New Sirian Codes – UPgrading our Systems to Expand the Heart & Awareness

My Dear friends & Melchizedekia 144,000 Blog followers,

We just had the peak of the Lion’s Gate portal on 8th of August, 2016. Surely you have been feeling much shifting in your bodies and consciousness. What was so-oh important before seems not – somethings even don’t mean anything anymore in view of the real picture of who you are. I definitely feel it and felt much energies the past day on 8-8 and the weeks before the peak. Actually I felt it as a very gentle transmissions this time, compared to past upgrades. We also are receiving sound transmissions, but many can not hear the silent sound harmonics that are transmitting the light. Our magnetic fields are shifting and much more.

The energy feels very feminine and loving to me, but it can trigger big releases in the physical vessel in form of pains and emotional outbursts, as you are asked to let go of things, attitudes, falsehoods,  illusions, people, that do not fit to your divine self and mission or path on earth. It’s time to be the real you – your soul is calling you home.

No more judgement and separation! 

You are transforming from within. As you let go of ego’s illusions and unify  your physical human mind, higher self, soul in your physical body, you will find peace. You will access fully all of your gifts, abundance, magic and a love that transcends all boundaries.  Your mind will be more present in its awareness, being able to stretch your abilities to other dimensions, and your  heart expands to embrace all there is. You will be able to remember more and allow the invisible and the forgotten to be seen. Much information is stored in your rainbow lightbody layers, that can be accessed in meditation by expanding your pineal-heart. 

You can and will change every particle of you as you become lighter and freer.  If you felt in prison before, the most rewarding experience will occur, when you release the old emotional pain, blame, hurts, anger that you held on to and forgive and let go of it all. Clutter and  too busy-ness and distractions, such as too much TV and Mobile phone apps, around you will only distract and confuse you and not allow you to listen and tune in to yourself and the cosmos. Don’t allow negative energies to contaminate your aura and field which penetrates into your physical body and makes it sick. Moderation is needed. You need nature and space to breathe, as well as discipline in your life – a spiritual practice and active handling of affairs. It’s time to take responsibility for your life, as you are the creator of it.  

Surrender now to your True Divine Self which is your Light-body and activate your Merkabah or Omkabah, to experience the Magic of being the multi-dimensional being that you are. Your next step is the 5th dimension, but many will also be able to access 6.D and 7.D and become 8th and 9th Dimensionals in this human form.

Merkaba FOL rainbow lightbodyYour activated Merkaba/Omkabah Lightbody  is your personal Star Gate to your own Universe and connected to everything and you can tap into the DA’AT, the hidden knowledge of the cosmos with your expanded Pineal envelope. All of your chakras need to be active, clear and unified and your Yin Yang in balance( feminine-masculine energies), to operate  properly and to become an enlightened Human. Much is opening up to you if you allow it. Then you can see and hear beyond the veils of this physical paradigm. 

You need to now live in your heart in unison with your divine mind. Then you can be at peace and be kind and compassionate with all and dissolve all discord in love. This is your mastery. Surrender to the Divine guidance in you and all will flow and you will be able to manifest and attract all that you dream of in alignment with your divine higher good. Being in service to the divine plan for the earth is your honor and mission, which in turn will bring you much more rewards than you can image, as when you offer gifts to the universe and Mother/Father God, to those who assist you along your way , to those who need your help,  the Gateway to universal abundance will open for you and you can be in the flow, as the universe is endless and you have unlimited potentials.

The older souls, such as you, descended to Earth to serve this planet as a WAY-SHOW-ER to younger souls here. You chose this before incarnating. You can choose to be selfish and be takers or you can choose to be love and kindness in generous action and service.

You can be and many are the next Ascended Masters. Get ready and leave the limited, slow rotational 3 D and awareness behind, for it is the point of no return now! 

If you wish assistance from me during this time, I offer  Lightbody activation guidance and classes, Personal sound code transmissions and holographic healing sessions, as well as intuitive Life-coaching and soon online classes and events.  

Read my homepage and call my office phone listed there. 

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In loving service, 

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Kyria Alu’ela Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedek


Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist

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– Kyria Alu’ela Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia 









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