Diamond Soul Codes – Your Soul is the Fire of Love – Creating Sacred Earth

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It’s time to be your Soul and use your divine fire. The Fire of love created your soul essence and once you tap into this sacred Flame ( some also as the united Twin Flame), you can burn all illusions off you and around you. This Fire will heal you and then you can heal others, as Yeshua/Jesus or Medicine Buddha did. 

To tap into your SOUL FIRE fully, you need to surrender your Ego to your divine soul, and clear out the false beliefs and blocks of the mind, emotional and physical body, that are between the lower physical self  and your Higher Self and God-Self.

soul shaft light body.daniel holeman

Each of you have specific SOUL CODES – a Signature, that identifies you and makes you unique. These Codes are SOUND FREQUENCIES , SACRED GEOMETRY and SACRED LIGHT LANGUAGE. Parts of the Codes you have received from source as a neophite (new soul) and parts also come from your cosmic soul family and from your galactic homes and planets before your soul incarnated on planet Earth. 


SOUL CODES can also activate the Pineal Gland (3 rd Eye), as frequency signals and Geometry is what it understands. The Pineal Gland is the doorway to connect you to the non-physical or other dimensional worlds where your soul resides. When you have a open and active Pineal Gland, it expands and can draw in information from the cosmos and communicate telepathically with others. The Soul Codes can also awaken the kundalini if it is still dormant within your body. 

You may receive your DIAMOND SOUL CODES in meditation when you have done your inner work and are ready for them, or through a Priest/ess or Sat Guru such as myself, to ignite your divine potential to re-member who you really are as a soul, and what your purpose and mission is on Earth.  

We are asked to step into our real self now, to take action and do our part to create the


for a bright future on this sacred planet for all. 

It’s up to you to walk with spirit!

Earth LoveVolution


*If any of you wish assistance to receive your “Soul Codes”  of your Diamond Soul, I hear your SOUL CODES in higher dimension where your Soul resides and can channel & chant them for you in Sound and Light language as a transmission and initiation. Twin Flames share parts of these Codes – I can channel the Twin Flame Codes as well with permission of the souls. ( read my other blog about this – see link below)

Find my contact email on my Web Homepage.

Kyria Aluéla Lumina 

Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist 

Kyria Heart vibe rea




Read more about the SOUL CODES here: 


My Soundcloud has some of my Light language chanting:



In DEUTSCH/ German:




Now you can also Listen to 

AA Michael speaking about


and more in his Message 

“New Beginnings & the Year of Sacred Earth”



Credit for the Video Message:

 by Celia Fenn

The written text is posted on her Website as well 


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