in Egypt still in that Light, which The Father Himself had blessed with all His might. A new country was there – new people to meet, secrets were buried; how we wept for the pain of the world at that point in time, so far from home and way down the line.

The land of the Pharaohs’ – still yet to be, became our new home from Eternity.

Those secrets of Creation we took with us became shrouded in mystery for later adepts. Only those who held the key were able to understand and open the Key of Creation.


Pyramids were built not just for us but for the future of man, woman, to know they were blessed. Signs and symbols became the norm; Chambers of Initiation came into being; none but the brave and pure in heart were able to unlock the universes’ heart. Doors were locked but not carved in stone, just as the pyramids were built as a reminder of home. Initiation in all its forms came into being – till that day when our work was done.

We left for the Heights once again, to share and give of our love to those who care, so their vibrations are raised, the door is opened – that key to the Mysteries unfolds its blessing, till that day still to come, when once more The Father and us are as one.

The universe sings its song to all of Creation, who belong to the wonders of the universe God Created for us to feel blessed, as we bathe in that Essence and Great Light from on High to which our soul feels pure delight – peace reigneith supreme – no end shows itself, only Eternity beckons, bliss is within us.

Amen, Amen, Amen.


from Pat’s blog where you can find more of her channelings

21 August, 2012


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