Everyone needs to do detoxes NOW – big time!  There are so many pollutants in the environment and foods, that our bodies are weakening and immune systems can’t function properly and we cant absorb the good nutrients.

We also need to do candida and parasite cleanses, as so much is floating around in the air, soils, lakes, ocean and rivers.

The light coming to us now, is pushing all the poisons up to the surface, we need to flush our systems out. Our skin may show spots, itch or even be breaking out. We may be feeling tired, if we have toxins or micro-organisms feeding off us.


You can have a Live Blood analysis done under microscope to see how good your blood  and cells are,and what is not normal and what may be swimming around inside you. (see videos & article below) Regular Medical Blood tests don’t show this. Humans transmit all sorts of things to each other via body fluid exchanges…so be aware who you connect intimately with.

This cleanse as drops were recommended to me by a master …for it also contains Zeolite which pulls out heavy metals. I like drops and liquid supplements, as they are easier to take and absorb better.

I found a Parasite syrup which is palatable – Christophers Herbal Parasite Syrup (see below) – but there are many other formulas. Just cleansing intestines may not be enough, you may want to add other ways like a Zapper or Ozone therapy to get them out of blood and lymphs too. Drinking rosemary tee for lymphs is good.

There are Foot Pads or baths too, that magnetically pull toxins out of the soles of the feet.



You need do your own research for whats best for your cleanse and what foods to eat and avoid. See a few links below.

The Light is so strong now on earth, that it is pushing the toxins up to the surface, so helping your body flush them out is important. Drink lots of water with lemon or lime, a Apple cider vinegar and honey 1-1 mix in warm water and some people like to do a fast.


Of course we need to detox our thoughts and emotions as well through more meditation and other energy therapies. We can do yoga or Qi Gong or other exercises to move our lymph fluids and transport more oxygen to our cells, which will make us feel better and rejuvenate us.


See more info below

many blessings

Life coach, Sound-light vibrational therapist- see more on:



Suggested Items and Articles:

Blood analysis info:

Christophers Herbal Parasite Syrup:

17 signs you are not taking out the trash

Foods to Detox:

Great Videos to watch:

Live Blood screening shows toxins, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, Uric Acid,

dirt particles and micro organisms 

Blood images with Parasitic Organisms in it

*AMAZING Presentation of BLOOD

Clogged Blood w Bacteria, Fungus and Acidity 


Baking Soda kills Fungus and some Cancers

Italien M.D. – Dr. Tullio Simoncini discusses the success rate that sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda has on a variety of different types of cancer. Find out which cancers respond better to this treatment and why, based on his experience.

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