Guardians of Our Gates

Lions Gate has Opened July 26 with Sirius rising and peaks on 8.8.16 through about 8.12-15ish.

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

lion's gateSince we have entered our yearly Lion’s Gate, I decided to write about the Daily Gates that exist in our physical bodies.  While the Universal Gates we pass through are important, they are not as important as our Daily Gates.  

These Daily Gates are connected to the Universal Gates and determine how much of the vibration and frequency your body receives as it passes through.  So much is written about the Lion’s Gate every year, but most people who pass through this yearly gate receive zero benefit because they have not paid any attention to the Daily Gates.  They did not prepare the body to receive the higher vibrations being delivered.  

Walking a spiritual path is a 24-7 job and not something you do only when a special gate is upon us.

There lies within many people the need to always be right, the need to have an answer…

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