The Capstone Crown – Serapis Bey



Serabis Bey 

The Fire of God through the Pyramid and You

“The great Pyramid of Life stems from the giant square of the Divine Architect’s mind, a mind that has all right angles and produces out of the four corners of substance the beauty of perfection rising from the spheres of mortal dimension….and thus the fire will be drawn down first to the base stones. And then the capstone supported by the base stones will glow as the sweep of the great electronic stream from the heart of God moves down symmetrically and in perfect divine order through the entire structure, causing the Pyramid to glow on the greensward. And it will come to pass that, with the accomplishment of the capstone crowning man’s achievement, the civilization of the golden age, the permanent golden age will begin…And the Grand Mason of the Universe, the Eternal God, will himself express satisfaction by causing to descend out of heaven the hand that carries the torch.

And when this occurs, that which is below will manifest that which is above…”

Dossier on the Ascension,  Serapis Bey – channeled by Mark L. Prophet 



Serapis Bey is one of the Ascended Masters – Lord of the First Ray. His Etheric Retreat Temple is above Luxor, Egypt. 

Thoth said that Human consciousness will draw down the missing crystal capstone on the pyramid. Kyria:  As we raise our vibrations and enlighten our minds with our heart and soul fire, we will bring heaven to earth. We are a pyramid and the Capstone is our enlightened CROWN chakra, that has an expanded vision and awareness. 

– Kyria Alu’ela Hava Kyrie


The Book: Dossier on the Ascension, By Mark L.Prophet 

Serapis Bey on the Soul’s Acceleration into Higher Consciousness
Dossier on the Ascension by Serapis BeyIn Dossier on the Ascension, Serapis Bey, the great hierarch of Luxor, offers profound answers to the question of life after death. He explores your soul’s pilgrimage and outlines step by step how you can follow the adepts of East and West, including Jesus Christ, who have been candidates at the Mystery School of Luxor, Egypt, submitting to the initiations of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid.

more about this book:


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