Being in Love vs BEING IN LOVE

“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”
― Rumi


Being IN LOVE, is a bit different then what most people think. Most who think they are in love, are actually just infatuated.

BEING IN LOVE means vibrating in love in body, mind, heart and soul. This is how you can be kind and compassionate in all situations. This is the goal and not always easy to do. We need to let go of wanting to control, hold on or own the object, person or idea we desire. Love wishes to flow freely and unconditionally.

As for personal relationships, we need to be allowing to let the other person be themselves. There are times, we may even have to also let the one we love go for their own good or your own good. Love tests us. Often, the time may not be ready for more and we need to work on our self-love more and be patient with ourself and the other. Love is freedom, not possession or here to gratify needs and lacks. Once each person is open to just love the other person without expectations, then the universe will bring the right persons together that match.

I offer you:
– personal healing and intuitive and practical life coaching sessions.
– chant your Soul Codes to connect you to your true self which will melt blocks and hindrances away.
– assist with relationship issues and Twin Flame Unions.
Email me via my Web homepage if you wish to have assistance with as session.



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