New Moon in Libra – Sept 30- Oct. 1, 2016 – Balance, Peace, Union, Justice, Twin Flames – Do a Ritual

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Part 1

NEW MOON is when the SUN is conjunct( aligned) with the MOON. This NEW MOON IN LIBRA is for planting seeds for Balance, Justice (the scales) and Partnerships as Libra rules the 7th house of THE OTHER SELF and OTHERS and FAIRNESS and COURTS. Libra is ruled by Venus it is feminine and a air sign. The 7th House is the feminine self in the Horoscope. Libra is passive and allowing, and wants peace and harmony. When SUN which is ruled by Leo, a fire sign is conjunct with the MOON, then we have a masculine and feminine Union. Fire and air burns passionately.

 So this New Moon is also important to balance ones own feminine and masculine – the YIN-YANG within oneself. Without the YIN YANG balance within, one can not become enlightened or ascend. For men this means, allowing your emotions( fem) and and expressing them without limits and showing your caring side – the mother within- by also doing some of the woman’s work and becoming more intuitive, so to say. For women this means thinking clearly, having confidence, projecting your strength and doing the tasks of taking responsibilities, as men have been doing. 


I feel this New Moon this year could be very important for TWIN FLAME UNIONS, as many of a older soul group are ready for this. Now, I do mean uniting with the Soul Twin first, which can lead to the attraction and connection of Twin physicals in the near future, or perhaps some already are working on such a connection now.  It all depends on the inner work that one has done and the readiness to have a REAL UNION and PARTNERSHIP that is not based on NEEDINESS. For this to happen one needs to have the inner union first and find peace within without needing another to do this for you.

So one must self-examine oneself and see if one is aligned with Truth and Justice in ones life, asking: “am I truthful with myself and others and am I living in accordance to divine cosmic laws?”

Balancing with Nature, to be respectful in living in harmony with the earth is also very important also.

Libra is also TRUE Democracy, diplomacy and FAIRNESS. One needs to allow others to speak and listen without judgement. Accepting different viewpoints is important. Acceptance of each others differences will bring peace. Feeling that others are worthy of the same things that oneself is will help heal the world and make others feel they are loved or at least accepted and respected. 

One needs to think of what one wishes to share with the world to create harmony and peace. The time of only taking and stripping the earth and taking advantage of others is over…one must give back and be thankful for all we have and have received from mother earth. Mother Earth feels this. 

Below my words, I also share a mundane astrology report of Sept 30- Oct.1, 2016 and the New moon exact time in a few time zones.


Pallas Athena – Warrior of Justice and Peace 

PART 2- New Moon Ritual 

I recommend you do a ritual for New Moon let go of old attitude, emotional patterns and things that you do not need in your life anymore before the New Moon, and then plant seeds of what you wish to manifest after the dark phase. Manifesting within the Topics of Libra is recommended this month. YOU may light a candle or if you can, a fire in a safe pit or fireplace. 


Write down what you wish to LET GO of on one paper. 


Write down what you wish to manifest regarding the Balance within and without, to find peace and harmony which is Libra too. And also write your partnership issues and wishes down on a second paper.

ALSO  think of what you wish to give and share with the world, to create harmony and peace. The time of taking and stripping the earth is over…one must give back and be thankful for all we have and have received from mother earth. Mother Earth feels this. So add this to one of your seeds!


CALL the New MOON IN LIBRA and all your guides, Master Teachers and angels, Mother/Father God and Mother Earth. 

Breathe in thinking “SO” and out on “HUM”…quiet your mind.

Visualize yourself sitting in Flower of Life Hologram( sphere)

Feel yourself connected from earth to heaven thru your Pranic Tube and Pillar of Light.

Then recite all you wish to let go of that is not serving and helping you with you peace. Think it, see it leave and if u have a fire burning in a pit, burn the paper. If not, call the violet fire ( also with the fire ) and see it burn up in your mind.  

Say thank you and forgive all hurts and people of the past. Cleanse yourself and Aura with the Violet Fire and send it to all as it is the flame of Transmutation and Forgiveness. 



call in from source the Sacred 3 Fold Flame into your Heart and feel the warmth, love and compassion embracing you.

This is your Gift to keep. 



YOU may wish to wait until the dark phase of MOON is over to plant your seeds when the new light returns(  on the bottom of this page,  you can find the times) . Then recite you SEEDS that you wish to manifest. See them as if you already have them in all its perfection. Feel it too. 

Then say:

I GIVE THANKS FOR ALL I HAVE RECEIVED (as if you already have it…imagine it)






red heart radiate love

CHANT OM – 9 times or for a few minutes


Well this is a outline, but you can create this Ritual in your own way. 

Believe that your dreams will come true and then act on them!

Kyria Aluéla Lumina – Priestess & Shaman,

aka Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist


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The New Moon on Friday 30 September 2016 is at 8 degrees Libra.

The new moon September 2016 astrology shows a fresh new start following the doom and gloom of the recent eclipses. You can set optimistic goals in safe and secure environment.

New moon September 2016 is nicely aspected by four planets. Most importantly, positive aspects to Saturn and Neptune allow you emerge from the fear and anxiety of Saturn square Neptune this year. Dreams of love and money can come true in this happy and optimistic new moon.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moonmeans all possibilities are on the table. You can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list.

However, the impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a new moon means that not all new projects will succeed. The influence of a new moon lasts for four weeks up to the next new moon, in this case, until the October 30 new moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of a new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the moon lasts from September 30 to the October 16 full moon.

New Moon September 2016 Astrology

The September 30 new moon at 08°15′ Libra is linked by aspect to four planets but conjunct no major fixed stars. There are major positive aspects to Jupiter and Saturn plus minor aspects to Venus and Neptune. So this new moon allows for growth and enjoyment within safe and secure boundaries. Many will be hoping for lasting happiness through meeting their ideal romantic partner. However, some adjustments will be needed in your life before any relationship or financial dream can materialize.

Sun conjunct Jupiter gives a general feeling of well-being, happiness and optimism. Good luck at this time can be seen as an opportunity for growth, personal, professional and spiritual. This is an excellent time to begin new studies or long distance travels. New relationships, investments, or the beginning of any new projects are favored. Generally, things started now will turn out positively in the long run. Jupiter is perfect for the growth and success of your new moon fresh start or new goal.

Sun sextile Saturn brings patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic. These attributes together with a sense of duty and serious attitude make this an excellent time to achieve your goals. You are determined to achieve practical results and make no mistakes. Advancement and recognition is also possible now, especially in your professional life. Saturn brings stability and longevity to your new moon fresh start or new goal.

Jupiter sextile Saturn is extremely weak at seven degrees orb and is not exact until August 2017. It is worth mentioning here because it comes within one degree orb from 11 November 2016 until 24 January 2017. Jupiter sextile Saturn is a time of cautious expansion. Opportunities for growth may come in your career, through investment or business deals, or in your personal life as major material possessions or relationship choices.

New Moon September 2016 Astrology

Saturn square Neptune is starting to fade after its final climax on September 10. Sun sextile Saturn replaces guilt with confidence while Venus trine Neptune replaces disappointment with love. This first new moon of a new eclipse phase is an important first step in the right direction. The September 1 solar eclipse highlighted the fear and anxiety of Saturn square Neptune. New moon September 2016 with its positive aspects to both planets really turns the tables on the fearmongers.

New Moon September 2016 Minor Aspects

Sun semi-sextile Venus is a much milder version of Sun conjunct Venus. It represents a positive link between your goals and your love life or finances. You can expect some positive developments in this area. On its own this aspect indicates only minor developments but we have to consider Venus trine Neptune and the tightness of the minor aspects. The new moon aspects to Venus and Neptune are about one degree orb compared to the major aspects to Jupiter and Saturn of about three degrees. You can tell this by the thickness of the aspect lines in the new moon horoscope.

Sun quincunx Neptune is the only challenging aspect directly from the new moon. It indicates a rebalancing is required in how you express your ego and the kinds of goals you set yourself. Saturn square Neptune may have pounded your optimism into the ground in which case you can afford to be more optimistic now. However, it could be the case that you need to stop fantasizing about the impossible or begin a healthier diet. Small changes can tip the scales in your favor.

Venus trine Neptune is just perfect for relaxation and daydreaming. Besides fantasizing about your ideal lover, you can put your hand to any creative projects under this influence. It especially favors singing but anything creative can lead to something beautiful. Your love life will benefit from your increased tenderness. Not particularly an indicator of steamy sex, this aspect is more about tender touch and smooching. Connecting to a companion at the spiritual level is more important, though tantric sex would be most enjoyable during this moon phase.

New Moon September 2016 Summary

Although Venus trine Neptune is connected to new moon September 2016 by minor aspects only, the tightness of the orbs involved suggests that finding spiritual love may in fact be the major driving force behind your new moon goal setting. There is reason for some optimism regarding your love life and finances with wealthy Jupiter and stable Saturn making helpful aspects to the September 30 new moon.

Saturn square Neptune has been spreading fear and pessimism throughout the world all year. Although this major planetary aspect of 2016 is beginning to fade, it still remains influencial into early 2017 because it aligned with September 1 solar eclipse. Therefore, it is important to make the most of the positive links to these planets formed by the September 30 new moon. Conditions are ideal for emerging from a period of hibernation and taking the first steps on your fresh new start.

If new moon September 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in yourmonthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Lunar Eclipse 16 September 2016
Next Moon Phase: Full Moon 16 October 2016 


New Moon September 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles -30 September – 5:11 pm
New York -30 September – 8:11 pm
London – 1 October – 1:11 am
Delhi – 1 October – 5:41 am
Sydney – 1 October – 10:11 am

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