St Germain – Protecting The Future – Elemental Grace Alliance

Message from St Germain through Brother Peter Melchizedek

Elemental Grace Alliance

01- Protecting The Future – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – St Germain – 1st July, 2015


“I Am St Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray and I have stepped forward first in this Round of Discourses for I wish to say how pleased I Am to see how Harmoniously and Graciously the Elemental Grace Alliance is expanding within its Emergence. ‘Protecting the Future’ is an excellent suggestion for the change of direction that does uphold the qualities of the Divine potentials unfurling here.

“I have elected to step forward first as there is no order in which the Members of this Council have to speak. Each Representative will instinctively Know when it is Their time to rise from Their Seat and Address the Group. This is something that humanity has yet to discover while at the same time, to understand the Universal Principles of such actions within the…

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