Being the Soul: Healing, Soul Codes, Twin Flames – Die Seele Sein: Heilung, Seelencodes, Dualseelen


Deine Seele Ruft Dich Heim –  

Deutscher Text:


Your I AM Presence – God-self and Soul is calling you to help you liberate yourself from blocks that keep you from being free and happy.


2016 we had  a 9  year of Completion of an old cycle. We were unraveling karma, so we can live in Dharma – the righteous path – the way of the soul – the way of truth and love. The 9th Dimension is Buddha realm of Bliss and Compassion.
Now we have a new cycle – a “1” year – as 2017 = 1. We had 1-1-1 January  2017 and on 11/11/2017 – we have 1-1-1-1-1. We are in new cycle of our evolution – a time to live on a higher level. The old ways of ego’s illusions will not work anymore and the attachments to things, people that are not in alignment with our divine soul’s path will or must fall away. The divine plan for Humanity is unfolding now.
As we change, some of the others around us can shift too, as all is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. Now our own radiation of Love and Truth – meaning-  being our genuine, authentic self, is what will make us happy and complete. We can attract all we wish for, when we are connected, and work in unison with our higher self and divine soul and all its aspects, including the Twin Soul and Twin Flame. When we surrender to serve the divine plan of our soul and God, all comes easy to us as we are a magnet through of love.
Your SOUL is actually tapping you on your shoulder, calling you to be one with it finally again. You may feel this when your human will’s desires do not work out for you. Your soul has a different agenda. It has a divine will that is always good for you. Connecting and even merging with our own soul is powerful, as the soul is a like a radiant diamond and has much fire!  When we can use this power, we can melt the lower emotional and mental limiting patterns away.  Then you can be your true authentic self – a radiant sun which does not create any more karma, as the divine soul lives in dharma and walks a righteous path. 
One needs to get away from distractions and listen within, as all answers can come from our higher self and soul who knows our divine plan.  Meditation, connecting with nature and chanting can help us find back to our true nature, which is Love, truth, sound and light. 
Blessings on your journey home.
Kyria Aluéla Lumina 

I, Kyria Alu’ela can assist you with quick tools such as light-language, sound transmissions and Holographic Healing that can shatter the last blocks and help you self heal. These methods that I transmit to you, reach all levels of you and reconnect you. I also teach you tools to work with on your own after our sessions. 

We can work on your Lightbody activaton.

When you are ready, I offer to initiate you to your Higher Dimensional self with your DIAMOND SOUL CODES. ( read the blog on them below).

I also assist with Twin Flame Unions on a higher level and then assist you or a couple with counselling.  Read some of my blogs on Twin Flames – I share one link below and you can scan for more on this site) 

There is no need for longterm sessions. Often one is enough, although some may need or wish more guidance and tools /teachings to work with on their own which I sharE  in our sessions. 

I AM  offering Personal Sessions  by phone, Google Hangouts, or some other online meeting methods. 

See More info below.

Contact me by email to discuss options and how to book a session:

Find my email and more about me on

Kyria Aluéla – Priestess of Melchizedekia  


Kyria Mystica-The Vocal Alchemist


Spiritual Medium, Sound -Light Healer, Metaphysical Teacher,

Ascension Activator and Guide, Vocalist-Composer, Artist

Ordained Reverend and Priestess of Melchizedek 

-Intuitive Life coaching- channeling and speaking to departed loved ones.
-Holographic Healing with Sound and Light codes – working with tools of the Melchizedeks such as Flower of Life holographic healing system and sound for cleansing and release of unwanted energy attachments. Receive the Song of your Soul.
-Energy-Sound & Prayer Work with Children diagnosed as ADD or Autism

-Voice coaching by Toning the Soul-Voice – Private vocal vibrational meditations

-Sound Healing 

-Twin Flame Counseling

Merkaba FOL rainbow lightbody

-Lightbody Activations  

-Merkaba lessons


read more about my work on the Homepage of this blog

Kyria Heart vibe rea


Kyria Aluéla  by email which you find on my Homepage.


Facebook Pages – find links on top right side of this blog  

You can also write a Private Message to the Facebook pages , but emails are answered  quicker ( see MESSAGE button on top of the page) 

In the near future I will host webinars and conference classes as well.

come to my page and find more info and my posts

Listen to my chanting and activations

Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist


Facebook groups:

Ascension to 5 D – International group

Chanting Community- International

German/Deutsch –  Aufstieg zu 5D ( in german language only) 


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Deine Seele Ruft dich Heim in den Frieden!

Das ICH BIN ruft dich u will das du deine Blockaden und Widerstände loslässt, so dass du glücklich sein kannst, und deine Seelenaufgabe annehmen und machen kannst.

Ich biete kraftvolle und schnelle Methoden mit Holographisches Heilen und mein Vokalklang Channeling.

Schreibe mir eine email wenn du an eine Sitzung interessiert bist über Google Hangouts( gmail) od Telef. oder Skype.

Meine email findest du auf  der Homepage/Starseite von



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