Elemental Grace Alliance July Update

Elemental Grace Alliance


Dear Soul’s,

I write to you today after a long interlude of deeper contemplation for what is transpiring in through and around the Elemental Grace Alliance Project.  What is becoming VERY CLEAR to me, is that even as an unascended human ant, just doing the best I can to help humanity, the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host, it is extremely apparent that The Energies of the Discourses with The Mother’s Love and the Father’s Light of Divine Consciousness is indeed beginning to touch the Hearts and Souls of those who have been drawn by their I Am Presence led to it!  I am just one, but We Are Many!  If you have read the Elemental Grace Alliance you will know that I make no claim to this work, no copyright, and it is available free of charge to whoever desires this Divinely Inspired Creation that is Over Lighted by the…

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