Your Soul is Calling You Home! -Healing, Activations & Teachings w. Kyria Alu’ela – Priestess of Melchizedekia aka Kyria Mystica-The Vocal Alchemist

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YOUR SOUL is CALLING YOU HOME  ( Deutscher Text unten)

Your I AM Presence – God-self and Soul is calling you to help you liberate yourself from blocks that keep you from being free and happy.

Sept 2016 is 9-9-9 – a Month of Completion – we have 999 on Sept.9, 18, 27.
It is time to release your karma and step into Dharma for a new beginning on a higher level 999 – 9 D is Buddha realm of Bliss and Compassion.

Kyria Alu’ela can assist you with quick tools such as light-language, sound transmissions and Holographic Healing that reach all levels of you. No need for longterm sessions. Often one is enough.

I AM now offering Personal Sessions via SKYPE, phone & Google Hangouts

More info below. Contact me by email to discuss options and then book. email:

Kyria Aluéla – Priestess of…

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