REAL-ATIONSHIPS – Echte Beziehungen – Kyria Aluéla

Kyria Aluéla - Priestess Chantress Melchizedekia - The Vocal Alchemist

lovers sun rays beach palmsREAL-ATIONSHIPS   

(Echte Beziehungen – deutsch unten)

Your failed relationships were not because of the other person. Either, your readiness to love and accept yourself was not there, or you did not wish to commit ,or you were not able to open and give yourself intimately to another. Another reason could be, that you felt you didn’t deserve to be loved. Perhaps you were playing a role, hiding your true self? Or perhaps you were even too selfish and self consumed to share of yourself with another?

You chose and attracted the reflection of your inner condition to have those experiences. What we think and feel magnetically comes back to us.

Now look at where you are. Can you look in the mirror and feel happy about YOU? Can you open your heart and share your deepest feelings, honest thoughts and even your dreams with another person? Can you…

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