Invocation to the Higher Self, I Am Christed Self for Empowerment & to Serve the Divine Plan


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Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia

German/Deutscher Text:

This Affirmation-Invokation will bring in divine forces to be with you if you do it daily. 



(from Alton Kamadon’s Melchizedek Method TM seminars 1998-2003)















Brotherhood Light

with all my love,

Kyria Aluéla Lumina –  Priestess of Melchizedekia

I offer you Holographic Healing and Sound Healing sessions, as…

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The New Earth is Freedom – Message from The Andromedans


Art “Gama” by Jean Luc


Dear friends who follow my blog Melchizedekia144000, 

Sometimes I share channelings also from other colleagues, that resonate to my own experiences. I have been always a person who had to be strong and hold others up, until I fell on my hip and I couldn’t hold myself up. This made me feel weak and I had to admit my vulnerability to my friends and on Facebook. I didn’t like that at all, as I had always pretended that everything was all right, because I needed to be strong and lead. The ability to admit to being vulnerable, was a new experience for me. Once I did, I suddenly had people opening doors for me and smile compassionately at me.  Becoming still, as I could hardly move and walk…taught me much, to listen within myself and feel even more the intensity of the energetic upgrades that were happening to my lightbody and then the changes in my body. The energies now are exposing the real self…you just can’t hide behind facades anymore. You got to let go of the masks and show your real self. 

I am even much freer now, than I knew before and ready to share my gifts with you in my work and sessions.

Kyria Aluéla Lumina 

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Now, read this Blog from Vera Ingeborg below. 

Your Heart Walls will be completely removed

The first sensation for many of you will be the ability to completely make use of your vulnerability with your heart chakras now being wide open. You will notice that you are now fully capable to receive. Many of you thought you were already there, but will notice the difference when the heart wall that had been built up by your lower ego mind for protection is completely gone. You will feel the pure unconditional love of Source as it fully works through you. You will experience an urge to break free of old paradigms, routines and patterns as never before. You can feel the truth and how you have been living in an unnatural environment before that you are now no longer wishing to remain in. Your intuition has become too strong and your vibration has raised so significantly that you are no longer able to still stay in this density of low fear frequencies. You will experience energetic pushes that your ego mind will not be able to withstand any longer. You are ready to leave the old 3D illusions. Your true self will take over the lead and you will be fully trusting in your path and destiny without a conscious knowing where exactly it will take you.

“Your true self will take over the lead and you will be fully trusting in your path and destiny without conscious knowing where exactly it will take you.”

You will experience how the energy will always guide you to the right places and right people at the right time without having to force anything. You will attract and manifest everything you need with ease. You will find more and more members of your incarnate soul family. You will recognize them instantly and will feel a deep connection with them through your heart chakra. You will feel each others unconditional love and you will know that you have known each other forever. There will be an instant feeling of being home.

Source will guide you and you see the Truth about Free Will

You will learn that Source is always working through you perfectly and all you have to do is surrender and trust that Divine flow. As your ego mind has been transformed or is about to be fully transformed, you will find it easier and easier to trust that flow. You realize now that the more the ego tried to interfere with that flow, the further you had been taken away from your true self. You will naturally gravitate back now towards your authenticity and your true heart’s calling and desires. Everything that does not belong to the true you will simply, effortlessly and painlessly drop away. You will see clearly the true purpose of free will. With the shift of the frequencies on the planet, many of you are now recognizing what that means. There are no mistakes. There are only choices. And you create your own reality based on these choices. There are two roads available: Love or fear. By choosing fear, reaching your desires is delayed and you repeat your lessons until you learn to choose love. Once you have mastered to stay in the high frequencies of unconditional love, your growth accelerates significantly and the life of your dreams becomes your reality.

You will live according to the Universal Laws

Living in 5D will mean to live in the absence of fear. All there is left is unconditional love. You will remember your connection to everyone and everything. You will remember that you are part of a larger organism and that you are all one. In a world without fear and without the illusion of separation, there can only be abundance and love. There will be no more necessity for contracts, property, human made rules and laws. There will be no more feeling of duty. There will be no need for pharmaceuticals as humans have mastered the art of self-healing. There will be no more ego desire for status needs. Most of the industrial production of goods will therefore drop away. You will only need about 10 % of the goods produced after the shift. And it will get less. The higher your frequency raises, the less food you will need. Up to a point where your body and system will be able to operate fully on light energy only. This will automatically solve the current pollution and resource issues as well as the mis-distribution of wealth. There will be no poverty. In a world without fear there cannot be scarcity. Life in 5D is for you to become childlike again. Being in awe and fascination of the wonders of nature and this universe.

“Living in 5D is for you to become childlike again. Being in awe and fascination of the wonders of nature and this universe.”

Being playful and in discovery mode. Living completely in the now and only doing what brings you joy. Yes, you will even grow younger the more your fears drop away. Only those low frequencies were responsible for your aging. Your life span will increase significantly, unless you choose to leave this planet earlier. We encourage you to continue your inner work and supporting every soul waking up to recognize that these changes come from within and will inspire others through the energetic ripple effect. Every human being that raises its frequency will have an effect on the collective. You are much more powerful than you think. Just by being in a room with people, you are raising the frequency and you are absorbing the darkness. There is no need to fear the darkness because your light and the light quotient on the planet is too strong now for the darkness to do any harm. It can only do harm when you focus on the darkness and choose fear. Recognize how powerful your choices are for the planet and humanity.

On new earth, the Universal energetic laws will be respected again and people will learn to live according to energetic impulses and flows instead of man made routines and schedules. You will know exactly when to take action and when to be still. You will know exactly when you are called to go somewhere. As your gifts and abilities such as telepathy, teleportation or telekinesis will be reawakened, following the energetic laws will become very easy for you. We know that you still have a hard time imagining it, but we know that your heart already knows, and that your mind will catch up.

The Equilibrium of Giving and Receiving will be re-established

In a world of abundance, love and oneness, there is no need for money. Money will disappear. You are about to learn that it is not your task to manifest money to be free and create abundance, but to get rid of your fears related to it. Many of you still believe that you need a lot of money to make a change in this world. We are telling you that all you need is to know who you truly are. It is your return to the Divine. The great spiritual teachers of the past never used money to spread their wisdom. They knew exactly about their divinity and their gifts and talents. They were relying on the universal laws of energy and knew that people who needed to hear their messages and needed their service would be attracted to them. It is not money that gives you true freedom. It is self-love.

“It is not money that gives you true freedom. It is self-love.”

You will all learn again, that the balance of giving and receiving takes place at a larger scale. It is not necessarily a balance between two parties or people. On new earth, you will share your gifts and services with those that need it, while you will receive what you need by others. As you all learn that you are part of the larger organism, you know that each and everyone is offering their service for the greater good. The exchange becomes direct, so there is no need for a monetary system. You will jointly create and manifest new earth with love.

Our dear brothers and sisters on earth. We are so excited to see already what you are about to realize and experience. Your future is so bright and the time to reap the rewards for your hard work has begun. We are so proud of you. We love you.

The Andromeda Group

channeled by Vera Ingeborg

The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted.

Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg




Melchizedekia Community


Black Moon: 2nd New Moon in September on 9/30-10/1 – Clearing, Manifesting, New Opportunities, Miracles – Ceremony


September Black Moon 2016 ~ Great Epiphanies, Opportunities & Even Miracles


A Black Moon occurs when two new moon’s fall in the same month. On September 30th, the New Moon will peak in Libra however, for those living in Australia and the UK, the New Moon will peak on October 1st, due to time difference.

Having a Black Moon is very rare, but seeing as only part of the world will experience the Black Moon energy, it may not be clear how it is going to manifest as a whole.

While we will all feel the effects of this New Moon, those experiencing a Black Moon may feel this energy amplified even more.

Traditionally, Black Moon’s are ultra feminine and represent a time of great awakening and clarity. Black Moon’s are extremely powerful and often indicate a sharp turning point in a cycle.

New Moon’s are all about releasing and letting go so the new can emerge. On a New Moon, it is often a good time to go within and spend some time clearing through your subconscious mind.

The New Moon often represents the planting of a seed, and the darkness that seed experiences before it begins to bloom.

To have two New Moon’s in one month signifies a very powerful blossoming process and one that has probably been in the works for some time.

September’s Black Moon is filled with positive aspects and plenty of opportunities. In fact, the entire week leading up to the Black Moon and the days that follow it, are going to be extremely positive and peaceful.

The energy of this Black Moon is so supported by the other planets and it is very likely we will all be experiencing great epiphanies, opportunities and even, miracles.

In fact, this Black Moon is going to deliver an extremely positive force, helping us to manifest all of our greatest dreams, wishes and desires.

If you have been looking to change or shift something in your life, if you have been building new ideas or projects, this Black Moon is really going to give you an amazing push in the right direction.

Whatever has been troubling you, whatever has been shrouded in doubt and confusion may also become clearer to you around the time of this Black Moon.

If you are in doubt about anything in your life, you may find it beneficial to wait to see what energies and what opportunities the Black Moon brings you.

2016 is really a year of endings, and the recent Eclipses in September have definitely highlighted what needs to be released and what needs to be ended.

Now, this Black Moon is going to be helping us all to awaken to these endings, accept them and perhaps also feel liberated by them.

Spiritual insights, intuitive feelings and emotions may also be amplified on the night of the Black Moon. For this reason, it is important to be gentle with yourself and to trust any intuitive inspiration that comes your way.

Overall, the Black Moon is going to bring an extremely positive force and is going to help all of us to change directions in our lives in some way.

This is definitely a welcomed change and one that is going to help us finally bring a close to all that we no longer need. This is going to help us spring forward in the right direction with clarity and positivity and will help us all to feel a burst of fresh energy and inspiration.

Pay attention to what transpires for you around the Black Moon, for it is sure to be guiding you towards your highest path.


Ceremony By Tanaaz on Video or Text

Black Moon Ceremony for Clearing and Manifesting


Shared & illustrated by KYRIA ALUÉLA – Melchizedekia Community




AA Michael: You Are Becoming Your Highest Expression of Self – The Crystaline Lightbody


I have totally been feeling everything that AA Michael is telling us here- a royal flush!

– Kyria Aluéla Lumina

Archangel Michael

Sept 22 , 2016

A great energy gateway is opened, right now for Earth, through which you are receiving the upgrades and the energy wave that is uplifting the collective, the ascension wave. As we have mentioned in a previous message, all that is not the highest expression of the Self, love, is being pushed to the surface so that it can be illuminated by the light of your awareness. Then accepted, transmuted and released. It is your last, big healing before you reach a sustained level of higher perception, peace and connection to your Soul Self and Higher Self. It is the time of endings and new beginnings, because you are being pushed into the direction of your true life purpose: trust dear children that you are on the right path: keep following the light. For this reason many changes are occurring on so many levels. Spiritually we have a merging between your lower self and you real identity: a unification and reunion with your inner core: God. A great emotional healing is going on for many, and this can be a bit of a roller coaster: your emotional body as well, is being recalibrated into the new frequency you can sustain and to the 5D energies. For this reason you are now beginning to feel emotions in a refined way. Indeed they are all new for you because they are being decloaked from the veil of 3D illusions. You thought to know what love is, what freedom is what joy is but you didn’t. This can be confusing in the beginning, especially if you hold onto old beliefs and ways of thinking.


As you are being realigned to your essence, new data is flowing within you. This data is light that is activating your Crystalline Light Body allowing you to function as a whole multidimensional being. This body can house more light as it activates itself more and more, and with more light-data in can house more and more data activating itself more and more and so on. That is the ascension process, the quickening, the acceleration you are all experiencing now on this new accelerated timeline. For this reason you descended here in 3D, and that is why so many times you went back and forth between many densities, so that you could understand the functioning of each dimension, being aware that they truly exist, and choose the highest level in order to grow. All the layers of yourself are beginning to function in a harmonious, coordinated way. The gradual reconnection to the Akashic records is resulting in the awakening of many dormant talents, abilities, new healing modalities and activations: you are drawing knowledge from your personal memory bank, which contains all the experiences of your multi-dimensionality. All that you know is contained and stored into this chamber that is hidden deep within your blueprint, in your core.

You can connect to this through intention and meditation. We ask you to do a little ceremony: all you need is a sacred space where you can prepare a little altar, a candle, white or golden, and a quartz crystal of your choice. Set the intention to be attuned and reconnected back to your memory bank in the Akashic Records, through your being, and ask to be flooded with the highest amount of informations you can handle at the time. During the process, connect with your Higher Self and ask him/her to orchestrate this for you. Let the energy flow for as long as it is needed. Give thanks. This can result, overtime, in a remembrance of your past lives, along with the activation of new abilities. You can bring back in the now your past selves, because they are indeed an extension of you in this now: they are you. You need to gather and merge all your past aspects to gain the understanding and awareness of the being you are now: you are indeed now more powerful and evolved of all your past incarnations. That is why to become aware of this you have to merge completely with all the aspects of the Self: this makes you “more” then you where in the past.

You are in for a ride to become your Highest Expression ever. You truly are a marvelous and complex expression of creation of the Creator. Go with the flow and do not resist the current. I AM in your heart, always.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Channeled by Michele Cornacchia – from: 

Illustrated and Shared by Kyria Aluéla Lumina –

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New Moon in Libra – Sept 30- Oct. 1, 2016 – Balance, Peace, Union, Justice, Twin Flames – Do a Ritual

NEW MOON in LIBRA – this is the revised Blog post , so continue reading on the link

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia



Part 1

NEW MOON is when the SUN is conjunct( aligned) with the MOON. This NEW MOON IN LIBRA is for planting seeds for Balance, Justice (the scales) and Partnerships as Libra rules the 7th house of THE OTHER SELF and OTHERS and FAIRNESS and COURTS. Libra is ruled by Venus it is feminine and a air sign. The 7th House is the feminine self in the Horoscope. When SUN which is ruled by Leo, a fire sign is conjunct, then we have a masculine and feminine Union. So this New Moon is also important to balance ones own feminine and masculine – the YIN-YANG within oneself. Without the YIN YANG balance within, one can not become enlightened or ascend. 

dreamstime_4613550-yin-yang-blue-light-1I feel this New Moon this year could be very important for TWIN FLAME UNIONS, as many of a older soul group are ready for this…

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New Moon in Libra – Sept 30- Oct. 1, 2016 – Balance, Peace, Union, Justice, Twin Flames – Do a Ritual

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Part 1

NEW MOON is when the SUN is conjunct( aligned) with the MOON. This NEW MOON IN LIBRA is for planting seeds for Balance, Justice (the scales) and Partnerships as Libra rules the 7th house of THE OTHER SELF and OTHERS and FAIRNESS and COURTS. Libra is ruled by Venus it is feminine and a air sign. The 7th House is the feminine self in the Horoscope. Libra is passive and allowing, and wants peace and harmony. When SUN which is ruled by Leo, a fire sign is conjunct with the MOON, then we have a masculine and feminine Union. Fire and air burns passionately.

 So this New Moon is also important to balance ones own feminine and masculine – the YIN-YANG within oneself. Without the YIN YANG balance within, one can not become enlightened or ascend. For men this means, allowing your emotions( fem) and and expressing them without limits and showing your caring side – the mother within- by also doing some of the woman’s work and becoming more intuitive, so to say. For women this means thinking clearly, having confidence, projecting your strength and doing the tasks of taking responsibilities, as men have been doing. 


I feel this New Moon this year could be very important for TWIN FLAME UNIONS, as many of a older soul group are ready for this. Now, I do mean uniting with the Soul Twin first, which can lead to the attraction and connection of Twin physicals in the near future, or perhaps some already are working on such a connection now.  It all depends on the inner work that one has done and the readiness to have a REAL UNION and PARTNERSHIP that is not based on NEEDINESS. For this to happen one needs to have the inner union first and find peace within without needing another to do this for you.

So one must self-examine oneself and see if one is aligned with Truth and Justice in ones life, asking: “am I truthful with myself and others and am I living in accordance to divine cosmic laws?”

Balancing with Nature, to be respectful in living in harmony with the earth is also very important also.

Libra is also TRUE Democracy, diplomacy and FAIRNESS. One needs to allow others to speak and listen without judgement. Accepting different viewpoints is important. Acceptance of each others differences will bring peace. Feeling that others are worthy of the same things that oneself is will help heal the world and make others feel they are loved or at least accepted and respected. 

One needs to think of what one wishes to share with the world to create harmony and peace. The time of only taking and stripping the earth and taking advantage of others is over…one must give back and be thankful for all we have and have received from mother earth. Mother Earth feels this. 

Below my words, I also share a mundane astrology report of Sept 30- Oct.1, 2016 and the New moon exact time in a few time zones.


Pallas Athena – Warrior of Justice and Peace 

PART 2- New Moon Ritual 

I recommend you do a ritual for New Moon let go of old attitude, emotional patterns and things that you do not need in your life anymore before the New Moon, and then plant seeds of what you wish to manifest after the dark phase. Manifesting within the Topics of Libra is recommended this month. YOU may light a candle or if you can, a fire in a safe pit or fireplace. 


Write down what you wish to LET GO of on one paper. 


Write down what you wish to manifest regarding the Balance within and without, to find peace and harmony which is Libra too. And also write your partnership issues and wishes down on a second paper.

ALSO  think of what you wish to give and share with the world, to create harmony and peace. The time of taking and stripping the earth is over…one must give back and be thankful for all we have and have received from mother earth. Mother Earth feels this. So add this to one of your seeds!


CALL the New MOON IN LIBRA and all your guides, Master Teachers and angels, Mother/Father God and Mother Earth. 

Breathe in thinking “SO” and out on “HUM”…quiet your mind.

Visualize yourself sitting in Flower of Life Hologram( sphere)

Feel yourself connected from earth to heaven thru your Pranic Tube and Pillar of Light.

Then recite all you wish to let go of that is not serving and helping you with you peace. Think it, see it leave and if u have a fire burning in a pit, burn the paper. If not, call the violet fire ( also with the fire ) and see it burn up in your mind.  

Say thank you and forgive all hurts and people of the past. Cleanse yourself and Aura with the Violet Fire and send it to all as it is the flame of Transmutation and Forgiveness. 



call in from source the Sacred 3 Fold Flame into your Heart and feel the warmth, love and compassion embracing you.

This is your Gift to keep. 



YOU may wish to wait until the dark phase of MOON is over to plant your seeds when the new light returns(  on the bottom of this page,  you can find the times) . Then recite you SEEDS that you wish to manifest. See them as if you already have them in all its perfection. Feel it too. 

Then say:

I GIVE THANKS FOR ALL I HAVE RECEIVED (as if you already have it…imagine it)






red heart radiate love

CHANT OM – 9 times or for a few minutes


Well this is a outline, but you can create this Ritual in your own way. 

Believe that your dreams will come true and then act on them!

Kyria Aluéla Lumina – Priestess & Shaman,

aka Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist


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The New Moon on Friday 30 September 2016 is at 8 degrees Libra.

The new moon September 2016 astrology shows a fresh new start following the doom and gloom of the recent eclipses. You can set optimistic goals in safe and secure environment.

New moon September 2016 is nicely aspected by four planets. Most importantly, positive aspects to Saturn and Neptune allow you emerge from the fear and anxiety of Saturn square Neptune this year. Dreams of love and money can come true in this happy and optimistic new moon.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moonmeans all possibilities are on the table. You can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list.

However, the impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a new moon means that not all new projects will succeed. The influence of a new moon lasts for four weeks up to the next new moon, in this case, until the October 30 new moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of a new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the moon lasts from September 30 to the October 16 full moon.

New Moon September 2016 Astrology

The September 30 new moon at 08°15′ Libra is linked by aspect to four planets but conjunct no major fixed stars. There are major positive aspects to Jupiter and Saturn plus minor aspects to Venus and Neptune. So this new moon allows for growth and enjoyment within safe and secure boundaries. Many will be hoping for lasting happiness through meeting their ideal romantic partner. However, some adjustments will be needed in your life before any relationship or financial dream can materialize.

Sun conjunct Jupiter gives a general feeling of well-being, happiness and optimism. Good luck at this time can be seen as an opportunity for growth, personal, professional and spiritual. This is an excellent time to begin new studies or long distance travels. New relationships, investments, or the beginning of any new projects are favored. Generally, things started now will turn out positively in the long run. Jupiter is perfect for the growth and success of your new moon fresh start or new goal.

Sun sextile Saturn brings patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic. These attributes together with a sense of duty and serious attitude make this an excellent time to achieve your goals. You are determined to achieve practical results and make no mistakes. Advancement and recognition is also possible now, especially in your professional life. Saturn brings stability and longevity to your new moon fresh start or new goal.

Jupiter sextile Saturn is extremely weak at seven degrees orb and is not exact until August 2017. It is worth mentioning here because it comes within one degree orb from 11 November 2016 until 24 January 2017. Jupiter sextile Saturn is a time of cautious expansion. Opportunities for growth may come in your career, through investment or business deals, or in your personal life as major material possessions or relationship choices.

New Moon September 2016 Astrology

Saturn square Neptune is starting to fade after its final climax on September 10. Sun sextile Saturn replaces guilt with confidence while Venus trine Neptune replaces disappointment with love. This first new moon of a new eclipse phase is an important first step in the right direction. The September 1 solar eclipse highlighted the fear and anxiety of Saturn square Neptune. New moon September 2016 with its positive aspects to both planets really turns the tables on the fearmongers.

New Moon September 2016 Minor Aspects

Sun semi-sextile Venus is a much milder version of Sun conjunct Venus. It represents a positive link between your goals and your love life or finances. You can expect some positive developments in this area. On its own this aspect indicates only minor developments but we have to consider Venus trine Neptune and the tightness of the minor aspects. The new moon aspects to Venus and Neptune are about one degree orb compared to the major aspects to Jupiter and Saturn of about three degrees. You can tell this by the thickness of the aspect lines in the new moon horoscope.

Sun quincunx Neptune is the only challenging aspect directly from the new moon. It indicates a rebalancing is required in how you express your ego and the kinds of goals you set yourself. Saturn square Neptune may have pounded your optimism into the ground in which case you can afford to be more optimistic now. However, it could be the case that you need to stop fantasizing about the impossible or begin a healthier diet. Small changes can tip the scales in your favor.

Venus trine Neptune is just perfect for relaxation and daydreaming. Besides fantasizing about your ideal lover, you can put your hand to any creative projects under this influence. It especially favors singing but anything creative can lead to something beautiful. Your love life will benefit from your increased tenderness. Not particularly an indicator of steamy sex, this aspect is more about tender touch and smooching. Connecting to a companion at the spiritual level is more important, though tantric sex would be most enjoyable during this moon phase.

New Moon September 2016 Summary

Although Venus trine Neptune is connected to new moon September 2016 by minor aspects only, the tightness of the orbs involved suggests that finding spiritual love may in fact be the major driving force behind your new moon goal setting. There is reason for some optimism regarding your love life and finances with wealthy Jupiter and stable Saturn making helpful aspects to the September 30 new moon.

Saturn square Neptune has been spreading fear and pessimism throughout the world all year. Although this major planetary aspect of 2016 is beginning to fade, it still remains influencial into early 2017 because it aligned with September 1 solar eclipse. Therefore, it is important to make the most of the positive links to these planets formed by the September 30 new moon. Conditions are ideal for emerging from a period of hibernation and taking the first steps on your fresh new start.

If new moon September 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in yourmonthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Lunar Eclipse 16 September 2016
Next Moon Phase: Full Moon 16 October 2016 


New Moon September 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles -30 September – 5:11 pm
New York -30 September – 8:11 pm
London – 1 October – 1:11 am
Delhi – 1 October – 5:41 am
Sydney – 1 October – 10:11 am


Many of you may be feeling you do not belong here on earth or even in a body. Many may feel they came from somewhere else and long to go home. I have been going through this feeling lately myself as very old emotions came up of why I am here on this planet. Sure to serve the divine plan, but often we ask, why did I do it and where was I ( my soul) before. Yes, all was a choice….we always have choices, even in between lives we are given choices by the higher dimensional teachers, of how we will reincarnate, in which family and what assignment we take on. 

I found this article about STARSEEDS shared by Michelle C. from  a Page called ‘STARSEEDS’. that is what Michelle wrote under her post, without mentioning the author…if I find it, I will add it.

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If you feel a bit out of place and need some balancing and guidance about your earthly and soul purpose, I can assist you with a Holographic Sound session and with your SOUL CODES, which I channel and chant for you.  I have assisted many Starseeds and first time earth incarnates to balance and ground better on earth. I also channel for my clients messages in Star language  and Language of Light from the person’s home planet and soul family.  Read more on my homepage about all I do and there you will find my email address contact me for further info and how to have a consultation.







Starseeds have an important role in the global Ascension. They are highly evolved souls that volunteered to embody on Earth in this very moment and that lived the majority of their lifetimes on other planets, star systems, galaxies and dimensions. Many of them had millions of life times here on this planet. That’s right, we came here to fulfill the great plan that we designed together so that mankind could have a future different from extinction. It is the first attempt in all universes, to propel an entire planet to jump from a dimension to another, while taking the physical bodies with us. This is your last life time into the lower dimensions. You may think that Ascension is a new age thing, but it is not; it has been always an opportunity for everybody but not en masse. There are beings that lived here and beyond that mastered the Self, mastered their energy, that came here on purpose to show the way; Jesus, Buddha, Kuan Yin, St. Germain are just a few of the many ascended masters, they reached higher levels of consciousness in and out of the body. They are all advanced and highly evolved beings from the stars and they have no link with religions; religions distorted their teachings for personal profit and control over the people.What is your mission, then? First of all you have to awaken yourself fully. You have to work on you, and you have to re-establish the connection with Source and with your Higher (Inner) Self which is our greatest treasure, it is what you risked to lose when you came here. But, hey, you did it, and you knew that you would remember everything.
We always call it Higher Self as if is above us, separate from us. Well it is your highest version, your full soul consciousness and it is not separate from you, it’s you! That is why higher and inner are the same, it’s the real you that has been forgotten for so long. I know that yearning that we have inside, we desire to be fully reconnected to the full expression of ourselves, to let that stream of consciousness flow through us. Here, sometimes, we feel caged, imprisoned, restricted by the density of this body. We are used to much more freedom. Remember that you asked for it, and that the human body is one of the most advanced. Sometimes we feel lost and even lonely, we want only to go home. Home is where the heart is, that being said, you have to be aware that you asked to be here, you volunteered. No one forced you to be where you are. You came here to help. What you are trying to do is exactly what I have described before, it is that soul-level desire of expression. Slowly but surely you will know who you are.

As you reconnect to Source you will gain higher and higher awareness of your energy; how it feels, how to direct it, how to control it. You are going to feel it in your body and all around you, in all living beings. The most important thing of your mission is holding light (energy/information) into your body. You have this innate capacity to connect to frequencies of higher dimensions, to ground them into your vessel and into the Earth. Then you project them outward. This way you can change reality because you are able to bring into the world information that are missing form eons. Remember you are the observer, the one that creates reality. What kind of energy are you putting “out there?” You are a game changer, you are here to re-write the energetic system that creates our collective reality. It is an energetic phenomenon in every way, even sharing light in this way is part of it.

While you are on your path, you will develop the desire to help others that are ready to hold light in their bodies for themselves, those that are waking up. Follow this path no matter what, because it is truly your passion, your soul speaking; if you don’t listen, just because you want to fit in, or because you are ruled by the money factor, you will live an unhappy life, doing things that you don’t like. Moreover, abundance it’s just a frequency, like everything else, that you have to tune into: remove the self limiting beliefs (like “money are bad”) that are limiting the flow from reaching you. It is your right to have everything that you need to live and to fulfill your mission, your life purpose. Of course money, at this point of the journey, are needed to bring in the world something different from oil and weapons.

Yes, it is not easy for us to live in a world of such duality, we feel like if someone dropped us here. A lot of things seem so illogical to us, lack of food in many part of the world, wars, bills, jobs that cage you… it has not to be this way. We tried and it doesn’t work. We are rebels inside and, for some time, we have difficulties to find our place in the world. We have that burning desire to live in freedom and sometimes we are scared of putting ourselves “out there.” Truth is that there is no other way, you have to be open, do not hide yourself because you are afraid. You were not afraid when you choose to come here. You gave up your place in the higher dimensions because you knew that you could bring something unique in the world; that is how brave you are!

It is very important that you become deeply aware that you are a very powerful being, that you have an impact on reality that is huge. You have to be responsible of your energy, and how you use it. Energy flows where attention goes, right? If you focus on negative things, on creating something that is not the highest good for yourself and others, you will amplify those fears much more that an unconscious being! In the same way you have a power to amplify light that is portentous!A lot of times just because we are not aware, we allow others to steal our energy, giving them permission, or we take energy of other people into our field. That has to change and it’s up to you. Keep in mind that you are here to open the way for those who follow, so that they can wake up faster, easier and without all that pain that, instead, you can handle. This doesn’t absolutely mean that you have to keep yourself into that state.

Please do not develop the x-man syndrome! Do not approach life thinking in terms of “us (starseeds) and them. “We are all unique expressions, facets of the same energy, no need to play the separation game. There is only us, but you have the right to protect your well being, your boundaries and to choose the people that are on your wave-length. As if it is not enough there are more starseeds on the planet that you could ever imagine, not all of them are well awake at this time and that is changing rapidly, many could be part of the group that you insist to call “them.”

Another very important aspect is that you need to take back your power and that you start to put yourself first. You are highly empathic and you want to help everybody. But if you don’t take care of yourself, you will deplete your energy. “I want to help all the people that I know” basically it is not wrong, but it can become a problem when you are attached to the outcome, when you think that you can save people (choose for them) or when you transform it into a need to please everyone. Once gain, you can’t and it is not even your job! You are not here to live up to other people expectations. Do your thing with confidence, for yourself.

Keep going, brave soul, you are never alone. Along the way you will recognize instantly those of your soul family, your tribe. A simple look is enough to understand that you know everything about them, that you know that being since always, before this lifetime. It’s istantaneous. You will pass through the fires of purification, you will suffer, it will be painful, so hard that you can’t imagine yet; but I say, once again, keep pressing on! Because one day you will be grateful for all that, trust me. As you go and let go, you will raise your vibration and attract into your life the beings you resonate with. Then you really will be grateful because they will inspire you and you will do the same for them! You will grow together hand in hand, you will understand that you are not alone as you believed, there are beings that are living and feeling what you are feeling. Did I say keep going?! Vibe with your tribe!

For this reason it is very important that you start to develop your gifts, your psychic powers, extra sensory perceptions (ESP) because they are the tools, together with your frequency, that allow you to go beyond the space-time illusion. It is not something that it is written on a piece of paper, in a book of quantum physics; it is the truth and you can feel it, and live it, if you open yourself enough. Not all your tribe may be physically with you at this moment; we are placed strategically around the world and that is not a problem because you are not a physical being, a body, and the rules of the game are very different than what they have taught us. As your ascend and your frequency increases, this will be easier and easier, because you will open to higher levels of awareness, expanded levels of consciousness. Your perception of reality will change accordingly.

The Starseed on Earth are mainly from Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades, the Andromeda Galaxy. Each of them have different traits and abilities but they share several key characteristics.

  • You feel different from the majority of the people, you don’t want to fit in.
  • You always had a sense, since childhood, that you come from another place, as if someone dropped you here.
  • Sometimes you miss Home.
  • An innate fascination for the stars.
  • Concepts like teleportation, star travel, portals (wormholes) are obvious for you.
  • A deep connection with nature.
  • Connection with animals.
  • You have psychic gifts: remote feeling, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, ESP etc. We all have this and much more, some of them may be dormant, others may be activated at once by events like a DNA upgrade. Do not give up, work to develop them and have faith that they will be activated for you at right moment. Learn how to control them consciously.
  • You have natural healing abilities. Train yourself in disciplines like energy healing (Reiki).
  • Your body is less dense and it functions in a different way.
  • You are an empath: you feel emotions in a deeper way, you even feel the emotions, the energy of those around you. Be careful who you are connecting with.
  • You connect with few people, with the right ones the understanding is immediate.
  • A passion for knowledge. (psychology, quantum physics, spirituality, astronomy) No time for small talks.
  • A knowing of a deep God-connection based on a personal opinion/direct experience.
  • You know that you are much more than you actually know.
  • You don’t like figures of authority.
  • A desire to reconnect with your life purpose.
  • You are an ancient being; you are mature for your age.
  • Your intuition is highly developed.
  • Attraction for ancient civilizations and sites like Giza, Stonehenge, Mayan pyramids etc.
  • Painful experiences in your life and at the same time low tolerance to any kind of pain.
  • Aversion toward violence.

If this resonates with you, then you are not a human original ( you may be a blend though- added by Kyria). We have to be aware of this, not because we want to feel superior but because we have to understand that we have different exigencies, that we have to take care of our energy in every way. Stop to seek someone to come from the sky! We are the ones we have been waiting for! The rest of the family will show up at the right moment. We are the E.T.s! The Angels long believed to be legends or religious figures.

Angel=E.T.=You! We are messages, indeed we are bringing here informations in every form. Please do your research, seek your experiences, talk to your Higher Self and to your Spiritual Guides and build your opinion. All I can say is: do not underestimate this informations, especially if they resonate with you. This is all very real! Angels are, simply, beings from other dimensions. It’s the inner you! I’ll tell you a secret: they have no wings! Artists portrayed as wings what is their aura, the super glow they have around them when they are in their highest form; we all have that but it’s not visible to the naked eye, unless you train yourself. They appear to us in that form because we expect them to be that way, they choose that particular shape so that they are easily recognizable from us, but they are no less than a being from the stars! They can be in a human body or not!

Starseed are divided in many categories, indigo children, crystal and rainbow children according to the years they were born in and to their unique traits.

Indigos are strong willed, they are here to open the way and have warrior-like personalities. They are ready to face anything that is not in the best interest for humanity: their job is to change the system in any aspect from the inside out. They reject any form of authority because they know that they are their own authority. The name indigo, indicates the correspondent color in their auras (there can be other colors too along with the indigo).

Crystals are loving, have absolutely no difficulties to forgive, while rainbows are the last generation of starseeds; some are born with memories and DNA activated. They have respectively crystal and rainbow auras. All the categories, especially the new generations, have strong psychic abilities.

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