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“No one can harm you, if you appear with God on your side,
and act with God in your heart.” – Lady Nada

By Jahn J Kassl

Dear readers,

Child abuse as well as murdering of our youngest ones are
certainly among the most heinous crimes on this planet.
What people can do to each other, is visible at this hundred-
thousand times committed fact. For powerful circles, secret
societies, some circles of nobility, financial elite, top politics
and art, the sexual and ritual abuse of children has been for
centuries part of their self-understanding. These elites feed
themselves from the energy of the blood and flesh of these
(To those, who want to learn more about it, I recommend
the literature by David Icke)

For me this is an unbearable and absolutely intolerable
situation, which we can now bring to an end on an
energetic level and impede on the fixed material
factual level.

We have to protect these children with all available resources
and Heaven is supporting us in this task. The following message
from Lady Nada will show us the way, how we can manifest our
intent and we will be enabled to manifest the RING OF LIGHT.

In love

Jahn J Kassl



Ring of Light – Message from Lady Nada

The sexual energy is the greatest source of power of the interplanetary race, also described as the archons. Therefore these inhuman beings absorb the power of life from human children, who get to these circles by force, during sexual intercourse through the root chakra by using black magic rituals.

This race needs the innocent, pure, sexual energy of the human beings to be able to survive on this earth. This means that the sexual abuse ( and energetic abduction) of children is for these creatures, the gateway to this world. Even if this is intolerable for a healthy human mind, what is being disclosed, this disgraceful deed the greatest enjoyment for those, who commit it.


Even this aspect we will heal today and we will form a
“Ring of Light” around these children’s souls, so that they
are protected from now on and cannot be bothered anymore
by this curse. There is much to do, there is much to be healed.

The time of truth demands that abominable and inhuman things
manifest themselves until the face of the human being is being
revealed as created by God. The Light and the Truth will banish
the dark ruling race from this earth.
An entire army of disarmed warriors of the darkness will
have to leave Mother Earth; some do it already.


We will offer these children protection and guard them,
so that as many of them as possible remain spared from
attacks, damage and death in the future.
As already mentioned at the beginning, sexual violence
is the mean of archontic beings to obtain sufficient life
energy for themselves.
Today, here and now we are terminating this access to
human children by lining-up in front of them and creating
a subtle Ring of Light around them.


Imagine now as follows:
1) We line up very close to each other.
2) We wear long, white garments, flooded by the
divine light.
3) We clasp with both hands our Light swords,
aligned with the tip to the front.
4) Now we recognize, how the children of this world
congregate behind us looking for protection.
5) We are aware that this Ring of Light is impenetrable
for figures of cold blood and for beings away from the
divine Light.

I, (say your name here),
mandate due to the power of my divine consciousness
that any attempt of sexual assault to the children entrusted
to me leads in consequence to the immediate destruction
of the being that intends to commit this crime.
Any creature approaching me in malignant intention falls
into the open blade of my Light sword and looses its
existence on this earth.
So it occurs. So be it. So it is.

It is important to realize that you cannot negotiate
with these beings.
They follow neither the requests of the Galactic Federation
nor the instructions of the far superior Light beings. Even
your order to desist from their actions, they can, will and
do not give in. These beings are immune to your arguments,
feel neither sympathy nor love. By all means, they want to
continue to enforce their own interests at the expense of
human beings.


Disengage yourself from the assumption that each
being reacts to love and compassion. Even if everything
comes from the unity, individual experiences may be
made only by the absolute denial of the loving
divine nature.

It is a part of your consciousness to realize also this
aspect of divine creation. In the infinity of creation,
there are beings who are far away from any human
and divine perception, far away from compassion
and love. The darkness is their home and the light
they fear. They saturate themselves from an evil
deed and do not take a good deed into consideration.
At this point, free yourselves from the illusion that your
love could heal everything and everyone or that your
hugs are for every creature a blessing.

Love can heal only, if it is allowed. If a being
opens itself for love, if it is ready to receive love,
then miracles are happening. If it is locking itself
up against this, nothing can be achieved.

The human beings determine through their free choice,
where their steps are directed, where their paths are
leading them. Interplanetary Beings, mentioned here,
which are responsible for some horror on earth, have
an entirely different DNA. Their system cannot go back
to feelings and emotions, as known by human beings.

The human being is indeed unique, not only
on this earth, but in the entire creation.

Today, here and now we have effected what long had to
wait for fulfillment, since many healings, cognitive processes
and jumps in consciousness had to precede this moment.
Let me tell you: This protection built for children today will
have its impact in such a way that many of our youngest
are spared from the evil in the future. What is working on
an energetic level, has always an impact on the fixed material
level. Although our Light sword is not visible for the human
eye, ethereal beings of the darkness perceive it as a massive

Unleash your spiritual power

Never think that your hands would be tied.
Unleash your spiritual power, then hidden and visible layers
of your being are healed and returned to a harmonious state.
What happens between Heaven and Earth determines your
clear intention and your resolute action. Today we have
established a new reality for the children of this earth.
Start to look at these facts, start to direct light to these
affairs; only this way degenerated things can be unmasked –
and what this matrix holds together becomes visible.

Be courageous and don’t be afraid! No one can harm you,
so you appear with God on your side, and act with God in
your heart.

Today we have obtained self-healings and put our children
under the shield of Light. Just as we are under the protection
of God, so, as of today, the children of this earth are under
our protection.

Question: Why do I feel sick now, so that I have to interrupt
the transmission and can continue only two hours later?

LADY NADA: The archontic forces become noticeable.
They recognize that they lose their sources and access
becomes more difficult. The “Ring of Light” denies the
access to their “source of supply”. This causes worry.
From now on their actions are encumbered with great risk.
This you have recognized; and also their subtle presence
and proximity.

JJK: Does the current picture of my today’s dream has
something to do with it, where I was turned down and
slandered by a person known to me?

LADY NADA: Yes. Due to the fact that you and together
with you more and more people regain the power, a certain
backlash occurs with the aim to weaken you. This process
ends as soon as it is clear that they do not get close to you.
Attempts or individual attacks will take place, but they will
be punished. Such achievements – to weaken you permanently
as it was possible for a long time – are diminishing as your
strength is increasing and your awareness is growing.
We have got to the end of this message.

Beloved people,

We all have entered this earth to awaken humanity
and to help individuals to their feet.

It is necessary to bring life to the empty human shells,
the souls should return to human beings, until as many
as possible of the human beings are inhabited and are
finding their inner peace.

Nothing is in vain! Every effort and every act full of light show
large and often immediate impact. This is the truth, says the
law of energy and its impact. Remember it, especially if you
cannot see any immediate success. If you think your mandates
and prayers and your pleas went unheard, then remember.

Don´t be discouraged by anything and anyone!
This is what counts for the future masters, that’s
your quality, you who would like to gain mastery.
Honor your skills, use force and apply power!

Every evil deed is withering away facing a human
being who is aware of its light; and the evil itself
runs away like a thief caught in the darkness.

Long enough you have dared too little.

Long enough you have denied and not recognized your
Long enough you have retreated from using your Light
Long enough you seemed to be more comfortable with
the status of a victim than to end this with the help of
your divine power.

From now on are those, who are not yet able to defend
themselves, protected.
From now on profound healing processes will be affecting
you, they will let you handle the topic of sexuality in a new
You have averted harm from yourselves and you will avert
harm from your fellow human beings.

Armies of angels are setting out!

These healings have the effect that this earth is turning into
a safer place for yourselves and for the children that should
have been sacrificed. The flag of justice blows in the midst
of the greatest turmoil. The banner becomes visible and is
spreading confidence, light and love. In the midst of greatest
hardship the armies of the angels are marching to watch
over their children.

You are angel and human being – and: You are good,
as God good is. Evil reaches only those who open up
themselves to the evil. Children up to the age of 14 are
exposed without any protection to different powers.
In the consciousness of an adult or of an awakened
human being the evil can nest only if the energetic
doors to this being are opened. The human being is
by itself and through God’s creation – good. Light is
your nature, the darkness is only an experience in time.

Once more I direct your attention to the children.
Due to the fact that children up to the age of 14,
after their second seven-year cycle completed on
earth, are defenseless against different forces, the
power was transferred to you today to patronize them.
With the Ring of Light, by virtue of your intention and
by means of your God-given Light sword, you can
patronize the youngest.

Destroy what approaches them with a malicious intent
and destroy what approaches you with malicious intent.
Do not hesitate any longer and take the necessary
measures – for your own benefit and for the benefit
of all your protegees.

Beloved people,

A significant and salutary message – that transfers to you
the power to stop the evil, so that you help the Light to
break through – comes to the end. I was in many lives
in your midst among you and I am now with you again.
I surround you with my love.

We are all born into this time in order to raise this earth.
None of the prospective Masters is on the earth just
because of his own. Together we complete the great
step of transformation of the entire mankind as well
as of the whole world.

Let’s stride ahead united.
Let worries, anxieties and fears behind yourself.
Get rid of these leaden companions and grasp courage.
Show yourself in all your light and make yourself
visible for all mankind. Go ahead.

Who is meant? You’re the one.
Now go and love, what you do, and live,
what you are.

I am with you, I’m by your side.
In infinite love



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