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In 2000 I made my return to Khem or Egypt to travel along the Nile to all the temples and visit the Giza and Saqqara Pyramids. When we were in Karnak, we were guided to Sekhmet’s Sanctuary where there was a Black Statue of her. We were told to focus on her and see if we could see her look at us or even move. It was quite intense, I felt her presence. Many of my group who took photos in the room, had orbs in the pictures. 

Sekhmet Karnak temple

Today, August 8, or  8.8. is the peak of the Lion’s gate,

when in ancient Egypt the ancients celebrated the rise of Sirius.

The Goddess Sekhmet is invoked as she is connected with Sirius.

Sekhmet destroys evil and purifies the earth for the restoration of Maat (Truth).

Sekhmet - Stuart little John

 Egyptian Lioness Goddess of War, Power, and Healing

Sekhmet is called:

“The One Who Is Powerful,”

“One Before Whom Evil Trembles”,

“Mistress of Dread,”

“Lady of Slaughter,”

“She Who Mauls,”

” Great One of Magic,”

“Ruler Of The Desert,”

“Ruler of Serpents and of Dragons,”

“Ruler of Lions,”

“Sublime One,”

“Great One of Healing,”

“She Whose Opportunity Escapeth Her Not,”

“Warrior Netjert,”

“Devouring One,”

“Sekhmet of the Knives,”

“Burner of Evildoers,”

“Beloved Teacher,”

“Lady of All Powers,”

“Sekhmet Who Gives Joys”

To invoke Sekhmet and her qualities and power chant:


Breath of Life, Might( source), realized Human( spirit)




Happy 8-8 

Love, Kyria 



Egyptian, lion-headed, Goddess Sekhmet, with a sun disc on her head, is one of the most powerful manifestations of a Goddess of the Divine Feminine. Sekhmet is regarded as the one with great “healing magic and power” and whose knowledge has placed her in service of healing humanity and Earth. She commands great respect and is not to be crossed as Sekhmet’s personality is one of polar extremes. She could be a dangerous, potentially destructive and was known to have sent plagues against those who angered her. On the other side, for those in her good favor, she was brimming with beneficial, protective and healing energies. She can avert plague, cure disease and magically heal; thus being called a “lady of life”. Her nature, being that of a Goddess, and was often regarded as a great mother of compassion . . . a loving and protective Goddess. This is the side we experienced with her.

Above all, she is the protector of Ma’at (balance or justice) and is also named “The One Who Loves Ma’at and Who Detests Evil”.

Show me your insecurities and vulnerabilities tell me your fears together we must clear the way for the truth. Now is the time for transformation. You must leave behind that which no longer serves you.

Raise the flag of the Lion-headed Goddess against the corruption and tyranny that plagues the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity. With Her solar rays, evil will be diminished! When corruption is present, do not stay silent, but speak out! Yes, even by non-violent means, for there is enough violence in this world to plague all other worlds.

Sa Sekhem Sahu – Transform us – lift us up to Thy Holy Light Divine Mother!

from:  http://lightworkers.org/…/sa-sekhem-sahu-power-strength-div…

Below you find my FB post on Lions Gate Divine Deities, a 2 videos  with a song and prayer to Sekmet and another article 


Kyria Aluela Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia



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A chant for Sekmet

Article about Sekmet by Crystal Links

In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet (also spelled Sachmet, Sakhet, Sekmet, Sakhmet and Sekhet; and given the Greek name, Sacmis), was originally the warrior goddess of Upper Egypt. She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. It was said that her breath created the desert. She was seen as the protector of the pharaohs and led them in warfare.

Her cult was so dominant in the culture that when the first pharaoh of the twelfth dynasty, Amenemhat I, moved the capital of Egypt to Itjtawy, the centre for her cult was moved as well. Religion, the royal lineage, and the authority to govern were intrinsically interwoven in Ancient Egypt during its approximately three thousand years of existence. Sekhmet also is a solar deity ….cont:



Prayer to Sekmet 




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