Merry Christ Mass Consciousness – Love from Kyria Aluéla Lumina / Kyria Mystica


Dear Friends,

December 24, 2016

I wish you all blessed Holy Days, what ever faith you have. This western Christmas is very contrived and not what it is really about. Remember, Christ-Mass Consciousness as LOVE and TRUTH for all. May we fill our hearts with Love and be truthful to ourselves and others.

Being LOVE in all we think, feel and do, is what Christmas is about – Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Helpfulness, Tolerance, Giving and Sharing in JOY.

Christ means a pure crystal – the pure unconditional Love of our soul as all created by God is love. Only some chose to deviate from the original paradise, to experience the hard school of polarities. This was to learn to truly love and be appreciative of the simple things and we needed to learn the truth of the cosmic laws of nature, in order to be one with them and flow in the splendor and  wonder of it all. This is how the magic and miracles can happen, which the master teacher Yeshua /Jesus showed us in his life on earth. 

I feel that Yeshua/Jesus was born in August( not December) as a LEO – THE CHRIST HEART and one calls him the LION and we have LIONS GATE on 8-8. Astrologers went back and found that Saturn-Jupiter was conjunct in the Age of Pisces and this was the Star of Bethlehem. 

Whatever date, this is not important. What is important is, that we all strive to be the best HU-man we can be and be kind and compassionate to ourselves, other sentient beings, the earth and nature.  

HU means GOD – so Human means: created in the Image of GOD. The HU (hugh) chant is a divine expression of source, and it clears the air so to say, as well as brings you home to your heart of hearts when you chant it a few times.



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Soon I will have a MEMBERSHIP website where you can join…this will then offer other affordable online programs and classes, if you are a member. TBA when it is ready. 


May you be filled with LOVE from my heart to yours

Happy New Beginnings for 1-1-1  on Jan 1.2017 

I love you all,

Kyria hearts pray chant Rea Tarta


Kyria Aluéla Lumina

Kyria Mystica

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