SIRIUS – Home of Many Souls – By Trillia Gia

I share this about Sirius written by my star sister Trillia Gia before she ascended in Dec 21, 2014. – Kyria Alu’ela



SIRIUS – Home of Many Souls

Hindu & some Egyptian Gods are Sirians and found in other cultures and mythologies.

I, Trillia Gia am guided from within to begin sharing more with you of my home Sirius A.
Sirius, home of Lord Krishna and Mother Sophia, is one of the oldest planets with a continual civilization surviving upon it. There exists approximately 80 zillion years of written history. We are spiritually devout beings many of us worshipping daily within our temples. Our belief is similar to the Hindu belief on Earth. We have deities of our Gods upon high altars and each temple has a pure column of gold within its structure. Our temples were built long before our recorded history. We choose to spend our birthdays in the temples to rejuvenate our beings for the coming year and to dedicate our lives into the service of God.
Our government is ruled by the head of the ‘Ancient of Days’ Lord Krishna and a high ruling family, the Kavioushes. All the Sirian Isles are ruled by this one government, although they each have their own governmental representatives.

Sirians of the higher castes always have very white skin with white blonde hair. Our eyes are always a bright lime green color when of pure blood, with the exception of Lord Krishna who has large bright blue eyes. All have lined eyes as our tradition. Married women all tie their hair up and dress in style similar to a saree. The men have white blonde hair worn loose to their shoulders and often ring their earlobe with golden earrings. The men of the city wear loose fitting pants with a shirt usually worn open with a long scarf or shawl of a different color draped over their shoulder. Most Sirians are 7 – 8′ tall and slender never weighing more than 200 lbs. Our gold jewelry and gold braiding denotes our wealth. The caste system allows Sirians to rotate from one caste to another to appreciate and know all forms of life. No one is really poor or without as on Earth. Our caste system has been a part of this system since its beginning.

The lower castes choose to live 100 – 500 years while those of upper castes choose to live 500 – 600 years, each year being measured in the thousands of earth years.
The largest city on Sirius is called Sirust. If you would combine New York City with Paris, Los Angeles and Mexico City you would come close to the size of our city. It is approximately 1000 miles wide. Most of our land is tropical and at times feels hot and sticky. Yet there is a section where the grains, vegetables and our fruits are grown that has a cold winter with strong winds. Some of the plants we seeded upon your land are wisteria, lilies, daffodils and citrus fruits. We also brought to Earth our falcons and peacocks.
The geography of our isle is one of soft rolling hills in the farm areas and our largest city Sirust sits along a large ocean where we harvest seaweed and fish such as herring and what you call shrimp. All of our temples are built atop our holy hillsides with Lord Krishna’s temple upon the tallest. We have our gold mines on the other side of our isle. We eat a diet fish grown in fish farms along the coast of the seas as well as raw sushi. We enjoy greens and kelp, citrus fruits, spicy vegetables, rice and rice noodles, puddings and many enjoyable liquids.

Lord Krishna – Painting by Anita Sanyal

Sirius has 3 moons and 2 smaller planets within our system. The one named by earthlings as Sirius B is the isle named Osiris. Osiris has mountains and rolling hills with water. Osiris has less humidity with some snow, one moon and 3 smaller planets. This is the land of the ‘dark’ Sirians responsible for building upon Earth the Great Pyramid and others, the Sphynx along with temples to connect with other planets and places for learning and teachings to store knowledge for the future. Much of this has not yet been found as most on Earth are not yet ready for such knowledge.

The pictures found of Egyptians long ago are typical of these black haired beautiful beings. They are of similar body shape and they have warm deeply tanned skin. They line their black eyes as we do on Sirius A. Many you know of from this land such as the great ones like Mother Isis, Osiris, Ra and Horus. The pyramids of Osiris are like those on Earth except they are made of solid gold and are houses of worship surrounded by open fields as the gods need their space. Within your Great Pyramid the King’s Chamber lines up with Sirius and the Queen’s Chamber lines up with Osiris.


The 3rd isle is called Ganta and as you approach from above she appears purple. Ganta has 3 seasons of climate and the land is similar to your central Ohio area where I Trillia spent many years in this lifetime. Ganta has 2 moons. The 3 moons of Sirius A we call Trians.
At one time there were more Sirians upon Earth than Pleiadians. There are now more Pleiadians on Earth than Sirians. Most Sirians currently live outside of the U.S. and are Hindu or Moslem in belief.

Our largest mothership is the Golden Lily which at midnight you may see in the eastern sky. If she landed upon the U.S. in size she would stretch from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean. She is commanded by my son, Commander Kavioush and is built for speed so has no swimming pools as upon the large Pleiadian motherships.
Thank you my cherished brothers and sisters for allowing me to share of my home as I am proud to be their representative.

by Trillia Gia – she was a conscious walkin as a child and she ascended Dec 21, 2014

Now her walk-in RaNia from the Pleiades continues in her physical body who writes for Trillia from the higher dimensions as well as her own wisdom and teachings.
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