The Message of Truth & Unity – Sanat Kumara

Everyone must have felt the power surges that came to earth during the days of the June Solstice, if you are sensitive to energies. Something happened to us! We received codes of sound and light that is changing us forever into a new state of awareness and being. I surely felt it and my body and mind has been integrating these codes. I suddenly do feel somewhat NEW. Things are falling off me – toxic substances – physically in form of purging them – mental  and emotional patterns. They show themselves to me, as I observe my thoughts and feelings about things. Now, some things just don’t feel important anymore and what truely counts for my life, is looking me in the eye.

It’s time to be real…the TRUE SELF – the SOUL is calling all of us to be authentic and walk our talk. 

We can’t just speak of love and truth, we must be LOVE and TRUTH.

-Kyria Alu’ela of Melchizedekia

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Below,  you will  find a wonderful channeling about what is happening lately  to us by Méline Portia Lafont  and info on who Sanat Kumara is.


Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara is a manifestation of God, a spiritual being of great light. He is known as the Ancient of Days, the Eternal Youth, the Regent Lord of the World and ruler of Shamballa. He is also one of seven holy kumaras referenced in sacred scriptures.

Sanat Kumara is the bearer of fire. Leading the armies of heaven, he takes up serpents in order to bring peace. He represents the Rose Cross and the Ruby Cross. His emblems are the Flying Eagle (the elevated glyph of Scorpio) and the Yule Log, which symbolizes the rekindling of the threefold flame in the heart of man. In some cultures, he is associated with the symbol of the fish, with the water of life and with the Pleiades.

Sanat Kumara teaches a path of sacrifice, service, selflessness and surrender that leads to permanent reunion with God. His presence can be felt while playing the music Finlandia by Sibelius (now playing with the Ode to Joy, Christus Resurrected, the Battle Hymn of the Republic and Wien, Wien nur du allein, keynote of Lady Master Venus), which anchors such a flame of freedom that it was banned. During the time Finland was an autonomic Grand Duchy of Russia, Tsar Nikolai II started a period of oppression 1899, trying to make the Finnish people Russians, with very little success. He forbid Finlandia, because it was lifting the spirit of nationhood in Finland and was a symbol of independence movement. The period lasted until the independence at 1917, and was called “sortovuodet”, the years of repression.

References to Sanat Kumara are found throughout the world. References to Shamballa are found in Eastern texts and traditions in geographical proximity to the Gobi Desert. References to the 144,000 are found in the Bible as well as in Native American tradition. from:


June Solstice and the message of Truth and Unity

from Lord Sanat Kumara on June 25, 2016

channeled by Méline Portia Lafont

Blessings beautiful Tribe,

We are enhancing a beautiful momentum of Heart Gateway into more profound ways. This Solstice stream and energy influx of June was seeded with Galactic codes from the Galactic Center and this brings out a massive awakening in consciousness for humanity. Of course to see the results of this takes time as it brings about many changes on the inner plane within one’s heart and mind. So, all in all, this period of awakening integration will span a few weeks to several months before you will start to see more tangible results.

Nevertheless these codes have all been seeded and this means there is no turning back. The plants have been seeded and now they will need some time to grow. Best way to nurture these seeds within every soul is to keep the faith and strength high, to keep believing in the good of all and the best in all, to understand the nature of language and how one proceeds within when coming to new understandings. Every way is possible, just understand that it may not be the same as yours..nevertheless it is a way to new understanding as a result.

Balance is key in order to keep the order of the Light and the power of Love into the momentum of all hearts on this plane. It will begin with you and by you only being the beacon and conduit for it. These last several months have been heavy with integration in order to provide new wisdom, new keys and the re-coding of our mortal encodements. This all lies in the foundation of our core Being now, being infused in several parts of our Beingness lingering within the fields of mind – creation – emotion – consciousness and physicality.

Now with the June Solstice and the seeds from the Galactic Center, you are seeded with wisdom from the Diamond Ray and the Galactic levels on the planetary level, bringing you further in a deepened awakening and activation of your immortality. The Galactic Center is seeding and nurturing your Beingness with profound new integrations and teachings that are seeded from a black hole as the Center of all.

This brings many to a certain “reset” and inclination to go through such profound changes that you want to change every single part of your life and perception of reality, your work, your relationships and your teachings/views. These seeds enable this gift of resurrection in a sense of re-birthing yourself into different levels.

Lord Sanat Kumara:

“Coming from the state of all and nothing simultaneously allows you to reset and integrate the necessary encodements to rebuild your planetary consciousness and even start from scratch with a different language.

You are seeing the world through different eyes now and what must happen will come about in the most necessary ways to help humanity to reach that point of resurrection. We speak of God consciousness now and not only the Christed Light, for the Christed light has been resurrecting a longer time ago reaching the point of the return of the Christ. Now the God consciousness is being infused and integrated through the Galactic Sun (center) and the Galactic codes.

This God consciousness brings back the sense of Unity and is all about Unity. Thus you will come to see things and events take place on your Earth that emphasize Unity and brings back Unity. You will thrive for Unity and unity will be everything you shall see as a result of many things.

What is between the seeds to Unity and the blossoming of Unity is but a way to get to the understanding of this nature. We are to not take it serious, only to know it is just a way to get you there. The way in-between it is a momentum of change, a power that brings about and helps you all to facilitate this.

Now that the third wave of consciousness has begun to awaken and plant their seeds, you will all feel a heightening in energy within the bodies as this will start to uplift you all in a greater sense of the Self. Unity consciousness will now be able to come forth more as you go through your phases of resurrection. Some will linger deeper into a pace of deep awakening of the Divine blueprint than others, as most are within different stages of their Divine humanity experience.

The embodiment of this great wisdom and knowledge is what is important to hold and to duly facilitate.

Everyone will have to deal with this in their own human way, make sure what you do and choose is the best way for ALL of you. You will have to walk your talks from now on, for quickly will you start to notice that talking alone will not keep you here in this momentum of heart. It is about the foundation of BEing this, thus walking what you talk of and Being all that you say you are.

Any other way will become hard and difficult to function in for your most natural senses and way of Being will become the order of the day. There will be no other way than to be your authentic selves you see. This is part of the great self mastery and you have been working for this very hard. Now that you are beginning to step in this world of wonders you are to be true to yourselves and be all at heart for what you do, say and are.

You will now manifest yourselves and all that you are as an energy, more quickly. Less time for delusional things to get you out of the illusion. It will spark quickly and clearly. You will know where you are at in an instant. Thus will you get to know yourselves in an all-encompassing way and tremendously profound, and that is a God given choice and command.

You will learn how to handle quick changes and manifestations, as well as your clairvoyant and clarity skills. The truth will no longer hide from you but present itself in your face very directly or through your visions and you will not be able to look away. It will not go before you have seen and know what it is you ought to know. This means facing ALL of you and your fears as well. Like we say onto you: you will get to know yourself tremendously and in an all-encompassing way!

This is the Divine: nothing to hide but clear and open ~ transparent. Others will start to see more of who you are and what you vibrate as, as their senses too are enhancing along with their own fields of intention. Again you will get to know yourselves tremendously as everything becomes clear and truth will no longer hide.

Embrace this truth as it comes to you. It is not your enemy it is your ally. Keep this in mind whenever things come out in the world as truth. Do not hold yourselves down by anger or hate, but embrace the face of truth as it can bring forth joy and freedom. Knowing and awakening out of your sleep is freedom!

You will have to walk your talk now as you are becoming grand masters again. Be true to your heart and yourselves, so will it be in the world as a direct result and reflection.
Moment by moment we abide within your heart”

– Lord Sanat Kumara


Méline: on a side note.. this message of Unity may confuse you when you think of the UK leaving Europe. My understanding and feeling about this happening is that this is the beginning of a different way of Unity as the image of Unity which Europe holds has been a false one. Now as Europe starts to crumble true Unity can finally start to emerge as a Unity from the heart and not from the mind leadership. Thus in my humble opinion this is a good thing which has started the tangible change towards a different reality and unity heart based.

Love and Light,

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