Truth about Twin Flames – Reunion of the Soul’s Feminine & Masculine Energies

Many of you may not totally understand about Twin Flames.

The Twin Flame is your soul – the other half that split after creation into two polarities – a masculine and feminine part and went on separate journeys through time and space. The Flames are not people, but the soul energies. When the Soul aspects connect, much transformation happens to the physical persons.

If you wish guidance regarding your Twin Flame and how to make the connection, you can contact me – see how below my following article. 

-Kyria Alu’ela 


The Twin Flame ReUnion:

Clearing up Mis-concepts

by Kyria Alu’ela- Priestess of Melchizedekia

Many have the wrong Ideas about Twin Flames. The Twin Flame is your soul – the other half that split after creation into two  polarities – a masculine and feminine part and went on separate journeys through time and space. Sometimes they had bodies and sometimes not and they could be in many worlds and planets. Some came to earth as well and met from time to time, but most could not be couples at least for long. 

Now all are speaking of the completion time and the re-union of the Twin Soul or flames. The Union all speak of is about the merging of the soul and not the physical manifestations of the flames. The energies of the soul flames can heal each other and they may not become physical partners after the soul parts connected and merged. There are many options.

The twins are teachers to each other, not necessarily physical lovers or to be partners for this physical life…but they are to become ONE again in higher dimension. Some Twin Flames are not in the same dimension now, but you can still merge with them. 

When the souls find each other they find each other in higher dimension first – maybe see each other in dreams. They may get a glimps of each other also physically. Often they run from each other in physicality, as it can be scary to see the other self. Some may even say or scream at each other to go away or just ignore the other. This can be painful, but still there is a magnetism and yearning for the other. When this occurs, it means you each have more work to do on yourself and your vibrations do not match totally. 






There is an alchemist wedding when the soul parts of TFs  go through the merging over some time…maybe years or months depending on the souls.   This means the 2 Humans  will feel physical , mental and emotional changes as the fire changes you from inside out.

Some TFs will merge in higher dimension and the higher selves will communicate with each other.  If you are able to hear, you may have conversations with the higher self of your twin and feel the love he/she has for you, but the physical person may be acting quite differently. 

If one of the physical persons feels a lack while waiting for the other, this can push the other twin away. You will feel and look too needy. The person who embodies your twin soul is not here to make you happy or fix your life. Let go of this waiting and the attachment and look at yourself, to see what you need to learn from the twin ( the person) and what the twin has that you do not. Just this is what you need to do. He/she may be more disciplined than you are or he/she may be expressing their art and you are holding back or something. You in turn have gifts that the other needs to incorporate into his/her life too. When you can not connect physically, it is about doing more work on yourself and loving yourself even more. It is about you becoming whole by yourself. 

Even if the higher selves have merged fully, the physicals may not have caught up yet to be mature, egoless and unconditionally loving enough to meet in person to have a physical union.  Some may even begin to resent the twin – the person. That may be your hurt ego that needs healing. So if this is the case, work on yourself and love yourself unconditionally and love the twin that way too, to give him/her the space to do their inner work. It is important to be patient and compassionate with the person who embodies the twin soul, even if rejected by the other, as each of you has to complete the inner work first before a meeting or relationship if any can occur. 

The Divine Love is there. The unconditional, altruistic love of Twins can transform the physical persons so much and shatter the egos and the illusions carried along.  The twin flame union may help each person to do their mission on earth without being a couple.  Some may do this mission separately and others may be able to share or do a similar mission side by side as working partners or a love couple. This can manifest differently. It is a choice. Energetically they( soul aspects) will love and support each other always.

Basically you need to make yourself happy by yourself first and not expect another to fill a lack, and make you happy. Sure it is even more ecstatic to be happy together but you need to find joy within first to share it. You must want to give more, than receive. 

Twin Soul Flames are and will be together through eternity, but each can manifest many light bodies in many dimensions. A physical Human may also have a connection to the original soul twin. Stay open for the mirror the twin will show you in order for you to see what you need to do and learn about yourself.  If the person that you think is your twin does not wish to be your partner or lover, you do not match in the physical life for such a relationship. Some TF physical persons are just too alike to make good life partners – they may just be boring to each other or too busy with their respective missions or they are with other partners. Twin Flame Humans can become platonic friends or work colleagues or not be together physically at all. Again, it depends on the mission and situation and location of the persons. 

Just also know, that there can be  more than one manifestation of the twin flame in personification, as souls can have more than one human body and parts live in other dimensions and planets as well. You can find another person with the vibration of the twin on earth, once you are united in higher dimension. There are ways and tools to make this connection through meditation practice, which I can share in personal sessions with you. 

Love yourself completely as is and become whole within and see what the universe has in store for you. 


Kyria Alu’ela Lumina


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If you need guidance with connecting to your Twin Flame or with a relationship issue, I, Kyria Aluéla also offer twin flame counseling sessions to help you understand what you are feeling and going through and what you need to complete to have a Soul-Union and find a wonderful partnership . OFTEN a healing session is needed before to address the inner resistances, in order to attract the twin soul and the right partnership. 

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  2. If you are not sure how to connect with your Twin Flame or need help understanding or have difficulty with a person you think is the person embodying your twin soul, you can receive assistance by booking a session with Kyria Alu’ela Priestess of Melchizedek, who understands the process well through her own experience.

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