Violet Fire & The Amethyst Temple – Purification & Freedom

Dear friends,
The Violet Fire and Ray is for Purification, transformation and liberation from negative consciousness. Learn to use it and Decrees in your life and regions where you live. 
Below I share a lovely article from a Russian Medium, Anna Soldatenkov
We can call upon the violet fire and be connected with the  Temple of The Violet or Amethyst Ray and the masters on that Ray and visit the Temple in our meditations. Asana Mahatari is St Germain’s soul name and we also know his Twin Flame, Lady Portia and  we have Lady Amethyst and AA Zakiel and other angels who all serve on the Violet Ray. Enjoy the article below.
Kyria Aluéla 


Co-authorship – The “Ascension” – Saint-Germain
by Anna Soldatenkov 31/07/2016.



AS:  After the meditation of Saint-Germain with the communication aspects of meditation and El Morya with the Body of Fire come to understand that the team “Venice” is necessary to proceed with the study and engagement with the Violet Fire Fire and life-giving.

Materials included in this message that was given by Saint Germain in different periods of my spiritual path (2014g.-2016.). They were edited and supplemented with Saint Germain for meditative work with the Violet Fire in the “Venice” Light team.


Hail Flame of Freedom Angels of the Earth!

Today, the “Venice” Amethyst group will visit the Temple of Earth, and each will be devoted to the mystery of Violet Fire service at the deepest genetic level, because the mission of every Lightworker is intertwined with the Violet Fire of the Aquarian Age.


The decree or mantra given to you for calling the Violet Fire is the key, not only for their own cleansing and healing, but also to interact with the Violet Fire on a planetary level with the Fire energy system throughout the world. And each of you is a part of it and brings the frequency of the Violet Flame to strengthen its action in transmuting dense worlds of Earth. You are World Servants of Fire of the Violet Flame carry your gift in this great time of change and transformation of life on planet Earth.


Purple Fire increasingly manifests itself in the world, clearing the path for the Ascension of the Planet inhabitants. Our task – to raise the vibration of the four global compact dimensions, to all living beings of the planet could tangibly show their true essence and began to sound in the Divine frequencies.

Violet Fire are actively interacts with the Earth’s matter, which have to go through a transformation in the Crystal Light. That is what will be revealed to everyone in the process of Ascension. The total inner light atoms will turn solid matter in the pure light.
Violet Flame allow the Light of the Spirit be manifested in every atom of biological matter and to be rejected as the original Light of the Creator, is present in all of God’s creation. And Earth Angels pure energy of the Violet Flame adjust the vibration of solid matter in the divine sound tone. All your body exist in the full integration of its functions and vibration characteristics, and hence the action of the Violet Flame is not limited to the physical body, but also other material thin-shell of soul.

Calling the activity of the Violet Flame in their cells and atoms, you bring the day and hour of your Ascension. The role of the angels of the Aquarian Age is very important, because you can consciously interact with the Earth’s Fire Transmutation dense matter, not only for themselves, but for all inhabitants of the planet.

Millions of angels of the Violet Ray, the Violet Flame every day spread around the planet, purifying and transmuting the body of the Earth and even the air you breathe. Paid to cooperation with the Violet Fire of only 15 minutes a day, you strengthen the light of their physical atoms in a thousand times.

Daily accumulating capacity of the Violet Flame, you will become True Beings of Light in the physical body. Your body will gain the ability to make all lots of light, enhancing your aura and expanding your consciousness.

Dear Angels, now expressed heartfelt intention to intensify cooperation with the Violet Fire of the Holy Spirit …

* Saint-Germain aligns us with the vibration of the Violet Ray. From the depths of our hearts poured out a stream of the Violet Flame – subtle energy, clean, delicate, multi-dimensional. Is going attunement of our bodies with the vibrations of Saint-Germain and his twin flame Portia …

Today we forwards you to the Abode of the Violet Flame – Amethyst Temple of Earth, so you can be filled with it miraculous power and tenderness at the cellular level and stay in your fiery core, always radiating Light Purple Hearts and attuning your world around with the frequencies of the Divine Being.

* We are moving on the Violet Ray of Saint Germain in the central part of the Earth, and find ourselves in a space beam of white light, this space is full of very thin, clean energies of the Violet Ray, which is active in the white-fire space – it flares, glows with different shades of purple light is constantly changing it tone.

* We see the magnificent Temple of Amethyst, it really is created from a single crystal amethyst. Saint-Germain and Portia meet us, filled with the gentle love and escorted inside the temple.


* Inside the Temple all filled with white light. There are many different shades of amethyst, and other crystals present here – pink, blue, gold, emerald, diamonds are transparent. All Crystals is alive and they welcome us.

We are in the Violet Temple of Earth and Purple Fire Temple fills the sounding your Sacred Heart and attunes to it. Amethyst crystals in the temple is the vibration of all eight rays, because Violet Ray completes the vibration code rainbow spectrum, moving in perfect white light. Soul passing experience on different Rays of Divine consciousness, the Violet Flame purifies it, combining precious Crystals of Love-Wisdom, and then receives the Freedom of the Divine Being. That is why it is significant role of the Violet Flame in the coming Golden Age of the Earth. It Violet Flame will come out for the inhabitants of the planet to the level of the Divine Consciousness, which can be manifested only in the crystal clear earthly vessel.


Violet Ray is designed to change the very nature of your soul and bring to Unity Consciousness with the Cosmic Christ and God the Father-Mother All It Is. The Holy Spirit in the Violet Ray into contact with the soul, restoring its original purity. Filled with the Violet Flame, the soul becomes capable of reacting with the Monadic Presence and be the executor of Its WILL BE – Angel, the Master, Christ, the Creator, God. This is what every Light worker thinks and dreams of being in the Earth works. And that is what gives YOU PURPLE FIRE!

* And now we are moving in the great hall, which is located in the center of PURPLE FIRE in the form of a huge violet sphere. In the Temple of many angels of the Violet Flame. We are asked to go to the Violet Fire.

* Saint-Germain and Portia are within our circle near the Violet Fire, a circle around us Violet Angels. They maintain our contact with the Violet Fire Temple.

* Action of the Violet Fire is manifested in the sacral Unified Heart of “Venice” of the collective as a huge Purple Lotus, consisting of eight Mobius strips, combined with their center points to a beautiful 16-petalled flower with white fire core …


* Hologram of the Flower of Life reflected in the heart of each of us and washes purple threads of different colors every part of our being … Purple Lotus within each of us becomes very large, its petals grow much more in our body.

* The petals of our lotus as the Mobius loop, out of the heart of our space and create around each violet sphere and Violet Fire is moving to these eights inside. Eights is a lot, at all 360 degrees. This area is also a lot more of our body, and each is embraced by the Violet Fire, which is increasingly saturates the Sphere on the Mobius strip.

* We understand that a sphere around us – it is central to our Multilayer Purple Thor Fire power supply system, and it is active now in our heart space. Immediately evident Rainbow Fire, it moves three spiral flows counterclockwise in Thor of Purple Spheres, filling it with his vitality. Purple Sphere each with Rainbow Fire inside merge into a single vibration with the Violet Fire Temple …

The Temple of Purple Sphere is the Source of Violet Fire, with whom you can collaborate in the coming years in the world, and the center of this area is the White-Fire primary Source point – zero point of the planet.

Each time, activating the Source of the Violet Flame for the needs of the Earth, you will be immersed in the frequency of the Violet Fire, spreading them around. You can project the Violet Sphere, where necessary, in those dimensions where you will be invited. The impact of this sector of the Violet Fire is a powerful healing and transformation to a low-frequency vibration of people, nature, terrestrial worlds.

Watch carefully now, as you interact with your Sphere of the Violet Fire.

* We see how within the Sphere in the Mobius loop moving particle diamond-sparks emitting white light, just consist of eight Fire and White Diamond Light. Their motion is accompanied by a Live Violet Fire, it spreads in concentric rings, like pulses – the first ring, second, third, etc. There is the power of the One Violet Fire within us, and the Violet Temple of the Earth. Our Light Body is perceived as a huge purple ball of fire with white fire core.

Violet fire


Note that activating this powerful Sphere in yourself, you connect with the Violet Temple of the Earth. You can project the Purple Sphere of the Temple in any point of the planet Earth.
To the Violet Flame are no restrictions, it can be transferred to any number, all and always. Activating Sphere of the Violet Flame, you place it where necessary, or put the person next to it inside the sphere, not forgetting the express intention that it was given the Violet Fire necessary and appropriate for it in the frequency spectrum and quantity necessary for it. Be sure to invite your Higher Selves and Higher Selves of people who want to pass the Violet Fire.

*My experience. Calling upon the Higher Selves of members of my family in the Sphere of physical Violet Fire, I expressed the intention that they should be given the amount of the Violet Fire, and that the frequency spectrum they need.

* I see a huge Violet Sphere, much more my body and the bodies of my family members. Inside Diamond Fields moving eights and there is a very rich Violet Fire, transparent, purple hue. Higher Selves of my family members manifested radiant light.

* I see and feel how my Purple Sphere instantly filled with enormously powerful vibration of the Violet Fire, saturating me and members of my family, Transparent Purity, subtle perception, love and understanding.

* In front of me there are different pictures of my earthly life and communication with family. Of Purple Spheres radiate Purple Fire’s eights and flow to my family right in the heart, filling them with love and pure Violet Light. Everything it touches Violet Fire, immediately cleaned and transformed into light – emotions, thoughts and events.

The action of the Violet Fire in the Violet Temple is an indispensable attribute of any planetary work. In this temple, millions of inhabitants of the Earth are coming every day to get the cleansing and blessing of the Violet Fire.

Violet Fire in your heart, accompanies you in this life, constantly tuned vibrations of the Violet Flame to the Violet Temple of Earth. You can call upon Violet Fire in their various ministries for healing and transmutation of low-vibration energies of Earth.

And let your ministry of Violet Fire will become a daily ritual magic, approximating the Ascension of Planet Earth. Be the Violet Fire – it is not only your right, but the reward!

Along with beloved Portia We keep you in our One Heart, let our love to flow in every atom of your biological body, keeping you in balance of Spirit and matter, Purity of Mind and Soul Love.

We ask you to be attentive to everything that happens to you today and in the coming days. You will hear the call of your Monad from the Heart of the Creator, and this will be your starting point of the visible space travel from planet Earth.

Thank you dear St. Germain and Portia, dear Violet Angels!
Thank you magnificent Violet Fire! 




This Article was illustrated by Kyria Aluéla

with public web images found on  Google Images



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  1. I_am_love

    Thankyou, i had exactly this experience earlier in the year and went into a beautiful purple temple where i was initiated into the violet flame and have been meditating in nature most days grounding it into earth since then so it is beautiful to hear that we are united in our focus and experiences 🙂


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