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Dear Followers of my Blog Melchizedekia 144,000 and Melchizedekia Community

My Blog & FB Melchizedekia page is dedicated to the ASCENSION PROCESS  by helping Humanity raise consciousness and love vibrations. I offer my articles and channelings, events and once in a while some from chosen collegueas who are high vibrational and divinely connected.

The Soul connection and Lightbody activation is what is needed to move into the 5th world of unconditional love and truth that many masters have spoken and taught about. 144,000 enlightened HUmans are needed to lift the rest of Humanity to a higher level of being. If you appreciate these offerings and you can go back to read through my archive and would like to support me with a contribution, please read on.

heart hands ONEness

*LOVE DONATIONS for Kyria & Melchizedekia projects

If you would like to support me for this blog, Melchizedekia Community and 5 D group on FB, with a MONTHLY or a ONE TIME donation, this would be greatly appreciated to help me continue the unconditional offerings to reach many on earth who may not be in a position to pay for classes or make donations.

It will assist my production of my Vocal Alchemy CDs of Sound Codes for Ascension & Healing and Events productions.

It assists me as well as for my other projects for the new children such as after school education programs with metaphysics and spirtual art. I plan to begin a foundation for this.

THANK YOU for your generosity and love.

Any amount that comes from your heart is fine and can be offered

via PAYPAL by using this link to

* Paypal – click on this:

I offer only the highest vibrational messages of love and truth on this Page which is dedicated to ASCENSION teachings and news and my own wisdom teachings and messages I receive from Higher dimensional Masters of Light and Sound. I also occasionally share divine writings from my global colleagues. 

Thank You.

Kyria Alu’ela of Melchizedekia 144000

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3 thoughts on “Support for Ascension Teachings on this Blog – Projects

  1. Heather DeRigo

    Hi Kyria,
    Explored your beautiful sites- really resonated with all you are doing! Thank you! I am also very interested in the foundation you plan to start for teaching metaphysics in schools, etc…. as well as learning the Melchizedek methods…
    My passions in Music and Art , children, etc etc… seem to also be in alignment with yours as well. Would love to learn more and offer whatever gifts I can share that may strengthen and support, expand and assist these grand visions and ideas . 👁✨💜
    Please do add me to your blog as well as anything else I may have missed. I would very much like to join all of your initiatives…. Namaste🙏✨


    1. Thank you Heather for your support and need to sign up for the blog..I can not add you. Just go to the site and on the right side you see FOLLOW and fill in your email. then you get the blog ea time I post something. you can work 1 on 1 with me…if you wish a session…email me. the email is on the homepage Thank you.


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