New Merkaba with the Flower of Life Hologram & Sound

Kyria Aluéla Lumina - Priestess Melchizedekia - Kyria Mystica - The Vocal Alchemist

THE FLOWER of LOVE HOLOGRAM is the Flower of Life sphere

Our Ascension Vehicle

(Deutsche Kurzfassung Unten)



THOTH left the symbol of the Flower of Life on the temple walls in Egypt in Abidos Temple of Osiris( photo) and many other places on earth for us to remember now the secret of creation. The Flower of Life is the pattern of creation and all was created with this sphere. We are one through this sacred sphere – it takes us into ‘Galactic Unity Consciousness’ of unconditional love where there is no judgement.

Thoth taught us in the last 15 yrs to create the Merkabah and since 2002 the Omkabah (with the creation sound of Aum or OM) with this Flower of Life sphere, since the Star-tetrahedron and all platonic solids are within the Holographic sphere and we need not complicate the matter by thinking geometrical shapes. It is enough to…

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