When we are grateful for everything, even the hard lessons that came to us to teach us something, we receive support and the door to universal love and abundance opens and we can be in the flow of what we require in every given moment.

When we are generous in giving, we show the universe we are abundant and it responds in reflection of our giving, by giving back in some magical way. See where you can give support in your community and on the streets.

Supporting our spiritual teachers, who give unconditionally, such as Lamas, Gurus, Priests and our  Lightworkers these days on social media and blogs, who are unconditionally sharing and giving their time, knowledge and love to all followers, is one way to express Gratitude.

We used to buy magazines to read, before the internet. Now with internet we can get so much for free…but there are some who have a  Love donation link/Button to keep their work going. We can choose what level and who we resonate to to make our gift from our hearts. Even 1-10 Dollars a month can make a difference. I always give a little or food in every temple I set foot in. Jesus was given food and lodging when he went from village to village teaching and healing people.

Those who only take and take, will remain in lack. Balance is necessary in all things in life.

This Blog is linked to MELCHIZEDEKIA COMMUNITY on FB as well.

If you enjoy this blog and community, your support is  very appreciated to create more projects for ascension, Childrens work, Teachings for those who can not afford in less fortunate areas of the world, and to be able to keep this going. Any amount from you heart is wonderful once a month or as a one time donation in USD or EU.

Paypal DonationS  for MELCHIZEDEKIA  /Spenden 


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