The Pale One – The Return of the Magdalene’s

Elemental Grace Alliance

The Pale One Book Cover Template 147 x 232

This Book has the potential of a Self-Realized Journey through the Soul, to activate Memory Codes within your DNA regarding your connection to the Magdalene Christed Energies. For the first time this information is being made public and even though refers to The Pale One -She Who Has Returned of The Americas, it is truly about You Who Are Opening to the Magdalene Energies via your DNA Encodements and Genetic Profiles as a True Descendant of the Family Lineages Of The Christ .  This is another Light Encoded Book to assist in Mankind’s Evolution.

We have spoken a lot about the Melchizedek Energies and on the surface, it would look and perhaps even feel, more along the lines a Masculine Divine Attributes.  But this is not the Truth, for as it has been explained, The Order of Mary Magdalene is also part of the Melchizedek Energies. However, because there has…

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