I found this wonderful story by Sophie Bashford, so I will share this with you.- Kyria 


When you have been asked to wait your entire human existence for a Beloved that knows you like no other, then the last few hours, days, weeks, months, or perhaps years…are nothing but a grain of sand in a desert, a droplet of water in eternal oceans, a single star in a trillion galaxies.

Linear time has no place here. In the experience of two Souls whose very essence is carved into the Universe, and who agreed to go through eons of physical separation, only to come back together at a divinely-appointed moment…the passing of Time has no bearing on a Love so great it would instantly melt mountains that have stood firm since the beginning of the worlds.

We know that the Beloved is on their way – not because we are hoping, dreaming or even praying for a fairytale ending, but simply because, in the end, when all is said, written and done, our precious Hearts just know that they are coming home.

We are beyond, far beyond, the notion of a rescuing prince or a princess to be saved. We are dwelling here in the realms of the Soul’s Truth; the Highest Conscious awareness of Feminine meeting Masculine; the King and Queen of the Sacred Temples.

What happened during the waiting period – during the vast, immeasurable landscapes of time during which we incarnated into myriad physical forms and lived, loved, fought, died and were re-born over and over – was that we developed our Wholeness.

We moved through countless initiations of the Soul: there were trials, journeys, periods of solitude, periods of relationship, chapter and verse of holy scriptures to be undertaken. All in the Name of Love; all in the Name of the God & Goddess; all in the name of Life.

We were stoic about our lifetimes spent cradling this planet though it’s endless ups and downs. We just got on with it, knowing that it could not be done with the Beloved next to us. We accepted that the Time was not yet arrived; the Universe had not yet spoken; the Earth and planets had not yet turned enough for our Beloveds to be given back.

In some ways we breathed through all of these eternities spent apart, but in others, we did not.

We stopped breathing the second that the Beloved left our side. We did all we could to keep our bodies alive, but our Soul was suffocated.

Many, many years passed; far too many to mention, and at times we even lost sight and mind of what the Beloved was. Our hearts found themselves shutting down, closing up, squeezing out faith, hope and even the merest idea of deliverance from the endless road of enduring loss. The loss of the Beloved, who represented all that was Good, all that was Pure, all that was High, and all that was Merciful.

At some low points in our journey we screamed and begged, flung ourselves naked onto the earth, pouring out supplications like a jug leaking holy water. How much longer, we asked. How much longer can I walk without the One who Knows me? Longer, said the Heavens. Longer, said the Stars. Longer, said the sacred rivers. You will see, and you will come to see, what it all has been for, said the Holiest Voice of them All. It will be revealed to you. Once the waiting is done, you will be a New Being. A true miracle will have made itself through your patience.

The joining of two such eternal figures of Grace such as You, and your Beloved, is an event that deserves much preparation. Some call these figures the Twins. Some call these figures the Eternal Divine Counterparts. Some call these figures the Holy Kings and Queens. All who ever witness them in Union will have no need to give them names.

Thunderous cracks in the Universe bellow out with their joined passions, and the great Earth is shifted from its axis, deeply moved by the courage of two Souls whose harmonised breath has been held tightly waiting, waiting, waiting, for the last tens upon thousands of years.

When the ancient voices of the Beloveds recognise each other, they are all at once saved, and crushed. The Knowing of Who They Are crushes them with It’s weight of Truth. It paralyses them into stillness, because the Soul has such uncontainable holy recognition that It must take a moment to catch Itself. Through all expanses and reaches of Time, these Two have been wandering apart from, and simultaneously rushing towards each other. They carry a unified divine truth that is so beautiful it would shatter your heart and blind your eyes.

Time means nothing when these two are delivered back to one another. The waiting and living and loving of a hundred thousand lifetimes evaporates into stardust.

All is forgiven in a breath.
All is redeemed in a single meeting of the lips.
All is set alight in the cosmos forever with the remembering of their bodies as one.

There is no force that exists on heaven or earth that can prevent these two from their life together. They are eternal, blessed, hard-won templates for devotion.

When you have waited for your entire Soul’s existence for this shiver of touch, this deep gazing of compassion, this kind of wordless, silent, rapturous light – the universe whispers softly through your ticking hours and minutes that there is no time left to wait.

No time left at all….

by ~ Sophie Bashford  – writer


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