Sacred Emerald Violet Fire for Healing

Emerald violet fire sky crp

Healing Meditation with Violet and Emerald Fire 

In the first  video below, the Radiant Rose Academy worked with the 2 Flames separately, but the two sacred fires can be combined. The second video uses only the Emerald Flame.

Since 2006, we actually have the fused Emerald-Violet Fire and in about 2013, the Ascended Masters announced the upgraded Crystaline-Solar-Emerald-Violet Fire. 

We can all upon this fire, by asking for it come through us.


See another Blog article by me:


Kyria H. Alu’ela Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia



You can watch this and modify it to combine the fires if you feel guided to do so.


Emerald Fire

 just imagine the combination

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