POWER UPGRADE: Clearing of Betrayal, Sacrifice, Separation Programs from Cell Memory

Who else felt the Powerful Surges our planet Earth received June 10-14 ? I sure did!  I was swaying, floating around, that I had a hard time functioning and grounding. I am still purging toxins, emotions…just need to be still and see what else in my life needs to be thrown over board. I suddenly felt like cleaning out old things, more than just in my physical body. Now I am drinking some cleansing teas and relaxing by the water for a while.  

Read the article by Lisa below on this subject. – Kyria  



Individual & Collective Clearings of Betrayal, Sacrifice,

Angel & Archangel/God Separation Energies Held

In Cellular Memory Programming

6/11/2016  by Lisa Brown 

There is such deep intensity to the triggers and clearings we do now. Deeper into the core of all of our existences… we continually go. WE may not trigger often anymore, yet when we do, it’s powerful.

The POWER UPGRADE we received yesterday of Pure Source Light…. wow…. Just like the word, these go straight to the Source of any Separation held deep within….
Now, the trigger can be something seemingly small or simple, and while “not okay” and still needing to be addressed to re-align realities, the energy that can be triggered can be BEYOND HUGE and outweigh the experience substantially… because they trigger the distortions of all of our existences in all timelines to clear from this one right here. The bigger the release (from cellular memory in the physical body), the more substantial the timeline jump/shift coming after full unification within. Everything must be purified and returned back to soul love again…. Everything…I speak this for those who may experience this….

The activation for clearing yesterday hit deep…. betrayal, sacrifice, fallen angels and that which also occurred between God and the Archangels (Celestial Galactic)…. Another ancient bloodline of unresolved battles and held grievances of the “dark and the light”….
It’s important to realize that we are clearing all sides of everything now. It used to be just masculine or feminine, then it was both at the same time… This one hit every aspect simultaneously.

One will never truly understand until they reach the depth of their soul and feel the deep pain, grief, sadness that is held within all of our existences…. Yet, we don’t have to experience this separation energy over years and months like in the old days, by fixating on the event, the person, the thing and sitting in the emotion/thought to experience misery for very long. We can move through all as fast as we can release and unify all back into love, light, gratitude, appreciation and peace. We are freeing ourselves from the bonds once held… All judgement must go, in order to do this consciously.

Here we focus on the energy and we consciously release the emotion with as much intensity as we need. We do this by ourselves, for it’s never others… They are just a trigger, a representation and fulfilling a contract to assist us with transcending that separation energy we held inside….. The moment we clear it, return to love within ourselves, release the need for continuing the contract (mark it paid in full), the moment we unlock all of those amazing realities that were unable to materialize for us to experience here before… because we still held the separation in our physical bodies….. without any indication or realization before…To work within ourselves, to see from every aspect/dimension, to observe, honor and allow what WE NEED to do this…. WE move through all consciously faster…. just an uncomfortable blip until it passes….Uncomfortable is an understatement, for the ENERGIES of anger, hurt, pain… we often have to feel them for them to be dissolved into higher consciousness light. Inconvenient, yep… Not pretty, often…. Yet we don’t judge…. we honor ourselves and we feel fully.

Now, the physical reality can go any way you desire/need. Your intentional actions will dictate this. To be able to maintain & raise your consciousness during is most important and as a MASTER you always dictate what is acceptable and what is not… in your own physical reality world….Where there is distance required, in order for realities to align, this will often occur, for there is still something of an experience necessary in order for all to truly see…. Where you can see, understand, transcend and unify back to peace inside, you can move on, without having to re-create that experience by still holding that vibration inside. This is why it’s so important to tune to a higher frequency and get the programming OUT OF YOUR Cellular Memory BODY. It’s part of the purification & cleansing process that we all have to go through here.

How these play out in your own reality world, will be determined by the amount of separation energy held, Conscious Mastery and your own individual program…. How “fast” you experience will be determined by the same… How intense will be determined by the depths of your own core that you’ve been able to access thus far… You will often be surprised at what comes out of you and how deeply you feel it…. This is because there are no “surface” relationships or existence anymore. We have to love, respect and honor each other as deeply… by doing this for ourselves … for we FEEL from the Core of our BEing here… In every moment….As each realizes HOW this journey works, everything becomes just a part of the process and necessary for each of us to transition to the next phase of higher consciousness existence here.

Where we compromise, allow and do not deal, try to suppress, lack the ability to communicate openly, honestly and lovingly from our inner power place, we hold that vibration inside to continually re-create to experience in our physical reality world.
Our existences reach across every dimensional timeline simultaneously. Our own expansion allows us to access these. Our own inner connection AS SOURCE gives us the capability to transcend instantly now…. For even when we are going through the intensity, we don’t go unconscious and separate back off…. We experience as all of our aspects simultaneously as well. Fully conscious, fully aware, fully by choice, fully in power and honor again.

I love you all. Take time for you. These are HUGE for all of us. For everything you clear, you do individually and collectively, for all of us… as one again. ♥
From the Galactic Core of Pure Divine Essence Light… ♦

– by Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

from the blog http://www.awakeningtoremembering.com/daily-writings/individual-collective-clearings-of-betrayal-sacrifice-angel-archangelgod-separation-energies-held-in-cellular-memory-programming

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth – www.AwakeningToRemembering.com


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