Divine Energies & Intense Changes – Message from Quan Yin


Channeled through Linda Li – April 28th, 2016.

Dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today to share important news. Divine has decreed that humanity’s Ascension process has been quite dramatic lately, and Divine needs more time to determine the direction humanity is taking and how to maneuver in this intense time.

Being a Divine change agent, dear light workers have been feeling the dramatic changes humanity is going through and feel the ups and downs more prominent than before, and that is why I am here today. I want to assure you that all is well even though your body feels other wise, and your mind tells you different story. But dear heart, it is ok to feel differently than normal because the energy is different, far different lately, because Divine feels the need to intensify and diversify the incoming energies, so that all of the humanity get the dose of energy, not just the east or west, and not just the ground crew or light workers, all of the humanity has been bombarded by this intense wave of energy, and it is going to continue for a while. The good news is, that by now your body has adopted to this mix of energies, and adopted well in the light workers communities and humanity at large, and this energy is serving just that, diversify the incoming energy to diversified groups, so that different groups woke up at their own unique way, according to their own unique soul design. Yes, waking up humanity as a whole, takes quite a different type of Divine light and Divine effort. Different soul groups on the planet right now, resonate with different Rays of light or different frequencies. In order to tailor the incoming light, so that it wakes every body up, we need to have a particular Ray to do that, in order to tailor the Divine light to fit every particular group. The light coming in lately is designed to do that. So, it may feel strange or bizarre to some, but comfortable to others, it depends on your soul ray and soul group. But the end result is what we want, which is to wake up all souls on the planet with equally designated light and love, so that everyone has a chance to taste Divine Mother’s love and light and wake up.

Dear heart, I love you. I am Guan Yin. I know you have been through a lot lately, and sometimes it seems too much. Being the Mother of all, I understand how you feel and why you feel the way you do. What I can tell you is, that a lot of this releasing is not just for yourself, but also for your brothers and sisters, and all of humanity. That is remarkable and that is how you help humanity. We, on the other side of the veil, admire your sacrifice and applaud your efforts, not only for your own Ascension, but also for humanity’s Ascension. We know how much it takes for you to carry humanity on your back on the journey home, and we are literally stunned by your strength and effort. We love you, and appreciate you, and salute you dear ones. Indeed, I love you and adore you on your journey upwards and forward, and I sing praises along the way.

I am Guan Yin. I love you, so it is.

Through Linda Li


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