Source Code Wave: Antimatter & Matter – the Tsolians, Merlin via Méline

Many Shifts are happening to us Humans as we are receiving new sound and light codes from source, the great central sun and becoming 5th dimensional HUmans. HU means GOD, so God-like, as “Created in the image of God”. As we unravel and release the illusions of the slow rotational 3rd Dimensional paradigm, we are spinning and spiraling up a notch, so to say or into another octave of consciousness and out of 3d time.
 We  may be hearing high pitched sounds and feeling much heat in our chakras, cells and meridians. This then can cause more symptoms to be released and we can also feel chills and dizzy and more. We must allow and be patient and not fear these changes. There are many ways to balance one self, best breathe into the heart and go into nature. Chanting is great too, as sound is a bridge to the higher dimensional self and the I AM presence.
If anyone needs assistance with understanding, integrating and balancing, I channel your personal SOUL CODES in Sound and cosmic light language and offer Holographic Healing and re-balancing, as well as intuitive life coaching – you can read more on my web home page and email me to the address on my Homepage, if you wish to connect with me. 
Sound-light of Love, 
Kyria Aluéla Lumina 
Below, I now share a great channeling via Méline of Master Merlin and a star group called the Tsolians about the shifts.


Oct. 17, 2016 

Merging Dimensions and Timelines


As we are starting to experience more and more facets of our Multi-Dimensional Self through the Solar Christ consciousness, we abide in a cycle of revelations which are being enhanced through the genetics of our immortal Being. Immortality becomes a huge part of our consciousness and awareness now because it has been ingrained within our DNA. And this part of the DNA – which has been called Junk DNA by our Scientists – is indeed awakening and activating Multi-Dimensional experiences and awareness.

The Timelines as we know them, are blending into this one moment of Now experience where everything abides as one in the same space and momentum. You only choose where to place your focus and being conscious of this is what we have been doing for so long. Being conscious of what we focus upon and now everything shifts and releases, moving us through all of the timelines we have created for ourself to experience what we are and abide in as a consciousness.

The more you become aware and conscious of ALL of your SELF, the more you experience Multi-Dimensionality.


Source Code Wave Matter


The team explained to me that there is a wave of Source Code energy currently entering our Solar System as well as in the Earth’s Magnetic field. The Earth grid is charged with super charged energy circuits which are blending with the incoming Source Code.

This touches and affects all Magnetic fields around the Body + matter. It enters and travels through the core of all things and all life. This applies to our own DNA as well as within matter.

I’m going to share info that was conveyed to and through me early this year and I’ll add some more intel from the Tsolians and Master Merlin about this as well as they explain what this is so you can grasp the effects of it and more so recognize it in your own streaming of reality and that of our world.

It feels like a gigantic Wave of certain energies that are bigger than we can understand but most definitely feel. It ingrains in our Being and into the core of all things ~ yep even in things and not only in Beings. So this brings us to the issue of Matter ! All that is part of the structure of matter is affected by it as well.

The Tsolians explained to me that what is hitting our Solar system now is of such vibrations equivalent to Source Code, manifesting its way through the vessels and forms of ALL things and Beings straight to the Core. What happens then is that these vibrations of Source Code break down the atomic codes which are like our human DNA a sort of code DNA for matter (devices and material things). These atomic codes hold the information of how something is shaped and held into form. This even applies to a chair, a table, a car, a computer, a house, bricks, structures and so on….

This atomic code being broken and erased gives the opportunity to reshape itself into a whole other form/appearance if there is space for it. It all happens from the inside of the core, emanating to the outside of matter as to where it will shift in appearance or simply dissolve if there is no space for it to reform.

 Source picture 

1. Ordinary matter consists of atoms bound together by electromagnetic force to form molecules. These molecules come together to form solids, liquids and gasses.

The crumbling down of things, worlds and structures is not to be taken litteraly, the Tsolians explain. The crumbling down symbolizes the fact of the Atomic codes breaking down which holds the information of the vast shape and form.

So what we are witnessing and experiencing now is the final fall of 3D in the lowest and last level of manifestation: the physical realm. Hence this all goes into levels and phases that go gradually step by step but strongly ~ we have our bodies, nervous systems, fields and so on to take into account. I am not claiming that what I share with you now is THE only truth and understanding of it, there are many and this is mine what is shared through my heart and vessel. If you take a closer look at it, you shall recognize this implying the workings of a potent Source of Power which is instigating the consciousness elevation on our Planet and SOLAR system now. Any chance that the discovery of a ninth planet in our solar system, the recent discovered super Nova or other revelations of disclosure is just a coincidence?! It is all interconnected to what is happening in the Cosmos, our Universe, Solar system and planet: ASCENSION.

We are being disclosed to truths, new revelations that are bigger and beyond anything so far. In order for these new revelations to be able and enter we need to remove all our old convictions, attachments and beliefs… which brings us back to the crumbling down of our systems and 3D experiences…it is all part of what we wanted and graduated from, now we bring the graduation to our planetary collective world vibration. I AM so grateful to be a part of it and to be able to witness this AND partake in it.

Master Merlin spoke of something like this happening (Waves and bursts):

Master Merlin:
“ There is a super cluster on its way to Earth. This super cluster are fabrics of waves of energies which will bombard not only the Planet but the entire Solar system. A term known as “tsunami” can define this event all too well. It is beyond your control and anything but stoppable.

It is nature’s and Gaia’s Divine plan coming into fruition and so is it yours ~what you came to do and to bring at this time. Be the conscious participant in this matter to facilitate your interaction with this wave. All is a matter of focusing on the inner heart as to where these waves will pass and enter your being like a merging.

Then your bodies will have to cope with these energies and so will your body systems, your nervous system and your DNA. Shifts, replacements, adaptations and transformation shall take place on a more tangible level unseen before. “

(see Excerpts from another channeling of Merlin ~ The Great shift of 2015-2017 for Humanity ~below this article)

The Tsolians as well speak of the same issues in the audio intel shared above. They name it the frequency of Gamma Waves and a power of more than 1,000 stars bursting… We do not speak of the Super Nova that occurred recently, this is another Magnetic field! Imagine the unimaginable!
But it is present and here. We can only go with it, as Merlin says, and experience what it does to us and what it brings about.

Master Merlin:

“ This is a massive shift in consciousness that is beyond the rate you have known in past ancient times so far. This means that the many wars you have created and experienced as a collective Human consciousness will come to end after an explosion of eruptions. These energies will have to end through expression in order to be set free. You cannot shush the inner child wanting to come out, is it not?! It is the same with this mass awakening and shift in consciousness, it will definitely bring about some upheavals and massive eruptions on all levels.

It all has to come out, hmm?! You cannot hold it within you anymore and as everyone is in his/her own reality, many time-lines will pass, shift and cross each other on the shared horizon you have in common and that is Earth my friend!

Thus, what this entails is that ~ depending on the consciousness expansion of each man, woman and child on Earth and the choices/creations that are being made ~ massive energetic waves are causing eruptions of the many fractals one has within to be exposed and disclosed to not only the Self but to the entire world as well.

( This means on the Universal level as well as you are the Universe reflection into embodiment !! )

We in the Ethereal Realms have a vision and view of Earth being filled with massive eruptions like volcanoes, however, they are connected to the Human collective and the Earth as well is erupting so much of her energies. It will be beyond your control and you will have to learn to go with the flow of these massive waves. These are waves of a Cosmic vibration which have the tendency to move through anything, being unstoppable. “



In the meantime while writing up this article another discovery is disclosed to us about a giant “invisible” energy entering in our Solar system being 3000 light years away from Earth. It makes me wonder if this is what I felt being so big of energy and what the Tsolians and Master Merlin mean?! Go figure! 🙂  This “might” be connected to the latest reports of these loud undefined noises in the sky ~ Something is seriously hitting Earth’s and our Magnetic field !  That can bring forth these noises as well.. 

Now at this present moment of October 2016 we seem to experience the merging with these waves and Source code as our entire system and circuit is experiencing a tremendous change. We can feel it in our brain and nervous systems, we are more sensitive to things, we digest less and less easier, we experience electric surges through our circuitry, headaches and intense heart palpitations (even issues), a burning sensation in the chakras (especially the Solar Plexus chakra), nausea and memory loss or loosing the sense of time and habits…

We need to take extra care of our body, healing and grounding, rest and plenty of water to facilitate this all. We are regrouping, reprogramming and resetting and this demands a lot of our body and ability to let go…

We are reaching a HUGE climax on December 26th, 2016. The start of the NEW and the final release of the old in tangible ways. We are already seeing this and feeling it by heart.


Be Blessed, Beloveds and my endless love for your hearts.

Méline Portia Lafont 


Universal created gift  2012-2016.  We co-create together and share with Love. All Rights to share, blog and use excerpts are permitted by Universal law provided the content is copied unaltered, is distributed freely, and the author + website is mentioned.  

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Excerpt from channeling Merlin ~ The Great shift of 2015-2017 for Humanity and another blog article


Your Crystalline Body – Anatomy of the Monoatomic-Crystalline Body

Your bodies are changing from carbon based systems to monoatomic based systems. In the old system, you had to eat food to replace depleted carbon which is necessary for body functions. In the monatomic….

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Hilarion’s Violet Fire Decree


One begins speaking it slowly and then speeds it up creating a spiraling effect, as the Violet Fire spirals. You of course can imagine the fast spiraling of the Violet Fire and see it traveling all around the world and from heart to heart of all sentient beings, to purify the earth. 


With this Decree by the Ascended Master Hilarion, you call for the Violet Transmuting Flame to flow around the Earth to consume all discord and negative energy.
Join with Elizabeth Clare Prophet doing this Decree thirty times.

Listen to it in the video below the text. 

– Kyria Aluèla 

See my work in Healing, Ascension Teachings & SOUL CODES

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Earth LoveVolution


Lovely God Presence, I AM in me,
Hear me now I do decree:
Bring to pass each blessing for which I call
Upon the Holy Christ Self of each and all.

Let Violet Fire of Freedom roll
Round the world to make all whole;
Saturate the earth and its people, too,
With increasing Christ-radiance shining through.

I AM this action from God above,
Sustained by the hand of heaven’s Love,
Transmuting the causes of discord here,
Removing the cores so that none do fear.

The full power of Freedom’s Love
Raising all earth to heaven above.
Violet Fire now blazing bright,
In living beauty is God’s own Light

Which right now and forever
Sets the world, myself, and all life
Eternally free in Ascended Master Perfection.
Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM!

Copyright © 1962 Summit Publications, Inc




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FULL MOON ARIES OCT.15-16,2016 – Harvesting your New Moon Seeds for a Balanced New Beginning


Hi all my Followers of this blog,

The Full Moon for October will grow full at 12:23 AM EDT( New York time) on Sunday October 16, 2016.

If you did your Ritual on New Moon in Libra ( see my blog link as a reminder),the Full Moon is the time to harvest your seeds. Go go to your lists you made and do another ritual ( see the last blog  as a guideline – link below) and call in what you planted. Say: “I now receive my wishes and give thanks”. 

Aries full  MOON  is  opposite of Libra SUN. New Beginnings…time to start new projects and relationships. It is Time for balance of YIN YANG within – having a new relationship with your divine feminine and masculine self and being the real YOU. You may be confronted with matters of fairness and justice, as Libra opposite Aries is like the scales of Justice. You may examine how fair and just you treat yourself and others and Aries( Mars) may have you acting and moving into action regarding such matters. 

It’s the perfect time to act on things. With the moon being in Aries, the sign’s physical and aggressive traits will be highly valuable for getting things done. Need to get moving on a project or finish something that you’ve been putting off or procrastinated over for seemingly ever? Get moving and get it done, you’ll have the energy and drive to do take care of things.

Aries is a bit child like – wanting right away and is a full steam ahead, passionate, warrior kind of energy, that often doesn’t think before it acts.  Libra( Sun) is passive, peaceful, just, thinking it over ( airy) and a beauty loving energy. The two signs balance each other. 

Be conscious and aware of your ego. Don’t let your own sense of self-importance or entitlement get the best of you. Aries can be cocky or even arrogant at time, and it’s crucial that you don’t get caught up in your ego. Instead, stay grounded and connect with your higher divine self and everything will go smoothly.

But, if you are one who thinks about and cares more for others than yourself, this Aries Moon is a time to think more about you, take care of your needs and deal with your own responsibilites, rather than distracting yourself with others. We often avoid ourselves, and dont wish to confront what is going on inside, nor  want to deal with our own issues. A balance is needed – love yourself and then you can love others even better and unconditionally. 

Break free of toxic people in your life. The relationships that are hurting you or holding you back need to be re-assessed. If you find that someone is not worth the time, effort, and stress, cut the cord and distance yourself from them. Stop letting people walk all over you and instead of following bad examples, be a leader and be an example of better ways of behaving.

This portal can be useful to connecting and merging with your Soul Twin as well. Some can unite in higher dimension with their Twin Flame essence, and a few mature souls can also find and connect to the physical person  that matches the soul twin to create a partnership. Others can find and connect soul mates now as well. 

If you would like to work with me on you, I offer different kinds sessions and lessons  – intuitive counseling, Holographic Healing,  sound transmissions for healing & ascension, your SOUL CODES, TWIN FLAME UNION counseling, Lightbody Merkaba Lessons and activations.  See for more info and you can email me via the email on my Homepage. 

Light-sound of Love, 

Kyria Aluéla Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia

Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist




so you can review and create the full moon ritual is a similar style.


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I share a video of an astrologer on this full moon.

New Beginnings at Full Moon
Prepare for Personal Breakthroughs
by Selacia

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Ascension: Physical Transmutations -The New Cosmic Energies are creating a New 5.D Body System

Dear friends,
OH BOY, you must be wondering what is going on with your bodies lately. You may be feeling hot and cold, stiffness, meridians sizzling, buzzing and ears ringing, pressure in the head and just weird…  The new cosmic energies are shifting us into a 5th dimensional HUman with new “lighter” bodies and a new body system. Much more light is traveling through our meridians and cells.  We are becoming our lightbodies and you may feel like you are floating and sometimes not here.
Below,  I share a video with the transcript of the same text, explaining some of what the new cosmic energies are doing with our Light and physical bodies, DNA, chakras, lymph system and more. Some of you are activating 12 or 14 Strands of DNA and others even many more, as there are more DNA Strands back to source, than is written in the article below. There is so much going on, that you just need to take it easy, be patient, loving and nurturing to yourself. Even I had to learn this. Be in the now and spend more time in nature. If any of you need a little more assistance in form of a personal healing counseling session with tools to work with, to understand everything, integrate and balance yourself, then email me via the address on my web homepage .
Kyria Aluéla Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia
Read about your SOUL CODES also – down below the text 


Physical Transmutations

Ascension is an expected and normal part of the evolutionary development of the Universe. It has always been so and will continue until it is no longer necessary as a collective process. The body during Ascension will know how to readjust and reorganize itself because this process is quite normal. This process of transformation has been coded within the cells of the body and is taking place naturally. What people are now learning to do is how to assist what is occurring naturally with outside factors: being aware of the foods they are eating, being aware of their connection to the earth and by being aware of the direction their body is leading them. The greater you are aware of the process, the greater you can assist what is already going on and will be continuing at its natural pace according to the cellular coding for each individual.

In this process, the very structure of every cell in our bodies will endure changes. The adjustments in your body will occur in the body cells as these cells undergo a gentle infusion of new electromagnetic impulses from the planetary shift. Our DNA will evolve from two physical helixes to two physical helixes and twelve spiritual strands (up to fourteen) which correspond to energy centers, or chakras, inside and outside your body.

( Kyria: Some of you can also receive 33 DNA Strands and more activated with special initiations)

The new style twelve strand DNA was originally in bodies 300,000 years ago. Within human body cells are light-encoded filaments, fine gossamer threads of energy that carry information. When these gossamer threads are working together like a fiber optic type of cable, they form the helix of your spiritual DNA. Imagine that your frequencies are starting to detach from each other and where they are still connected, they are just threaded together.

The etheric body acts as a transmitter and receiver for surrounding energies. This takes place via specific energy centers for the body or chakras. Each chakra is directly associated with an endocrine gland and nerve plexus. Because of their close relationship with the chakras, which transmit and receive this energy, the endocrine and nervous systems especially, are now undergoing radical transmutation. The increase in electrical energies is requiring a complete rewiring of the nervous system, while all the organs and glands in the body are being totally restructured.

As humans manifest a more pronounced light body, most of these organs and glands will no longer be needed, and may gradually atrophy and disappear. In the mean time, it is important to acknowledge the changes taking place in the body and to support the physical body as much as possible As more and more light becomes available, the intensity of electromagnetic energy around you also increases. This means that there will be more rapid neurological activity in the body resulting in higher intensity impulses firing the central nervous system.

The nervous system will immediately attempt to dissipate that energy by sending it back out of the spinal chord. If these impulses then fire along facilitated pathways into the muscular system, they could cause muscle tightness and soreness. If they fire into the blood vessels, restricted circulation often results. When these impulses fire into the skin, you may experience abnormal thermal sensations (i.e. feeling hot or cold, prickling, itching etc).

These will be felt more by many people as cellular transformation occurs in the body. It is like your engines are being rebuilt and the temperature gauge is being replaced. So in a way, you are finding that as you are building new information into the body, into the cells, you are redesigning the different aspects of the physical body through this transformation. So as this is happening, there is a greater gap in what is being experienced, a greater experience up and down, and a greater experience of upheaval. Much is being tossed around, much that is no longer working and that is outdated. It is being tossed out as new data and new equipment is being gradually introduced and built into the body. If they should fire into the organs and glands, they may inhibit their previously normal functioning.

The body going through an alteration in consciousness will most likely manifest symptoms of tenderness, ache and trauma. New aches and pains will appear in various places in the body and then these will disappear. Headaches and sudden shooting pains in the head or eyes may occur and these may be signs that adjustments are being made in your energies. These adjustments will be attuning you to different frequencies during cellular transformation. The parts of your brain that have been dormant in the past are now being used.

Your physical body responds to the changes by over reacting to slight stimulation by external biological elements, such as pollens, not originating from it. Flu-like symptoms, sinusitis and congestion, specific aches and pains, and feelings of toxicity may be other reactions you will experience from the increased intensity of incoming energy.

When these disturbances happen, the body is reaching a threshold. It will pass beyond this threshold as the body’s capacity to handle more light increases. During these times, it will be especially useful to take more baths and to drink lots of water. This will help your body to facilitate these changes more easily. Swimming will also be helpful in this respect since water is very soothing and relaxing as well as being useful in balancing your energy.

Humanity Healing

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“SEELENCODES” – Blaupause in Klang & Lichtsprache Erweckt & Verbindet zum Höherem Selbst, ICH BIN & Dualseele

SEELENCODES erhöhen dich zu Deinem höchsten Potential. Sie Verändern dich von innen nach Außen. Lese weiter im original Text…klicke den link.

Kyria Aluéla - The Vocal Alchemist - Melchizedekia Community

In English


Das ICH BIN und Höheres Selbst ruft dich u möchte dass du deine Blockaden und Widerstände loslässt, so dass du glücklich sein kannst, und deine Seelenaufgabe annehmen und machen kannst.

Deine Seele ist ein BRILLIANT – wie ein Herkheimer Diamant. 

Deine SEELENCODES ist der Expresszug zur Seele! 

Komm Heim in den Himmel der Liebe & Frieden!

Sei Dein wahres Ich.

2017 – Eins Jahr  1-1-1

Ein neuer Zyklus von 9 Jahren hat jetzt begonnen,

nach dem 9-9-9 Jahr 2016, 

wo wir unsere Seele verkörpern können.


Das Karma haben wir endlich loszulassen, um auf einer Höheren Ebene aufzusteigen – zur Seele. Das alte, und alles was nicht liebe und was uns limitiert soll von uns fliehen.  Wir sollen als Seele leben. 

9-9-9 ist die höchste Frequenz, dass man als physischer Mensch halten kann – der Raum des ICH BINs – Ein erleuchteter oder Buddha ist…

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SOUL CODES – Fast Track to your Higher Self, I AM and Soul- Find Heaven within – Merge with Twin Soul


Transmitted to you, transform you from inside out. They help you find your true self and life purpose.

Some of you may need some preparation first in form of healing work, to receive these codes. This can be felt by Kyria Alu’ela and she will suggest the best session or sequence for your divine higher good.

Read more below by following the LINK to the original Blog Post.

Kyria Aluéla - The Vocal Alchemist - Melchizedekia Community


You are sound and light, as sound created form.

Sound created all there is.

You will come to know the Divine through sound.

You and your soul have a Sound SOUL CODE Blueprint, that makes you a unique creation from source. 

The picture below shows heavenly creation through sound. 

The “SRI YANTRA” is the SACRED GEOMETRY Pattern of the

Sound of OM.

The kingdom of heaven is within you. Only there lies the eternal treasure we all seek…inside lies the creative power of the Universe. Be courageous to dive deep and look within to find your true self and be one with all there is.
Chanting OM continuously is one way to experience this.

The right Sound creates a bridge between the lower human physical self to the higher self and the soul. Sound, especially when you chant, activates the pineal gland and opens the heart – the…

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Dancing with the Diamond Star Fire : the 10-10, 11-11 Gateways & the New Beginning

I surely have been feeling my soul burning in me…the soul fire….for quite some time now. I felt so sleepy, tired, achy, isolated at times. I needed quiet and could not deal with stress and running around. Going to a park was about all I could do and sit in nature. Now I have adjusted and I am floating in love and feel melted into oneness of the cosmos.  Below, I share Celia Fenn’s newest channeling of AA Michael about the Diamond Star Fire of the Soul, which I hear about in my mind when listening to a lecture  by Master Ankuphara in Miami earlier this year 2016.
I you need assistance to balance and understand all this, I offer you session with your SOUL CODES – Sound work and holographic healing and Lightbody ( Merkabah) activation assistance. read more on  my web homepage , where you will find my email to write me if you wish assistance.
– Kyria Aluèla Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia 

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Dancing with the Diamond Star Fire :
The 10-10 and 11-11 Gateways and the New Beginning

You live in intense and powerful times, Beloveds. At this time, the Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes are activating your Earth with a fiery form of the Diamond Light that we call the Diamond Star Fire.

What is the Diamond Star Fire?

It is the substance of your Cosmic Being, of your Soul, and the energy of Creativity. You might also call it “Soul Fire”, as it is a powerful electrical fire energy that activates the Cosmic Desire to dance in the light in the Creative Process. It is what we might call “Angel Fire”, and it is where the Soul acknowledges its Divine Essence and accepts the Angelic Star Fire into its Physical Embodiment.


It is a Light and a Fire that burns in the Cosmic Heart with a pure white light. And it is also the Light and the Fire that burns in your hearts and in your souls as you enter the New Reality.

Beloved Ones, many of you are feeling the Diamond Star Fire as it dances along your Light Body Meridians and through your Physical Body via your Nervous System and deep into your Cellular Matrix. Here it dances with your DNA activating new forms and new patterns.

It is indeed a time when the Divine Creative Intelligence is sending the Diamond Fire to burn away what is old and to create what must come. It is a time to be aware of the Diamond Star Fire as it flows into your body and is integrated into your Light Body/Physical Body. It is a time to surrender to the Magic and the Dance, and simply allow Divine Creative Power to create and manifest as the New arises.

The 10/10 and 11/11 Gateways and the “Ignition” of the Diamond Star Fire

Beloved Ones, there are two powerful moments that are coming soon when the Soul Fire will be activating in you and on the Earth. These are Time Gates or Time portals that we call the 10/10 and the 11/11/

The 10/10 occurs on the 10th of October, and it carries the energy of New Beginnings as a 1/1/9 Gateway. The double 1 energy signifies the new beginnings, while the 9 resonated with the energy of Mastery and Completion. You are indeed completing your transformation and mastering the New Energy so that you may begin a new cycle of time and creation in the New Reality.

On this day, and after this time,you will feel surges of the Diamond Fire moving through your body and through your life. It is wise to simply allow the Diamond Fire to follow its own creative intelligence and see what it will create. Do not try to control the outcome. Simply dream and desire and allow the Diamond Fire to carry these dreams and desires into manifestation.

The second Time Gate at the 11th November will be a very powerful transition. The 11/11 Gateway is a “Master Activation” portal, and its power of 11/11/9, which is a 2/2/9, activates both the power of the Master Numbers 11 and 13 and the Divine Feminine wisdom of the 2 together with Mastery and Completion. At this point the Diamond Star Fire embodies in the Divine Feminine energy, which means that the powerful flow of Star Fire/Soul Fire will activate through the Pineal Gland and into the Right Brain/Left Brain “chalice” of your own “Crystal” Skull and then be transmitted into your body via the Heart Center.

This will be a most intense activation, and only those who are physically “ready” will be allowed to undertake this by their Higher Self. It requires that the Right Brain and the Left Brain be in harmony and balance, and that the Star Fire can be conducted down the Spinal cord, into the Heart and down into the Earth via the Earth Star Chakra, where it unites with the Earth Fire in the Heart of the Earth.

Here the Diamond Star Fire will be gathered into the Earth Heart and will assist in powering the rising of the New Matrix for the New Earth.

So, Beloveds, as you dream your dreams of a new life and a new reality, you are also dreaming into being a New Earth and a New Reality for All in Higher Consciousness.

The Diamond Consciousness and the New Reality Light Bearers

At this time of change and transformation, there will be three types of people on the Earth : those who are still “asleep” in the old energy consciousness, those who are in the awakening process, and those who have embodied their Mastery and become bearers of the Diamond Fire Consciousness.

Those who are still attempting to live life in the old 3D model of duality and conflict, may be termed those who are “asleep”. They are left brain and “rational” thinkers who still operate in linear timelines and are often trapped in prefabricated versions of reality. They have not yet raised their consciousness to an awareness of another way of being and a different model for connection and interaction. Being “asleep” in the old energy and yet existing in a fifth dimensional world makes life very difficult for such people. To them, the deep processes of transformation seem threatening and chaotic, and they often respond by becoming more aggressive and more confrontational and creating more chaos and confusion and anxiety. They feel the effects of the Diamond Star Fire around them, but are unable to harness it or flow with its creative potential.

The second group are those who are in the “awakening” process, and have come to realize that there is another way of life and that a New Paradigm is being birthed on the Earth. They have moved beyond conflict, duality and power games and into the growing and emerging consciousness of Love and Unity Consciousness. They are seeking and learning, and looking for support as they develop their new consciousness and activate their Light Bodies so that they can integrate and create with the Diamond Star Fire.

The third group is those who have Mastered the New Energies and are in the process of integrating and embodying the Diamond Star Fire and living the Diamond Consciousness. They are able to integrate and balance Right and Left brain modes of Being and to operate from their Hearts and from Love and Compassion. They flow with the Creative Energy of the Diamond Star Fire and are able to create their own Time Spirals as they express and create their own versions of the New Reality. They have integrated Soul, Spirit and Body into a single unified expression of Divine Love on Earth!

Beloveds, we might also mention here, the Diamond Children, those magnificent beings of Diamond Light who have been coming to the Planet since the end of 2012. These radiant souls are born with the frequency of the Diamond Star Fire, and wherever they are, they are anchoring the Diamond Star Fire in their Souls and creating opportunities for those around them to open to this new flow of Creative Light.

So, Beloveds, you can see that at this time, Humanity is indeed in flux and flow as the shifts and changes are being activated deep within the Consciousness of All on Earth. When you interact with people on a daily basis, it is always good to remember that not everyone is at the same level of consciousness. If you have reached the level of those who are embodying the Diamond Light, then you will know that you are transmitting and anchoring that light wherever you are.

How you may Feel as you Integrate the Diamond Star Fire

As you integrate this powerful Diamond Star Fire, you will certainly feel this process in your body. Your physical being is absorbing more and more high frequency light energy and vibrating at ever higher frequencies. This will initially cause feelings of intense exhaustion, as if you simply want to sleep all the time. In fact, Beloved Ones, you well may need to rest often and take care of your physical body as it integrates these fiery energies.

You may also having “burning” sensations in your body, especially in the digestive system, and you may need to alter your diet to very soft and alkaline foods for a while to allow your body to focus its energy on the transitions. You may also feel pain in your body as the high frequency energy can create inflammation and can irritate areas of old injury or weakness in your body. Be sure to drink water when you need to, to flush out toxins and to “cool” the system which may become “overheated” by the processes of light body and physical integration.

Together with these feelings, you may also experience some feeling of “uneasiness” and strangeness in your body. It may as though electrical currents are running through your body, for this is in fact what it is. The high frequency light uses your nervous system to flow through the physical body and access the physical matrix. This could make you feel jumpy and anxious at times, or you may struggle to “switch off” and go to sleep. Or you may wake up after a few hours feeling stressed. Or you may have strange dreams as your subconscious tries to explain and integrate these processes.

In your daily life, you may feel disoriented and confused at times, and you may forget things and “lose” time. This is because, in computer terms, your hard drive is being reformatted, and some of the “information” might get lost. Just be aware that when the process is complete you will be able to function clearly again.

You may also feel “disconnected” from reality and from others. This is because you are! You are being given the magnificent opportunity to recreate both your own life and reality, and that of the Earth. By dreaming, creating and holding the Diamond Fire in your own being, you are working with the grounding of this powerful new light. Don’t try to “reconnect”, rather focus on creating the New and allow those who are more aligned with your new Light and Frequency to find you!

Working with the Diamond Star Fire in the process of Integration

The best and most positive way to work with the Diamond Star Fire is to engage in activities and processes that allow you to be creative and to access the power and wisdom of your Soul and Spirit.

Using your Creativity also allows you to activate the Right Brain part of your being, which means that you will be working towards creating the Right Brain/Left Brain balance that provides the “chalice” for the Diamond Star Fire Light to be received and transmitted.

Creativity can be expressed in many forms according to individual preference.

Perhaps the easiest way to begin is to work with your own Soul Journal, in which you record your daily feelings, experiences and wisdom through words, poetry or images that you create yourself.

It is also a good idea to come together in groups to express your creative soul essence through music, mantra, song, dance, or forms of visual and artistic creation. Being in a group of people of similar frequency and resonance assists you to balance and to activate your own creative flows.

After a while, as you work with your rising creativity, you will begin to see the connection between creativity and creating your life and reality, as you dream and choose the colours, sounds and tastes of your own creations.

What a magnificent adventure this will be as you choose and express the Colours and Tones of your Soul and Spirit, and contribute to the Creation of the New Reality.


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Tanzen mit dem Diamant-Sternenfeuer: die 10/10 und 11/11-Portale und der Neubeginn

Erzengel Michael durch Celia Fenn

gepostet am 9. Oktober 2016

Ihr lebt in intensiven und kraftvollen Zeiten, Geliebte. Zu dieser Zeit aktivieren das Diamantlicht und die Diamantcodes eure Erde mit einer feurigen Form des Diamantlichtes, welches wir das Diamant-Sternenfeuer nennen.

Was ist das Diamant-Sternenfeuer?

Es ist die Substanz eures Kosmischen Seins, eurer Seele, und die Energie der Kreativität. Ihr könntet es auch ein “Seelenfeuer” nennen, da es eine kraftvolle elektrische Feuerenergie ist, die das Kosmische Verlangen aktiviert, im Kreativen Prozeß im Licht zu tanzen. Es ist das, was wir “Engelsfeuer” nennen könnten, und es ist der Ort, wo die Seele ihre Göttliche Essenz anerkennt und das Engels-Sternenfeuer in ihre Physische Verkörperung hinein akzeptiert.

Es ist ein Licht und ein Feuer, das im Kosmischen Herzen mit einem reinen weißen Licht brennt. Und es ist auch das Licht und das Feuer, das in euren Herzen und in euren Seelen brennt, da ihr in die Neue Realität eintretet.

Geliebte, viele von euch fühlen das Diamant-Sternenfeuer, da es eure Lichtkörpermeridiane entlang und über euer Nervensystem durch euren Physischen Körper und tief in eure Zellmatrix hinein tanzt. Hier tanzt es mit eurer DNS und aktiviert neue Formen und neue Muster.

Es ist wahrhaft eine Zeit, da die Göttliche Schöpferische Intelligenz das Diamantfeuer sendet, um alles Alte wegzubrennen und das, was kommen muß, zu erschaffen. Es ist eine Zeit, sich des Diamant-Sternenfeuers gewahr zu sein, da es in euren Körper fließt und in euren Lichtkörper / physischen Körper integriert wird. Es ist eine Zeit, um sich der Magie und dem Tanz hinzugeben und einfach der Göttlichen Schöpferischen Kraft zu erlauben, zu erschaffen und zu manifestieren, während das Neue sich erhebt.

Die 10/10- und 11/11-Portale und das „Entzünden“ des Diamant-Sternenfeuers

Geliebte, es gibt zwei kraftvolle Augenblicke, die bald kommen, da das Seelenfeuer sich in euch und auf der Erde aktivieren wird. Dies sind Zeittore oder Zeitportale, die wir das 10/10 und das 11/11 nennen.

Das 10/10 findet am 10. Oktober statt, und es trägt die Energie neuer Anfänge als 1/1/9 Portal. Die doppelte 1er-Energie zeigt die Neuanfänge an, während die 9 mit der Energie der Meisterschaft und Vollendung in Resonanz steht. Ihr vollendet in der Tat eure Transformation und meistert die Neue Energie, so daß ihr einen neuen Zeit- und Schöpfungszyklus in der Neuen Realität beginnen könnt.

An diesem Tag und nach diesem Zeitpunkt werdet ihr Wogen des Diamantfeuers durch euren Körper und euer Leben branden fühlen. Es ist klug, dem Diamantfeuer einfach zu erlauben, seiner eigenen kreativen Intelligenz zu folgen, und zu sehen, was es erschaffen wird. Versucht nicht, das Ergebnis zu kontrollieren. Träumt und wünscht einfach und erlaubt dem Diamantfeuer, diese Träume und Wünsche in die Manifestation zu tragen.

Das zweite Zeittor am 11. November wird ein sehr kraftvoller Übergang sein. Das 11/11-Portal ist ein „Meister-Aktivierungs“-Portal, und seine Kraft der 11/11/9, welche eine 2/2/9 ist, aktiviert sowohl die Kraft der Meisterzahlen 11 und 13 als auch die Göttlich-Weibliche Weisheit der 2 zusammen mit Meisterschaft und Vollendung. An diesem Punkt verkörpert sich das Diamant-Sternenfeuer in der Göttlich-Weiblichen Energie, was bedeutet, daß der kraftvolle Flow des Sternenfeuers/Seelenfeuers sich durch die Zirbeldrüse und in den Kelch der Rechten und Linken Gehirnhälfte eures eigenen „Kristall“Schädels hinein aktivieren und dann über das Herzzentrum in euren Körper übertragen werden wird.

Dies wird eine äußerst intensive Aktivierung sein, und nur diejenigen, die körperlich „bereit“ dafür sind, werden von ihrem Höheren Selbst die Erlaubnis erhalten, dies zu unternehmen. Es erfordert, daß die Rechte und Linke Gehirnhälfte sich in Harmonie und im Gleichgewicht befinden, und daß das Sternenfeuer den Rückenmarkskanal hinunter in das Herz und durch das Erdenstern-Chakra hinunter in die Erde geleitet werden kann, wo es sich mit dem Erdenfeuer im Herzen der Erde vereinigt.

Hier wird das Diamant-Sternenfeuer in das Herz der Erde gesammelt werden und wird dabei helfen, den Aufstieg der Neuen Matrix für die Neue Erde mit Energie zu versorgen.

Deshalb, Geliebte, träumt ihr, während ihr eure Träume von einem neuen Leben und einer neuen Realität träumt, auch eine Neue Erde und eine Neue Realität für alle im Höheren Bewußtsein ins Dasein.

Das Diamant-Bewußtsein und die LichtträgerInnen der Neuen Realität

In dieser Zeit des Wandels und der Transformation wird es auf der Erde drei Arten von Menschen geben: diejenigen, die noch im Bewußtsein der alten Energie „schlafen“, diejenigen, die sich im Erwachensprozeß befinden, und diejenigen, die ihre Meisterschaft verkörpert haben und zu TrägerInnen des Diamantfeuer-Bewußtseins werden.

Diejenigen, die immer noch versuchen, ihr Leben gemäß dem alten 3D-Modell von Dualität und Konflikt zu führen, könnte man die „Schlafenden“ nennen. Sie sind linkshirnige und „rationale“ DenkerInnen, die noch immer in linearen Zeitlinien operieren und oft in vorfabrizierten Realitätsversionen gefangen sind. Sie haben ihr Bewußtsein noch nicht zu einem Gewahrsein einer anderen Lebensweise und einem anderen Modell für Verbindung und Interaktion erhoben. In der alten Energie zu „schlafen“ und doch in einer fünftdimensionalen Welt zu existieren, macht das Leben für solche Leute sehr schwierig. Ihnen erscheinen die tiefen Transformationsprozesse bedrohlich und chaotisch, und sie reagieren darauf oft, indem sie aggressiver und streitsüchtiger werden und mehr Chaos, Verwirrung und Angst erschaffen. Sie spüren die Wirkungen des Diamant-Sternenfeuers um sich herum, sind jedoch unfähig, es sich nutzbar zu machen und mit seinem schöpferischen Potential mitzufließen.

Die zweite Gruppe sind jene, die sich im „Erwachens“prozeß befinden und zu der Erkenntnis gekommen sind, daß es eine andere Art zu leben gibt und daß gerade ein Neues Paradigma auf Erden geboren wird. Sie haben sich über Konflikt, Dualität und Machtspiele hinaus- und in das wachsende und hervortretende Bewußtsein der Liebe und des Einheitsbewußtseins hineinbewegt. Sie suchen und lernen und halten nach Unterstützung Ausschau, während sie ihr neues Bewußtsein entwickeln und ihre Lichtkörper aktivieren, so daß sie das Diamant-Sternenfeuer integrieren und damit erschaffen können.

Die dritte Gruppe sind jene, die die Neuen Energien gemeistert haben und dabei sind, das Diamant-Sternenfeuer zu integrieren und zu verkörpern und das Diamantbewußtsein zu leben. Sie können die Seinsweisen der Rechten und Linken Gehirnhälfte integrieren und ausgleichen und aus ihrem Herzen heraus und aus Liebe und Mitgefühl handeln. Sie fließen mit der Schöpferischen Energie des Diamant-Sternenfeuers und sind in der Lage, ihre eigenen Zeitspiralen zu erschaffen, während sie ihre eigenen Versionen der Neuen Realität ausdrücken und erschaffen. Sie haben Seele, Geist und Körper zu einem einzigen vereinten Ausdruck Göttlicher Liebe auf Erden integriert!

Geliebte, wir könnten hier auch die Diamantkinder erwähnen, jene prachtvollen Wesen des Diamantlichtes, die seit dem Ende von 2012 auf den Planeten kommen. Diese strahlenden Seelen werden mit der Frequenz des Diamant-Sternenfeuers geboren, und wo immer sie auch sind, verankern sie das Diamant-Sternenfeuer in ihren Seelen und erschaffen Gelegenheiten für die Menschen in ihrer Umgebung, sich diesem neuen Flow Schöpferischen Lichts zu öffnen.

Daher, Geliebte, könnt ihr sehen, daß zu dieser Zeit die Menschheit sich in der Tat im Fluß und im Flow befindet, während die Veränderungen und Wandlungen tief im Bewußtsein von Allem auf Erden aktiviert werden. Wenn ihr täglich mit Menschen zu tun habt, ist es immer gut, daran zu denken, daß sich nicht jede/r auf derselben Bewußtseinsebene befindet. Wenn ihr die Ebene derjenigen erreicht habt, die das Diamantlicht verkörpern, dann werdet ihr wissen, daß ihr dieses Licht übertragt und verankert, wo immer ihr seid.

Wie ihr euch vielleicht fühlt, wenn ihr das Diamant-Sternenfeuer integriert

Während ihr dieses kraftvolle Diamant-Sternenfeuer integriert, werdet ihr diesen Prozeß mit Sicherheit in eurem Körper fühlen. Euer körperliches Sein absorbiert mehr und mehr hochfrequente Lichtenergie und vibriert auf immer höheren Frequenzen. Dies wird anfänglich Gefühle intensiver Erschöpfung hervorrufen, als ob ihr einfach die ganze Zeit schlafen wollt. Tatsächlich, Geliebte, kann es gut sein, daß ihr euch oft ausruhen und euch um euren physischen Körper kümmern müßt, während er diese feurigen Energien integriert.

Vielleicht habt ihr auch „brennende“ Empfindungen im Körper, besonders im Verdauungssystem, und ihr müßt vielleicht eine Zeitlang eure Ernährung auf sehr sanfte und basische Nahrung umstellen, um eurem Körper zu erlauben, seine Energien auf die Übergänge zu fokussieren. Ihr fühlt vielleicht auch Schmerzen im Körper, da die hochfrequente Energie Entzündungen hervorrufen kann und Bereiche alter Verletzungen oder Schwäche im Körper irritieren kann. Trinkt unbedingt Wasser, wenn ihr es braucht, um Giftstoffe hinauszuspülen und das System, das von den Lichtkörperprozessen und der physischen Integration „überhitzt“ werden kann, zu kühlen.

Zusammen mit diesen Gefühlen könntet ihr auch ein Gefühl des „Unbehagens“ und der Seltsamkeit im Körper erleben. Es fühlt sich vielleicht an, als würden elektrische Ströme durch euren Körper fließen, denn genau das geschieht auch tatsächlich. Das hochfrequente Licht benutzt euer Nervensystem, um durch den physischen Körper zu fließen und sich in die physische Matrix einzuklinken. Dies könnte euch zuweilen nervös und ängstlich machen, oder ihr habt Probleme, „abzuschalten“ und einzuschlafen. Oder ihr wacht nach ein paar Stunden Schlaf gestreßt auf. Oder ihr habt vielleicht seltsame Träume, da euer Unbewußtes diese Prozesse zu erklären und zu integrieren.versucht.

Im Alltag könntet ihr euch zuweilen desorientiert und verwirrt fühlen, Dinge vergessen und Zeit „verlieren“. Das liegt daran, daß, in Computerbegriffen ausgedrückt, eure Festplatte neu formatiert wird und einiges von den dort gespeicherten „Informationen“ dabei verloren gehen kann. Seid euch einfach bewußt, daß ihr nach Abschluß des Prozesses wieder in der Lage sein werdet, klar zu funktionieren.

Ihr könntet euch auch von der Realität und von anderen „abgetrennt“ fühlen. Das liegt daran, daß ihr es seid! Ihr erhaltet die prachtvolle Gelegenheit, sowohl euer eigenes Leben und eure Realität als auch die der Erde neu zu erschaffen. Indem ihr träumt, erschafft und das Diamantfeuer in eurem eigenen Wesen haltet, arbeitet ihr mit dem Erden dieses kraftvollen neuen Lichtes. Versucht nicht, euch „wieder zu verbinden“, sondern fokussiert euch darauf, das Neue zu erschaffen und erlaubt denen, die mit eurem neuen Licht und eurer neuen Frequenz mehr im Einklang sind, euch zu finden!

Arbeiten mit dem Diamant-Sternenfeuer im Integrationsprozeß

Die beste und positivste Art, mit dem Diamant-Sternenfeuer zu arbeiten, besteht darin, an Aktivitäten und Prozessen teilzunehmen, die euch erlauben, kreativ zu sein und auf die Kraft und Weisheit eurer Seele und eures Geistes zuzugreifen.

Eure Kreativität zu verwenden, erlaubt euch auch, den rechtshirnigen Teil eures Seins zu aktivieren, was bedeutet, daß ihr darauf hinarbeiten werdet, das Gleichgewicht zwischen Rechter und Linker Gehirnhälfte zu erschaffen, welches den „Kelch“ zur Verfügung stellt, damit das Diamant-Stenenfeuerlicht empfangen und übertragen werden kann.

Kreativität kann je nach persönlicher Vorliebe in vielen Formen ausgedrückt werden.

Am einfachsten könnt ihr vielleicht damit anfangen, indem ihr mit eurem eigenen Seelentagebuch arbeitet, in dem ihr eure täglichen Gefühle, Erlebnisse und Weisheit durch selbst geschaffene Worte, Gedichte oder Bilder festhaltet.

Es ist auch eine gute Idee, in Gruppen zusammenzukommen, um eure kreative Seelenessenz durch Musik, Mantra, Gesang, Tanz oder Formen der visuellen und künstlerischen Schöpfung zum Ausdruck zu bringen. Das Zusammensein in einer Gruppe Menschen von gleicher Frequenz und Resonanz hilft euch, eure eigenen kreativen Flows auszugleichen und zu aktivieren.

Nach einer Weile, wenn ihr mit eurer ansteigenden Kreativität arbeitet, werdet ihr beginnen, die Verbindung zwischen Kreativität und dem Erschaffen eures Lebens und eurer Realität zu sehen, wenn ihr die Farben, Klänge und Geschmäcker eurer eigenen Schöpfungen erträumt und auswählt.

Was für ein prachtvolles Abenteuer das sein wird, wenn ihr die Farben und Töne eurer Seele und eures Geistes auswählt und ausdrückt und zum Erschaffen der Neuen Realität beitragt.

Wenn ihr gerne mehr über das Diamantlicht und das Diamant-Sternenfeuer erfahren und erleben möchtet, haben wir drei Gelegenheiten für euch. Ihr könnt Celia Fenns Buch „The Diamond Codes“ (Die Diamant-Codes) erwerben, ihr könnt bei unserer Online-Webinar-Serie für das 11/11-Tor mitmachen, oder ihr könnt euch uns im November zu einem Retreat in der Türkei anschließen, wo wir in einer Heiligen Gruppe mit dem Diamant-Sternenfeuer arbeiten werden. Wir werden sowohl mit Erzengel Michael Gruppenarbeit und Aktivierungen teilen, als auch uns als Gruppe mit persönlicher kreativer Erforschung beschäftigen. [Informationen zu beidem findet ihr unter dem Original-Artikel.]

Text © Celia Fenn 2016. Bildquelle unbekannt. Übersetzung Zarah Zyankali 2016. Dieser Text darf weitergegeben werden, SOLANGE er vollständig und unverändert bleibt, diese Copyrightnotiz angefügt ist und sowohl auf den Originaltext als auch die Übersetzung verlinkt wird. Danke.

Metatron: Quantum Parallelism of the 5th & 6th Dimension – Diamond Soul Codes

Dear Ones, Kyria Aluéla here.

Did you know, the soul is a diamond in higher dimension? Diamond double Octahedron that is. Diamonds have all colors and sounds in them. You are created by sound, then light. Many changes are happening to us now… continue reading here:

Metatron: Quantum Parallelism of the 5th & 6th Dimension – Diamond Soul Codes