Protecting The Future – Beloved Jesus Speaks!

“Let us begin with the first step, that of developing ‘good characters’. Now this may sound rather simplistic and a matter of common sense. Yet We say to you, yes one could think that this was understood. But the practical development of this straight forward task, this Innate Quality of all of God’s Children, requires far more discipline that one may imagine. The fact is that every human being has this quality programmed within their genetic DNA. There are millions of human beings who will, when the call is sent out, respond in goodwill, compassion, kindness, gentleness, care, consideration, forgiveness and loving intentions….” continued

Elemental Grace Alliance

03 – Protecting The Future – Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses Master Jesus – 6th July, 2015.


“Blessings of Love and Joy to All as I open My Heart to share with you aspects of the Ascension paradigm, that will provide for a Greater Awareness on how to ‘Protect the Future’ of humanity as Divine Aspirants draw closer to their disembarkation from the present human consciousness. I Am the Christ Jesus and My Beloved Mary, stands beside Me, enveloping each of You in Her Love and Compassion. Indeed there is a theme being offered here that shall provide a number of considerations that human beings who truly wish to embrace their Ascension with Greater determination and commitment can further discern for themselves. For both Myself and Mary also have lived upon Earth and We too gained Our Ascension by the expansion of Our Three Fold Flames in Our everyday lives…

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